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  1. Oh no... This new melee system is horrible!!! Why did you try to fix something that wasn't broken DE? Right-clicking now disarms your melee, even if you have no other weapon equipped! Aim-gliding isn't just used for shooting DE... I use it for maneuvering as well. Now when I aim-glide, it auto-switches me to my primary slot - even if I don't have any other weapons but a melee equipped!!! How annoying! No game... NO GAME should EVER... I mean EVER auto-switch your weapons... DE.. Please... I beg of you - just listen to my logic. How hard is it to hit a key to switch weapons? Why on earth would anyone think that auto-switching weapons (besides being out of ammo) is a good idea? It's absolutely ridiculous. It's broken the game for me. I've sunk hundreds of dollars into Warframe and now I find it UNPLAYABLE. Please... at the very least, add an option in the controls section that toggles off the right mouse button weapon switch. I used to love aim-gliding towards a group of enemies before executing a ground slam... Not only that, but some combos that require you to use the RMB will actually UNEQUIP your melee weapon after you execute them. Please DE, give us old-school players a switch in the options to toggle off the auto weapon switching. It is unbearably annoying. You have ruined the game for me and I'm sure countless other people. I can make do with the other changes, even though the ground slams are annoying now as they seem to auto-pilot you into enemies. This has ruined all of the satisfaction I used to get out of ground slams. It was easy enough before - why change it? Why would you lower the skill-ceiling on something like that?? It makes no sense... None of this makes any sense... I hope I wake up tomorrow and this was all just a horrible nightmare. EDIT: I have 2763 hours logged on the game - that's over 100 days of my life spent playing Warframe. If something isn't done about this, I won't be logging any more hours. The old system is second nature to me. To change it so fundamentally is going to alienate a lot of players like me. Just give us the option DE...
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