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  1. I would like a kuva defense farm
  2. rubico p for jackel ,green purple spinning lasers spider and white web spider. Frost bubble boy and zenistar with heat or blast for everything else. there ya go you pretty much gonna be sitting there half the time shooting alarm sticks.
  3. I like the melee changes all I use to do was slide whip or polearm quick melee with this new instant melee I use staves and machetes combos now with the new directional ground slams as gap closers.
  4. why would it lower stats and DE not tell us that kinda sucks.
  5. I have all arcanes and I still sometimes not often get one shotted out in vallis as a tank even.
  6. "If the Warlord(s) or Creator of a clan has been inactive for 30 days or longer they can be replaced by submitting a ticket to our support desk (we want to ensure that all clans are able to function correctly, which is not possible without at least one active Warlord). Digital Extremes makes it our policy not to get involved with internal clan matters and any other difficulties that may arise with a Warlord or other players in a clan will generally need to be resolved internally by the clan members involved." https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200049929-Clan-Alliance-and-Dojo-Guide
  7. my posts have been deleted before on the forums but I kinda know why and its usually cause I was a bit too passively aggressive in my post that was borderline baiting someone to flame at me. So I understand why they were removed.
  8. I think thru daily specials and other players you can get almost everything(excluding ship deco) with plat. you wont be able to get opticor vandal or use kdrives till they let us use skateparks in our dojo at least if they still plan to do that.
  9. the problem with people nowadays is they want it now instead of over the course of a couple of months. As for me I have a lot time atm. not much I can do in this game tho I have everything for MR and am just waiting for updates and new primes after which 2 weeks of casually farming then its back to 1-2 months of nothing again.
  10. did you assemble it at roky in fortuna with the other parts too?
  11. might want to remove the megathread tag. Also Im just normal.
  12. dont they have a decay timer so if you take too long they poof?
  13. adding thru xbox friends list adds them ingame too but it takes at least one mission or a relog to register that you are friends so in this case a xbox player should add the person then just restart/relog into warframe to be safe
  14. just ignore the nightwave challenges you would really hate since only 60-65% is required.
  15. you(Us the players) got like 2 months and 2-3 weeks to hit tier 30 if the tiers are only 10k each rank up and it resets every week there will be plenty of room to miss things here and there not to mention there might be more ways to get standing as the story progresses all this whining and childish tantrums I'm seeing on the forums is making me laugh.
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