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  1. I posted my thoughts on reddit so I'll just copy what I said and show you my take on how to improve his kit. Landslide. Currently it needs no changes. If we remove the stat stick feature, then all warframes require another ability rework that depend on stat-sticks by adding a modding feature and only show those mods that benefited before. Oh, and you'll need more forma if you want their abilities to be as effective as it was with stat-sticks. Tectonics. Ok, this ability is somewhat useful. It can block doorways, cover defense targets and cover yourself and allies if you're in a pickle. But its boulder part is underwhelming. Even if you boost it with Petrify, it still doesn't do enough damage other than pushing enemies away. So how to improve it? Add Gara's 4th ability scaling. If an enemy gets hit by the boulder, his health is then converted and added as total damage for boulder's explosion. Example: 3 enemies, 3000 health each, they get hit by the boulder, boulder explodes and deals 9000 damage. And, to balance things out, make it deal blast damage. Petrify boost will double the damage. (It may sound overpowered but if you're a game developer, you have to go crazy first, then balance things out later.) Petrify. Make Atlas' passive armor decay slower. Rumblers. Two things need to be improved. How long the rumblers can stay and their use in high-level combat. If you use Petrify on rumblers, their duration is reset. If they take damage, they deal more damage (kinda like Chroma's Vex Armor's Rage buff). And add a small chance for them to petrify enemies by punching them or throwing boulders. Also, add a tap&hold function. Tapping the 4th ability button on an enemy will make the rumblers target that specific enemy. Holding the 4th ability button will make the rumblers explode. If you use the augment, tapping the button will target a specific enemy, holding down the button will make the rumbler slam the ground and knockdown enemies.
  2. I found a bug where if you play as Gauss and use his 1st ability by slamming into the reactor before using the console to open reactor's weak spot, the game will think you still haven't destroyed it, leaving the mission unbeatable. This bug can be triggered in snow planet (Venus, Pluto etc.) and ice planet (Europa etc.) tilesets. Mission type: Sabotage Image below shows proof:
  3. What do you prefer more? An invincible tank that's useless in everything (i.e. CC and DPS)? Or, a melee warrior who can: have a twin brother who always watches his back and can CC if you use an augment for his 1st ability transform into a fast, puff of smoke that can travel anywhere which essentially trivializes spy missions and makes speedrunning, platforming and getting to high spots a lot better summon a deadly, fun to use Exalted Polearm. Combined with the right build and with an augment he can kill enemies regardless of their level (i.e. lvl 200) in seconds If you ask me, Wukong sucked before the rework. I barely used him and marked him as MR fodder. Now, I use him in places like ESO. He's that good. I know about his niche 1st ability with the augment before the rework, but I prefer using his Exalted Polearm cause the damage you deal with it is constant and range is great.
  4. I have 3 questions. 1. Years ago, you showed us the Zephyr Deluxe skin. Is it still planned sometime to be released or is it dismissed entirely? 2. What happened to "legacy" weapon skins like the sawed off shotgun skin for Bronco and the real pistol skin for secondary sidearms like Lato? 3. Is Damage 3.0 going to be brought back but better refined someday?
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