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  1. Agreed. Either this or reduce the cost for The Lost to 50.
  2. Let me clarify about Baruuk. Yes, he can just use his 2nd ability while having 3rd on and sit there, but then how are you gonna fight anything if enemies are asleep and not moving to your location if they're stuck mid-way? You mentioned Grendel. Yes, he fits in my criteria of active frames, but almost. Because his 1 is mostly used and is most effective, IMO. His 2 gives minor buffs, his 3 is average, and his 4 is gimmicky. Plus he's got energy problems and his 2 barely helps. As for Xaku, Fine. Swapping 2nd and 3rd ability won't happen in my rework. As for The Lost, as far as I know,
  3. (Responding per paragraph) I'm not a hydron player. I quit hydron when I encountered so many afkers, so I took a different route to level up my frames. I hate standing around and do nothing. I'm voicing my opinion about frames that I considered ones that fit my favorite level of playstyle. Yes, you do spam her 4 even in higher levels, just like Atlas with his 1, but the ability isn't a "set it and leave it" ability anymore. I played Xini as Ember before her today's rework and I managed to set her as a sentry on one of the towers while I capture the rest as an operator. With curr
  4. Sounds like you only play Hydron. Yes, in lower levels, she can just use her 4, but on higher levels, she also has to use her 2nd and 3rd ability not just for survival, but also CC and armor strip. Simply spamming her 4 won't get you far. Good luck playing endurance runs without her 2 on. If you want a perfect example of what frames are considered active, useful and fun, look at Atlas, Excalibur, Garuda, Gauss, Harrow, Nezha and Baruuk. These frames use a combination of abilities that not only deal damage or makes them tankier but also let's them control the battlefield. And they hav
  5. After playing with Xaku quite a lot, here are my ideas on how to make him more active and better (if the changes on round 2 are applied). First thing I would do is to swap places for The Lost and Grasp of Lohk. Alright, here goes: 1. Xata's Whisper Remains as is 2. The Lost - Energy 50 Accuse Remains as is. Gaze Make it castable on the ground that acts as an invisible line of sight orb that searches and captures an enemy that's hiding behind cover or a wall. This makes the ability easier to aim. Also, increase casting speed. Minimum detec
  6. I posted on reddit on how to rework Eclipse some time ago. Because making it dependent on which part of the map you are, IMO, doesn't fit in Warframe.
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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