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  1. Excalibur is the base frame, therefore his cosmetics would fit Umbra and Prime. Umbra and Prime are verients of the base frame, not eachother, so their cosmetics cannot fit eachother. The only reason Founders want to stick key face on Umbra is so they can show off again. It would just spark more tension between founders and the rest of the playerbase. Excal prime is the same in every way except appearance and Umbral polarities, so theres no reason to share cosmetics.
  2. Khora Prime? Slow down hotshot, she's still a relatively new frame. It'll be a few more thats before its her turn. All warframes get a prime.
  3. You do realize that just because someone doesnt like PvP doesnt mean they suck at PvP. People dont come here for PvP, the way warframe plays attracts players looking for a power trip with a mostly friendly community. You can be a god tier player in Battlefield and not find interest in Conclave. Because Warframe is not that kind of game, its a team based looted shooter, its what the game is avertised as and its the experience players come to this game for, not PvP. Even hardcore PvP players dont come to warframe to play the PvP. You get what I'm saying?
  4. Join the list of warframes who "Need a rework but not badly enough" Chroma Atlas Baruuk Revenant Bashee Valkyr Zephyr Hydroid Titania and yes... Nyx... all frames who need some tweeking, all equally ignored for the time being, too much content stuck in the shoot. PS, like the ideas in this thread
  5. Chroma is quite possibly the best warframe for single target damage. Hes top teir at Eidolons and surviving massive amounts of damage. However hes so focused on damage dealing that his other abilities, namely his 4 and his 1 are largely ignored when it comes to builds. His 4 is actually amazing, it has a fantastic CC and deals a good amount of damage. His 1... Yeah its bad but easy to fix. Here's a few simple tweaks that will greatly increase his usablitly. Spectral Scream: increase its range from 10m to 20m, more importantly, update it to act like current beam weapons. The beam weapon rework made it so a beam weapon does multiple ticks of damage per second. Spectral Scream has 1 tic of damage per second, the ignis for example does 4 ticks per second. Increasing its tick rate would make it usable, maybe not great but fun. Elemental Ward: Synogize with Effigy, something like: "Allies who stand near Chroma or his effigy gain his elemental buff. Leaving Chroma or his effigy's causes his buff to slowly degrade until refreshed" This change would greatly increase his team support aspect without changing too much of how he functions. Chroma himself should not be able to double dip off his own effigy. Vex Armor: its great how it is. Effigy: the simplilest change yet, sorta. Make Effigy Duration based instead of an energy drain. This would make effigy more useable in low efficiency builds and allow Chroma to better manage his other abilities. Chroma is extremely power hungry, so having a drain on effigy limits the use of effigy, its a great ability, just too expensive to use. This is also where i would slightly change the augment, just adding that every time Chroma commands his effigy, it refreshes its duration (not its health though) at a reduced energy cost. These changes are in the mindset that Chroma as it stands is good, just needs a few tweaks to help him stand out without totally changing his kit. Please leave some feedback id love to see what the community thinks of my favorite warframe and the tweaks I suggest here. Love you all Tenno.
  6. Is Gauss tanky? Yes, but he isnt a tank. Rhino Charge is a dash, Mech Rush is a sprint. Rhino skin is invulnerability, Kinetic shielding is a DR ability. Roar is a damage boost ability, thermal sunder is a armor stripping CC and damaging ability. Stomp is a CC, Redline is a buff ability.... These frames arent the same!!!! Hes not a worse Rhino, hes a Gunslinger with a focus on speed, Rhino is a tank with a focus on not dying. Comparing these two frames is like saying apples are just worse oranges.
  7. Man this thread turned toxic fast, not even sure what it was originally about. Edit: this thread somewhat explains the crap thats been going on in the warframe community.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I like the manual pickup idea, if only the devs actually read the feedback.
  9. Bit of a counter point. Sometimes right, you just die. Ive been Revenant with 10 skins left, and all of a sudden I'm dead. Or any warframe with Quick Thinking, suddenly dead. If you dont want to revive them. Dont revive them. Simple.
  10. So what about Gauss? Are you ever going to address the 18+ pages of issues he has or are we getting ignored? I will keep bringing this up until you either say " we're working on new changes" or " we are not working on improving Gauss at this moment. I just want news on the newest warframe.
  11. Gauss also feels like hes being ignored. I love the new frame but he has issues.
  12. From what I understand they are still working on some major changes for Gauss. Still internally discussing how to do it. Gauss is being worked on.
  13. Gauss is still being looked at, they are still collecting feedback and probably adding more fixes in the background. This change is actually pretty big, as now in redline reviving a teammate is no longer a death sentence for your battery. Its a lot of coding and testing, it takes time. They arent abondoning him, just making small changes over time.
  14. He's.... Hes a machine. Easily one of the most robotic looking warframes in the game... I dont get how having a cod piece makes him non family friendly. Mind out of the gutter people.
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