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  1. We all do. But thats not going to happen. You're going to hit up their twitter, post and hope they respond but 9.5 out of 10 if it isn't something that circulates through the the company, it won't get attention. Best you can do is create and post, someone will see it, if it makes the rounds they will contact you.
  2. I use K-Drives in the open world against Grand bosses, but I'm a rarity. That's the only use I have for them atm. I like K drives but when you dismount especially in the air it doesn't feel smooth, it should keep the momentum from the K drive. If they added races between players that would be the only way to improve K-drives, like mario kart or midnight club. If you are talking combat wise, then I'd say K-Drives need to act like DMC5 Devil Breaker: Punchline, where tricks do damage and stun/lift them.
  3. You're joking right? lol I think the release of dopamine from getting steel essence is getting to you. Lich's are the worst enemies in the game animation/ability wise.
  4. Good, that means raid bosses can actually be a thing, and I would actually need my clan/team mates to kill bosses. Woohoo when does WARFRAME finally hop on the train every other game takes when it comes to HP and co-op, because honestly I would prefer that than another Tusk Thumper/Exploiter design. But seriously, this is only beneficial on bosses, fodder enemies are supposed to be fodder. Only special/boss type of enemies deserve that amount of health.
  5. Though the umbral forma isn't necessary I do like the extra SCHLOW.
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