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  1. I think ppl underestimate how his skin being recast-able makes it one of the best skills to stay alive while stunning targets.
  2. I mean he has one of the best defensive ability he just has to recast it and never forget to and he will avoid dying. I guess maybe his other skills fall short on long endurance? he works pretty well up to level 120 so I guess if you go for a long mission beyond those levels it would be "bad" to those players? Kinda find Reave lackluster myself though. semi decent healing is about it for that skill.
  3. Like me and my friends always make a bunch of racist jokes about our own ethnicity but you do not see me going around publicly saying them then right after "Its just a joke so its fine!". If it is a joke you know will more than likely get you banned do not risk it. I am really careful with how I type in online rpg games for this reason. Why risk my account I have spent time and money on for a 2 second joke? or to rage at someone? Play smart not dumb is a rule of thumb to live by.
  4. I hope the new war sentient maps introduces some difficulty to the game I understand the rest of the game being really easy but at least some parts of the game should be hard like remnant from the ashes a game that is hard but not too hard if you can pay attention and dodge or move out of the way at right moments. games dont have to be sekiro dunno why DE is so afraid to add in some measure of hard content. Also I don't see long endurance as hard that is just stand until a bullet or single attack one shots you that is not difficulty that is just people that like pain. Mostly cause the game is not design around at least giving you some time to dodge a single bullet that is hit scan from the enemies.
  5. I dunno how to respond to the OP in this thread. He sounds like he had 3k ping lagged a lot which in turn made him die a lot and somehow its the games fault for that so he rages enough to come here to say he so angry he might quit the game is what Im reading?
  6. just skip this challenge and always make sure to do the nightwave challenges you can do and you will be fine. All this does is make it so you cant do catchup mechanic but if you have been knocking out all the easy nightwave acts. You will still be able to get the 30 ranks of nightwave done.
  7. Pablo actually answered this during one of his unofficial causal gaming streams and said that DE would have to drop a lot of stuff into the back burner to completely overhaul the dojo system for construction atm so its not something they could do in a reasonable timeframe.
  8. Well DE glen during Tennocon when he was streaming himself actually talk about the host stuff and said the Peer 2 peer was as good as it got and almost all d/c(host migration failures) was cause of players internet then things on their side. Which at this point I think only have additional saving of rewards during missions instead of just at the very end of missions is the best solution we will get. That might tax servers though to have more saves so Im not even sure if that is viable.
  9. I mean with some places in the world having dedicated servers would have the same problems that peer to peer has to them. depending on how far they would be to the servers run by DE they would still d/c or fail host migrate. So in the end the players would still have these issues with dedicated servers. At this point I dont think that would help much other than offer less host migrations failures because of bad players internet. It would just be changed to players disconnecting to DE servers. So DE would just be taking the cost of running servers and they would have players with the same reward issues like before. I think they should have more fail-safes to save rewards. DE should be aiming to save rewards more often so even with host migrations you dont lose the work you put into the mission. This problem has more to it then just having the servers record the rewards more though. I mean its probably more complex then I am thinking it would be to add in more fail safes.
  10. eh I get some S#&$ty host migrations but its usually 1 out of 100 times that happens to me. Im sure there are some locations in the world where it would happen way more frequently but sadly I doubt the tiny minority gonna convince DE to improve the netcode for the small 0.003% of players.(exaggerated number to say that most players wont get more then 1 in 100 bad host migrations.)
  11. Its kinda hard for me to answer this since it has been quite sometimes since I hit max MR at the time it was 24 for me.
  12. DE has to buy the license to the tennogen b4 it comes to console so its probably not popular enough for DE to give a lump sum to the tennogen artist to hand over the rights to it.
  13. I would say any frame that is pure CC cause why CC when they can just be dead and not do anything.
  14. I get on to do Nightwave weekly acts. Recruit for my clan a little bit. After that I play FFXIV and short action games like vermintide 2. Soon Ill play remnant from ashes and borderlands 3 though.
  15. Didn't DE Scott already confirm they would never allow locking in a stat for rivens? pretty sure this was discussed in a past dev stream.
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