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  1. Klamora Prism, Exard Scaffold and Certus brace, this is my SE Ropalolyst amp but I took it anyway cause the prism is all that matters. The arcane I'm using is virtuos strike.
  2. There is so much to be done here on Deimos, after all I'm not afraid of a little work.
  3. Damn bro chillllllll, thats not the issue warframe has, its far more fundemental than that.
  4. Just like the title suggest, being rewarded 1 Steel Essence for a Ropalolyst fight, or Zealoid Prelate fight, is absolutely not worth it, especially when they take time and effort to do especially for the likes of ropalolyst who scales up depending on the amount of people in the mission IF they are in the Rotation which they should. Being rewarded 1 essence is akin to Profit-Taker being released with no drop rewards or Zakum dropping only one Zakum helmet or one or two weapons for a team of 8. Its all about incentivizing and it would make players look foward to these sort of dailies, especiall
  5. I love the double melee idea, it belongs in naramon imo it would add so much more to the melee combat ngl.
  6. Exploiter Orb 2.0 except its shorter, and Nihil can actually kill you. A disappointment. The fight is pretty good as a mid combat mechanic per HP Bar depletion like other mmos but DE doesn't learn, they don't adapt. Instead they make a mini games. This is why players complain so much and some just leave without a word. Instead of making it a decent fight where he fights you like an actual boss and you gotta use 90% of what the game is to fight him, they remove the combat portion and keep 30% of it. I get it, we don't have the technical know how to bring weapons into the weave like Simaris but
  7. Hope this helps some what on how to deal with ropalolyst on Steel Path I used Unairu Wisp with Klamora Prism, Exard Scaffold, Certus brace with Virtuos Strike to deal with it.
  8. Like the title I am looking for a Solid Monke player for a video, preferably someone on Eastern time (NY), Fashion doesn't absolutely matter, but it must look decent. For example, the nezha that will be used in the video Example of my Work When I will be available for recording sessions or if you need help leveling up gear. Monday 6pm-4am EST Tuesday 11pm-3am EST Wednesday 12pm-3am Friday 4pm-4am Saturday 12am-5am Sunday 11pm-3am IGN: Nash(PC) Discord: Nash Prime#1354
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