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  1. its really unlikely but Im hoping that the legendary ranks at least give 250-500 increase to standing daily cap. Im lowballing cause I doubt they would continue the 1k more every rank like they did for MR ranks.
  2. wait what excuse? I just pointing out what you said because a person was confused on what you were saying in your original post. I was not using your own experience as my excuse at all. Also I just bullet jump and glide from place to place I have never ever used pillars to help me move around in this game.
  3. Im guessing he failed MR 17 test. Edit: cuz they started him facing the wrong way and he cannot parkour the pillars cause im guessing he is not good at the movement in this game.
  4. I like how a thread in general discussion with memes and jokes gets more traction than the actual feedback area of conclave. I get why that is but this thread to me just makes me chuckle thinking about it.
  5. I mean it was a get together event I guess but the old raids in warframe were really bad. Its usually just max range nyx and Vauban spamming CC with EV trin if you too lazy to make energy pads. then pretty much at that point its mostly just sitting and waiting on pads. JV was mostly a who knows the exploit to skip a hour of stuff in pug groups otherwise ppl wont do them so I pretty much only ever did JV with friends once and a while.
  6. this is why I usually just solo. My friends plan to get next gen too so Im pretty much fine since I rarely public. I only do public when Im super bored and just want to see random ppl do dumb things infront of me although that is pretty rare too.
  7. they update one pip (circle) at a time and its recently a new prime and since all new weapons start at 0.5 that is why it is only 0.8 atm. Came out in July this year so in 3 months it will go up again and probably again in 6 months. Edit: Im not sure if I was clear enough. Pretty much they update riven dispo every prime release.
  8. yea people need to avoid each other. The stories I hear about Covid-19 patients from my bro who is a resident nurse at a hospital is scary how serious some Covid19 patients have it.
  9. Imo this 0.5 dispo start is needed so ppl dont game the market way too much when they know certain weapons will drop in value. Pretty much any weapon that is good off the bat would always drop in riven dispo over the course of 1 year to 0.5 anyway. This way instead of ticking ppl off 4 times over the course of a year you get just shafted right away and also it helps ppl not rip too much plat off of people with 0.5 rivens. Really if you complaining about this it cuz its hurting your plat sales.
  10. the whole reason for steam workshop iirc was to allow game devs to help fan artist make money. So I highly doubt its just valve getting cut that makes it so DE only works with steam on this with real money cost. Also iirc some of those artist make a living off of this they not gonna rock the boat unless some1 gives them a decent cut like DE does to sell on console.
  11. New war and railjack was put on the backburner cause they cannot use their mocap stuido for the NPC animations. They pointed out they were able to do HoD because the NPCs are no where close to humans with their movements since they were infested giant orokin so them making custom inhumane Animations worked out and let them give us content w/o relying on the mocap studio. Im assuming they gonna just finish the year out with revise revisit stuff on warframe and get back to railjack starting next year.
  12. if the mission has a timer it might one where it auto extracts once the timer is over.
  13. did you do nercamech yet? Edit: only other thing I can think of is you also missing some intrinsic MR somehow.
  14. I mean at the end iirc there was timer up once it was over in the relays that was 365 days in place ot the sentient fleet attack timer. So if that was what they wanted the next time to be Im guessing exactly one year no clue tho pretty sure its tied to the new war storyline and that got super delayed by covid 19.
  15. I think if most of you stop thinking in terms of rivens or just flat out truly think of them as optional and play warframe w/o rivens in mind and come back for updates you all would realize there is more to gaming in warframe than rivens and wouldn't care all that much about dispo changes. I know rivens are pretty much all that is left at endgame for most players but if you reach a point where rivens is all that is left why not just stop worrying about rivens and just play updates? the amount of salt I seen from ppl in dispo riven changes every 3 months is funny cause you cannot ge
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