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  1. 1. I can only speak in two language: my native and English. And not really good in both. 2. I just graduate from college this year. 3. But I've made a living since last year by being a private investigator (hence why my grades aren't that good. I'm too busy tailing people). I caught husband/wife cheating and things like that. Still hoping for a Sherlock-level case though. 4. My face is so generic, one of my target think I'm his employee and he fire him the next day. I still feel guilty to that employee til now.
  2. Well, like I said, they can't simulate every possibilities. Still using the cook analogy, when you cook a food and test it by yourself, you test the food with the condition and environment that happen in your kitchen. When your friend test it, beside different taste and view, they also have different condition that you can't replicate in the kitchen. For example, maybe one of your friend are coming after running for miles. He is tired and thirsty, so he drink a lot of water before eat your food. So when he try your food, his stomach full of water and maybe what you cook won't be taste as good.
  3. Imagine it like this: You cook a food, and you test it yourself. You will notice some things that need improvement. You adjust the recipe, and test it again until you are satisfied. And then you invite your 10 other friends to try it. Although you think you've made a good enough food, now there's 10 other mouth which have different taste and different view about your food. They certainly have different opinion about your food. Now test the food to ten thousand people. You will get thousand opinion. Some of them maybe never cross your mind because even though you're a great cook, you're still a
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