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  1. TL;DW Warframe's Tennocon 2020 brought us alot of things but, one thing that stood out to me is that this tennocon was really grounded in reality. No overshooting, nothing to send us out of this galaxy it was just, taking what we already have and improving it. This is the essence of creating content thats all it is. I'm happy that this is the route DE took this year of course I can see a few things wrong but, I'm content with this content, can't wait to go through deimos on the steel path because from the preview, I'm not going to lie those infested enemies look *@##$ made HP wise. You guys did great this year despite the challenges and that deserves praise, praise I can't offer enough of.
  2. Thanks now I can do Inaros Prime vs Profit-Taker
  3. thanks for the walking timebomb DE, pretty awesome update
  4. Story has nothing to do with how the fight plays out, you can have story and still have a good boss fight. If I was suppose to compare MHW Shara Ishvalda's story quest to Exploiter Orb, Shara ishvalda would win because it has both story and fighting aspects locked down. Profit-Taker has story, you just haven't looked for it through Little Ducks Codex entries and through PT's missions prior to her boss fight.
  5. Honestly the problem is, Warframe doesn't know how to design their bosses. They are just seeing what works, the new jackal looks nice, yes. But like what Volty said it lacks the free form of Combat. DOING what you want to the boss, and having the boss reward you for it is how you make boss fights. The Jackal rework is a big example of a rework that is one step forward 3 steps back. Finishers work in games like God of War, because its a story based game. Warframe isn't so when you are spamming a mission over and over again the cut-scenes become old and repetitive. Nero from DMC has finishers but you have the option to do so. The keyword here is option, when you remove options you are forcing a player to do something, and not what you want to do because then you have folks here that complain that the fight is drawn out. Thats why DMC is infinitely re playable because of choice. As much as I like the animations for the jackal boss fight, I dislike having my hand removed from the game. Profit-Taker is the best example of this, you fight her you clear her shields, she rewards you by getting to the next stage you whip out your archgun and you do damage to her legs, it doesn't remove player control. Exploiter is the worst case of this because not only does she not really put up a fight like Profit-Taker, her minions don't do anything. Her is the worst fight after the Sergeant because she isn't a fight. You are telling me fighting exploiter is better than profit-taker when you can do this? Get your head out of that orange juice you're chucking at her, DE wasted her potential. And then don't even get me started on the fact that, the jackal node isn't even a co-op mission with this rework, just another rush to the boss and kill it. DE, doesn't learn.
  6. Explosive weapons in general no longer work on profit taker aswell just saying
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