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  1. You're joking right? lol I think the release of dopamine from getting steel essence is getting to you. Lich's are the worst enemies in the game animation/ability wise.
  2. Good, that means raid bosses can actually be a thing, and I would actually need my clan/team mates to kill bosses. Woohoo when does WARFRAME finally hop on the train every other game takes when it comes to HP and co-op, because honestly I would prefer that than another Tusk Thumper/Exploiter design. But seriously, this is only beneficial on bosses, fodder enemies are supposed to be fodder. Only special/boss type of enemies deserve that amount of health.
  3. Though the umbral forma isn't necessary I do like the extra SCHLOW.
  4. Whoops double post that wasn't suppose to happen haha..
  5. Thanks I'm glad you like it, I too believe warframe has immense combat potential. Being powerful on basic enemies is starting to take its toll on the community. I made this post in hopes that someone from DE could see it. I have more ideas on the way just a matter of time...
  6. PvE experience comes from experiencing multiple PvE games. How else you want me to put it, you lack experience in PvE games. I can tell from you saying warframe is its own game, even though animation is vast in its application and how it's implemented in games. Not just in warframe.
  7. Is Profit-takers immunity to blast weapons going to be fixed anytime soon?
  8. I can't be more mobile so your advice won't help me in the slightest, Warframe is its own game but can learn from others, all of warframes issues can be fixed by learning from its predecessors. Like I said, you have no PvE experience. Go into your hidey hole. If that's all you're going to post because it doesn't add to the conversation, nor does it relate to the core issue of this entire thread.
  9. Yeah this sort of gameplay isn't meant for general gameplay but certain occasions. Like special missions you do every once in a while. Sorties but more requirements, tied together and difficult. With more awesome rewards.
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