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  1. Yes... and No, depending on HOW he became stalker, he might only have memories from the fall of the empire. I know I stated that hes most likely a dax stuck in a transference loop. If this is true, its unlikely he'd get rid of his vengeful hatred, however another theory is that he IS just another Umbra Frame, meaning that he IS the warframe much like how Umbra was. If this is true, he was created to be stalker, which means just like Umrba he only has one memory to continuously relive, the fall of the Orokin Empire and the slaughter of the Orokin themselves. If Stalker has been reliving that day everyday since the fall, he will ALWAYS hate us for that.
  2. It is very true! Stalker is being influenced by exterior forces... however his hatred for the tenno comes from just himself. We're not sure what Stalker is... the running theory is that hes a dax warrior thats stuck in a transference loop, ie hes stuck in the Stalker Umbra Warframe (Stalker is a modified Excalibur Umbra Frame) and transfer out, which happens to non tenno who try to control warframes.
  3. There are curtain items in warframe unobtainable to us Tenno, since we've never officially killed the stalker we cant very well acquire his head now can we? Lore reasons aside, Stalker's helmet will remain painfully out of our reach, as we need to become a stalker initiate... which is impossible since he hates us.
  4. Youll get the update when its ready, you hate waiting so much play on PC.
  5. Have you actually tested a explosive damage weapon? because I think you should before talking out of your metal posterior
  6. it means that corrosive has just as much of a chance of procing as Impact, slash and pucnture All status has equal chancing of procing
  7. Your using Vauban wrong then, I use him all the time for lichs, he doesnt need another rework You know who does? CHROMA
  8. I can kinda agree here, I worked damn hard for Grace, and now I feel like I have to get it AGAIN.
  9. it does mean that over stripping doesnt happen anymore, which means you dont lose damage bonus on corrosive damage against armor
  10. Sigh.... Please DE, is there even a thought going towards my man Chroma. I love that warframe and Im worried that he wont get the rework he desperately needs
  11. @[DE]Rebecca I noticed there has been no mention of Chroma and how the newest changes are going to negatively affect how he works as explained in my thread here Going ahead with the idea that every change involving self damage is implemented, is there any talk of a rework for Chroma? Possibly just changing how Vex armor works? People have been asking for a Chroma rework for a long time now, and since all these changes are going to negatively effect Chroma the worst out of any other warframe, is now the time? The changes have started to grow on my and I love the big Dragon, so I hope a rework is at least being discussed.
  12. I fully understand your frustration man, I main Chroma too and know the rest of his kit needs serious work. But its easier to ask for one change then trying to think of entire rework. I only posted this on how the newest update will effect Chroma, and offered a quick solution so this doesn't negatively effect Chroma as much. This update is very very soon and unless DE confirms anything about even thinking of a rework, its better to offer quick solutions that they can implement quickly in a hotfix.
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