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  1. Do you guys actually play the game and try out the boss fight before doing changes like this? Because everyone knows how bad armor scaling is, and making a boss pure spongy is not a good way of doing things. ''Breaking'' the orb fight was more a way of making it tolerable, but we can't have people be using a mod and or mods that are meant for armor now can we? First the rewards from the boss is horrible, now the boss fight itself will take even longer? Yeah, thanks for that.
  2. 90% reduction.....This calls for only one thing[media] Yeah...my gara uses pink and black, normally rather dim on the pink energy, tried out the new skin and just got blinded.
  3. The fact that mods stacked twice makes this a nerf, but the split between puncture and slash is interesting to say the least, hope someone with a max can give us info soon.
  4. Why though? If you would increase the warm weather to last more than 4-6 minutes that would be great.
  5. This is why you don't give any estimate, at least you didn't give a release date. But it still burns you back when you fail to meet expectations with releasing.
  6. Uhm..why though? What is the point of this exactly? Other than throwing a huge wall in peoples faces that is.
  7. You guys might want to take a double take on these, those endo rewards are better than what it was before. But it is still not worth getting, it still feels like a slap across the face. When taking a look on the endo cost on mods these rewards are still below average. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Common 10 30 70 150 310 630 1,270 2,550 5,110 10,230 Uncommon 20 60 140 300 620 1,260 2,540 5,100 10,220 20,460 Rare 30 90 210 450 930 1,890 3,810 7,650 15,330 30,690 Legendary 40 120 280 600 1,240 2,520 5,080 10,200 20,440 40,920
  8. You guys might want to take a look on those endo rewards again... Primed mods in themselves cost 40,920 to max, must have mods like Serration requires 20,460. You guys might think it is nice with free endo for simply logging in, but 300 makes not even a dent on the high endo cost of things.
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