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  1. at most I only ever got shouted at cause I spammed her one too much and ppl really hate those swirling nade animations in one spot.
  2. its cuz grandmaster is a title founders get in their profiles so a grand master grand master would be weird.
  3. welcome to game forums where people will get on a soap box and declare the view of the masses w/o rhyme or reason. Also ty for being logical do not worry though like most people usually do on this forum when you are logical you get ignored. I seen so many reasonable responses to peoples threads that make common sense get glossed over and completely ignored as if they never respond.
  4. ???? take like 10 seconds to say 1234 or 9999 or 5555 to find a murmur group in recruit what are you talking about OP??? you dont even need a lich just some else lich or help them kill their lich.
  5. again you both focus on the word "Black" live matters and still keep using it to push your points. There is only one rule and its about supporting a candidate politically on one side. Im assuming in any country. If you have been a long time lurker/reader of the forums like me MOST political threads close down cause they always almost always are either supporting a candidate or its a controversial topic like gay rights or something ppl derail into flaming each other or debate so much they start to get heated and insult each other passive aggressively.
  6. Im curious because most ppl that actually truely support BLM is not about blacks only getting mistreat but the underlying meaning that they are against racism as a whole what is so bad that DE taking a stance against Racism? Look its started as a group by black people cause well they are the most vocal at the time about black people dying to racism. I agree that yes ALLlivesmatter would be more more clear and straightforward but do we seriously need someone to make it clear? Can we all not as people realize its not just blacks? that it is all colors? I very much wish the phrase "All Lives Matter" was the words used so ppl would stop assuming that BLM is only about Blacks but sadly BLM that name is the most popular phrase cause both sides wont get over the fact its BLACK lives matter instead of ALL lives matter.
  7. a lot ppl may have skew the msge behind BLM which is about stopping racism but you should not take the word BlackLivesMatter as a exclusive club where only black people are allow to fight racism. Its about stopping racism and started cuz of black people dying but surely we all can read behind the lines realize its actually about stopping racism not just Blackpeopleonly stopping racism. People get so fixated on the BLACK in BLM they ignore the fact its really about stopping racism.
  8. As everyone can see the original post might be ontopic and fine but some of these responses are slowly inching towards failing the quality standards. Now all we really need is actual flamers to come in and start triggering everyone. /s
  9. I dont understand how they announcing that BLM makes them want to cancel home streams in the forums stop you from playing the game. Also yes there are many tragedies in life but some times people do not care till it is in the limelight. its a Sad truth and Ill agree with you there but for this just take the message streams are canceled and play the game. I get sometimes you NEED to control what you read and people say but sometimes its better to just move on and not take things so personally that you come onto the optional forums and need to go around saying "How Dare DE have Opinions as a video game company and use their forums to mention streams are canceled cuz of X reason". So its a movement against racism but what makes that different from other reasons? Oh its a topic you wanted to ignore cause of the controversial respond ppl are having well just ignore their tweets and forum topics then.
  10. The BLM I get but does it really matter they give us the real reason they cancel warframe community streams? its not like they promoting a political candidate which is actually a rule.
  11. I mean I just grab liches myself for a shot at emphermas then just leave them on that one planet till I want to try again and as long as you never do them they only ever take like 10% 4% (just did a mission it actually was less than I thought) of your resources in that plant at rank 1 so its not that bad either. Im sorry if rank 1 liches that barely touch your resources offend you that much.
  12. the problem is tennogen is on steam workshop so it split three ways on PC. For them to bring it to console they have to buy the license to sell. You pretty much telling Artist to say fk the steam workshop system and just sell the rights to the tennogen instead of getting a lot of small payments whenever someone buys the tennogen on steam. Cause for the more popular (edit: or even less popular) entries its actually better to have it stay 3 ways for the artist cuz DE more than likely offers too little for them to want to hand over the rights of the skin. Edit: Found a post that explains a bit of the process.
  13. so what I am getting is you want DE to turn nightwave into a universal task list that will reward you all content currently in the game no matter what it is so you can just get points as you play doing w/e you want to do? Guess some kinda of tier system since sometimes we the players will farm the same thing over and over? Like 30 mins of kuva survival giving 7k the first time, 4.5k 2nd time then 2k each one afterwards? Well I wouldn't mind either system since atm its like hit a few things over 2-5 hours every week vs farm for the same things on end to max out the nightwave allowance within a week. I think they see nightwave as a way to get players to get forced into old content when they need something from nightwave not something that is a passive farm at this point.
  14. Im more worried about the scarlet credits and killcode bugs are actually fixed b4 we get it since we rarely get large fix updates like pc does I really hope no game breaking event bugs manage to get through.
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