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  1. *Glances over at the R34 art of tendril drone* I mean...i wouldn't mind it
  2. We wouldn't need a system like this for the companions, if they AI on said companions actually was passable. Yes, i am looking at you kubrow/kavat running into enemies and getting stuck in walls while getting blasted by Noxes.. We need to be able to control them before thinking about adding more abilities onto them if anything. At least Master's summons make them somewhat ok
  3. Rollers finally getting some fame good on ya mate
  4. They oughta just add more solo extracts, that's it. A kick system should never be implemented, god knows this would happen often enough in other games. You do something hard with a group, get to the finish, then they feel like trolling and kicking you right after a boss or something making you lose out on everything. Or just for the fun of it randomly.
  5. Does not work, only worked for me on release, after the recent hotfixes void dash literally does nothing other than lock me out of the abilities. I have to wait for the invul period to go, and hope to god nobody or any enemies hit this bugger while he was charging. And then just blast it with some void damage, which in return ahs resulted in me just using Octavia. Because often right after the break of the shield they just go ''hah, would be a shame if i slapped it up right after again huh?!'' so yeah. They are really not working as nice as on launch for me at least, else i wouldn't mind using
  6. You know, it is things like this that make this system so great hah
  7. Who has the big sad? The people hoping to have the BP built by now, which is including me. I cry
  8. Really makes me wish i never spent standing on ranking up the other syndicate at all
  9. You should do some research before claiming it is wrong... Already seen these on multiple runs, but getting them to actually drop is the thing people struggle with now.
  10. Grab Octavia and dab on them with the mallet.
  11. And even then the whole ''melee it'' does not even work, and god knows i beat that thing to a pulp. *sigh*
  12. I just recently saw one of these buggers fly in the vaults, did what people told me in terms of looting them. Did nothing, it just flew somewhere and poofed off like the wisp.. Only got 1 so far myself
  13. Been doing them solo myself, only thing i do not find enjoyable about them is how fast they turn, the void dash lockout after the first fight for the whole session until rezoning. I highly doubt that is intentional that once you get close to a friendly one or enemy you get locked out of using void dash. But honestly if you want the most cheesy strat just use Octavia and watch em just K.O themselves into dust.
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