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  1. I hoped to see 3rd Spider on TennoLive :/
  2. Recently i've finally unlocked Profit taker orb fight(s) (ever since fortuna i didn't play WF that much and finally forced myself to farm solaris standing for, like, 2 weeks) and i'm.. Well, to put it lightly, disappointed. Not only this heist is much, MUCH simpler than Eidolons/Tridolons, both in terms of mechanics of a battle and the difficulty itself, but also it feels like stage 1, like Teralyst felt like a weak warm up before some bigger threat. You don't even need any specific set-up, like you need for eidolons. Party can consist of 4 Inaroses and you will be fine. It's just a brainded dps check. Profit Taker Orb is incredibly easy and yields basically no rewards. There are some things for the standing and... that's it? I expected at least some new kitguns from Vox Solaris, SOMETHING that would be a grand reward for farming 2 syndicates. At this moment Exploiter is just a better form of spending my free time- it gives ludicrous amounts of resources. Profit Taker... after fighting it maybe couple of times, i really lost interest in this 'boss' fight. I guess the only reason to fight Profit Taker is to farm toroids, that can be exchanged for Vox standing, right? And Vox offers new arcanes... that are, compared to those dropped by eidolons, kinda bad... Correct me if i'm wrong and not seeing something. Or maybe DE is working on Profit 2.0?
  3. Press 4 as night. Wait 2-3 seconds. Press again. Everything dies. Unless you are asking about her gender... i thought before that Night's female and Day's male. But i guess both are females, at least that's what DE says.
  4. Passive: Based on melee equipped, this frame will receive a buff for its stats (let's say- nikanas boost speed, heavy blades crit dmg, swords crit chance, polearms status etc) Ability 1: Swordstorm Weapon Master summons a wall of spears, swords and other pointy stuff to shoot at enemies. 6 at base. Hold to charge additional weapons, for 12 in total. Apon casting those will fly in a straight line (decided by crosshair). Maybe a little bit similar to Hydroid's new 1, but aimed directly at enemies, not above them. Ability 2: Valley of Swords Ability similar to Oberon's grassfield/Wisp's reservoirs/Nidus' 4. Other frames standing in this area receive the infinite-duration buff that increases their melee stats and speed. Buff still works for couple of seconds after leaving the zone. Ability 3: There be light Hold this ability to charge a massive discharge of sacred light that, after releasing the button, will mark enemies around you (the longer you charge, the larger the area covered). Marked enemies will be blinded/stunned for a duration of couple of seconds. Additionally, enemies marked will produce more spears upon using 4. Standing in a 2nd ability's area will increase the area covered by charging. Ability 4: Sacred Blade Ability that summons exalted Tatsu/Katana/Other religious, shining sword. Upon killing and enemy with this weapon, a spear of light appears behind a Weapon Master. It aims automatically at nearest enemy. Similar to Baruuk's 3. Using 1 while 4 is active also grants additional light spears. Obviously it will have drain /s. Playstyle: great at rushing with 4 active, or stationary defence. Strategy is that you have 2nd and 4th skills active at all times. Charge 3 to blind enemies and mark them. Slice with 1 or 4 to produce more homing missiles to cover ever more enemies. Building for strengh will increase damage done by 1 and 4, duration and range will increase CC-abilities like 3rd and support like 2nd. What do you think of that idea? Maybe DE will finall add a proper samurai/sensei type of a frame into a game that already has a lot of japanese references?
  5. Man, this thread turned into a salt mine..
  6. So i've just realised that almost every nuke frame is female and every 'tank' is male. Nukers- Equinox, Mesa, Mag (kinda), Ember (before nerf), Gara, Banshee, Octavia (all females) Tanks- Inaros, Chroma, Rhino, Nidus, Atlas Also, a lot of females have defense supporting skills (Equinox, Trinity, Wisp), while males (Rhino, Harrow) have offense-supporting skills. Obviously there are few exceptions (Vauban is defensive, Hildryn is a tank), but 90% of a time, females are nukers or supporting while males are increasing damage and tanking.
  7. I really don't get why nightwing has to have season to begin with... Does it change something? It just resets rewards. But also introduced those 3-4 weeks without some crucial items.
  8. Ghoul bountie has 90% of NOT dropping nitain. Meaning that you have to do it like, what, 10 times to get maybe one? Two hours of farming. For ONE nitain. And it's unavaible right now anyways.
  9. Come on, give us SOMETHING to replace nitain alerts at least. I've been waiting to build Wisp for daaaaays, but i can't..
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