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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think I should mention there is some copying going on. i was given a tour of this dojo about a month ago
  2. - Clan Name: Royal Regiment - Clan Tier: Storm - Platform: Ps4 - Clan Role: Founding Marshal (Founding Warlord) I am Wacky and this is our dojo. I am strictly the only builder in my clan however I am lucky to have an incredible team that supports my work and helps me get it all built. I want everyone to get the credit they deserve so here is the whole list of people who have contributed and helped me in other ways to make this dojo. - Raaadaa - xSwtoneinncx - Pegatinum - ColinSoSpicey - monkeyRotary6229 - Bramanan - Starscream9669 - ZAF_COG - Harley123121 - HighlyDread - sargentdemp97 - jackacobe - ChainedSouls - everleakill - overthere_W_idk - lilwurmies - Im_The_King_Lion - darfx22599 - deviljohnny - LAGUNAAZUL - StrifE_Of_Lyfe_X - vandragoncisco - walkgarr - Arckangel__ I understand that thoughout the main sections of the dojo there is a decoration here and there not built yet. My team has been hard at work getting me the resources I needed to be ready for the competition. I have been pushing everyone a bit too hard and I can't ask them to rush the last bit to finish in time. I hope you understand why it's not all built yet. I have to give them all a break sometime lol Even if we don't come close to winning I will still be proud of my team and hope all of you see them for the amazing people they are 🙂
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