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  1. I never had that happen. I usually play wukong though and upfront with the lich all the time I also throw ancient healer specters whenever I do defense targets. as for high jack again as wukong im right ontop of liches so they usually focus me. That does sound odd if that is truly happen though. What warfame are you playing out of curiosity
  2. That person first post was to necro a thread and yea I been seeing quite a bit of necro thread lately compared to last few years where there pretty much was no necro'ing. I think people taking search for similar threads a bit too literally. It does not mean bring back similar threads that are out of date compare to current ingame warframes and mechanics lol.
  3. which browser are you using? Firefox also has a section for password to check. I think most browsers have password managers now. Even the default Microsoft internet edge if you go into settings then profile also has password listed there.
  4. As much as I dislike pointing this out but anything that came before 2020 when 2020 came pretty much got hit with the Covid Delay trend cuz well Covid came to the forefront of things and nuked working in person at offices for a good while. I know not everything can be attributed to it but you cannot ignore it has a large significance in people doing their jobs for the year of 2020 on top of normal delays and them taking longer than expected to make the content.
  5. iirc there was 2 people working on conclave pretty much just updating weapons and warframes to be introduce into it but when railjack first came out DE pulled them off to help with Railjack and new war at first but ever since I dont think they ever went back to working on conclave.
  6. its pretty much the small ice hallways that have broken corpus ships as a part of it where you get stuck everywhere while rushing thru with bullet jump. I hope they use the Corpus railjack Ice mine to revamp the ice tileset.
  7. not going to lie. Im in the boat of being happy about chroma coming so I can nab his accessories. I didnt get it last time cuz at the time they did the 90 day credit booster and also I dislike the shoulders on his armor set. Now I can get it at a much lower price just for the looks.
  8. The leader boards use to track more right? Didn't they remove like the kill aspect of it before? I think beyond the really easy to maintain parts of the leaderboards they more likely to remove more of it than add to it again.
  9. I figure it was a corpus culture thing I was meh on the problem. Was a bit odd to hear the tiny bit of pauses but meh again since it does not really do anything to me.
  10. I just did the test as Saryn again to see if its still completable I was able to do it. Not sure if there is a bug though. Might want to either try saryn prime or mesa prime and killing as fast as possible.
  11. Not going to lie I think ppl overly exaggerate the Ivara and harrow farms often. I had to farm them again for the helminth system and both the first time and second time I farmed them only took a day or two to get over the course of afking to do stuff IRL or to watch youtube videos/twitch streams. If I can farm it and the friends I talk to can farm it twice in just a day or two of casually doing it then I dunno where all these ppl that always sit down and arm chair complain about how it so "hard" to farm. It takes "forever" to get the frames are coming from. you could also stret
  12. I think if they somehow could adapt a survival aspect of relic cracking like a trigger where once you hit 3 or so reactant it opens a relic then you repeat the trigger in a single void storm mission can open 3 relics at once might help. Like maybe make it so reactant drops a lot more often so you pretty much can just worry about the mission and over the course of the mission you get 9 reactant where 3 of them would open a relic and it happens 3 times in a single void mission might help with the technical aspect of opening multiple relics in one mission. The survival aspect would be
  13. I also use Zetki Glazio to shoot at the drone directly behind the shield to take out the shield.
  14. I think they could try adapting the Defense every 5 waves vote to leave or stay system to all railjack missions by either making it appear after the mission is complete or when a navigation mission is selected to solve this problem. Edit: by a navigation mission I mean when you are at the end of a railjack mission and can choose to select another mission or go to drydock. Only if you choose to do another mission does it pops the adapted defense mission reward end screen to stay or go. The ones to the left go back to drydock on their own railjack or a copy of host railjack and the one
  15. This bug is a real let down when you are with a friend and you get it and they do not after a ton of missions trying to farm sevagoth.
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