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  1. I dont agree at all with this change might as well make it all shields at this point to reduce the amount of numbers in the game at that point. They just need to really do what they said which is soft cap the armor scaling up or imo hard cap the dmg reduction of enemies that they get from armor. the problem about Enemy armor scaling is since it keeps going up enemies can actually hit 99.99% dmg reduction since their armor goes up forever compare to warframes that are locked on how high our armor can go. I feel enemies should at most get 75% dmg reduction and just stop even if they get more armor. The fact HP and armor keeps going up at the current time is what really makes enemies so damn tanky. Warframe dmg reduction should stay the same as it is since our HP values are hardlocked so its fine we can reach 80%-95% dmg reduction.
  2. I just wondering if anyone else or does DE knows about this but turns out when you pick up one of the four bullet jump mods. Firewalker, Ice Spring, Lightning Dash and Toxic Flight. The screen will always I mean always frame freezes/locks for a split second or two then unfreeze. Last month before I bought a Xbox one X while playing on the original Xbox One I never had this issue so I asked my friend about it since he is on the xbox one x also and he has the same frame freeze problem. My other friend that still plays on Xbox One S does not have the issue. There is something wrong with those 4 mods and the xbox one X. It happens on pick-up. Which is very frequent on missions with kuva siphon or Kuva survival. So far I only had this happen with the gold rare mods cause I never pay attention to silver mod drops so no clue if the IPS or Slash/Puncture/Impact mods also have the same bug. I have turn the graphics setting all the way up and also turn them all the way down it still happens. Its not a HUGE nuisance but its is just slightly annoying that the game freezes everytime you pick up one of those four bullet jump mods. Edit: Also this happen recently within one of the past three updates either old blood, Railjack phase 1 or phase 2 from what my friend told me since he had the xbox one x for a while now.
  3. I gotten quite a few of them just not stuff like tether or void hole battle avionics and I keep getting Seeker volley non stop for some reason.
  4. reason I ask is I want to know a bit before my mk1 finishes to farm early. Ty for the answers so far though 😄
  5. Any of you PC players of Warframe happen to remember what normal resources outside of Railjack missions it takes to do the clan research? Not to fabricate them to use but to research so your clan can fabricate them.
  6. The way reticle in the middle snaps to the middle while you aim as pilot makes is just twitchy and erratic so things with precise aim like pulsars become impossible to use as a pilot gun. Any1 else having these thought?
  7. It was in the patch notes tho Archwing Flight Changes: The changes that refined Afterburner and brought Blink to all Archwings were not included in this Update because we could not get them to work properly in time, and we did not want to hold the rest of the content. We were optimistic we could include it, but it was apparent in our testing that we’d cause quite a few binding blunders releasing it in its current state. So we are putting time into releasing a more controller friendly version of the changes for our console Tenno. That said, one Archwing change we did include in this update from the batch in PC’s Update 26.1 is Itzal's new ability “ARCH LINE”. This means that Blink will be temporarily unavailable until we release it on all Archwings with sensible bindings. It goes without saying that we know this is extremely disruptive for our Tridolon hunters who heavily rely on the ability - we will be resolving this in the next Update! We know this is not ideal, we apologize for the temporary hold on Blink while we work to improve overall Archwing controls on controllers. the post was last edited the friday b4 your post OP. you must not read patch notes. The edit was not for the archwing changes either it was origin pack launch dates so the AW changes have been there from the start.
  8. I have been having issues playing with clanmates and friends in a squad lately and went to check my network settings and it said Nat was unavailable check your teredo. Then to find out teredo was unable to qualify. So I went off to xbox website to try all their solutions which does not work then I went to Reddit and microsoft forums and here to see if any1 else was having problems and it seems Peer to Peer games on xbox are having this issue pop up cause Borderland 3 players are also having this problem. Im just curious if any1 else might be running into this. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/teredo-problems/cc659739-69ca-4867-b5e6-aae8f182af89 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/xbox-one-nat-type-unavailable/901014c9-6363-4271-b744-4a822af31e46 https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/e7mp6l/nat_type_teredo_unavailable/ https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/e7lpjw/teredo_ip_addressunavailable_nat_issue/ Also various threads in this xbox matchmaking bug forums. Edit: biggest reason I care so much about this is well I would like to play with my friends cause atm due to this bug Im literally a solo player when Railjack is on the horizon for PC. so I have until Consoles get railjack for this to be fixed hopefully b4 it drops. I can still play solo ofc but would really nuke my experience when I actually have a clan/alliance and friend to do railjack with. I can still sometimes connect to other players but it looks like they literally will either d/c or for a small amount of time I can play fine but then they all drop and I run into the fail to connect to session error. Edit 2: Found another thread on xbox help forums with this issue.
  9. if you look at the stream it has a command tab that not been released with this upcoming railjack launch and reb and steve said NPC crews the Solo experience will not be coming at first too. So as a solo player I would not worry that much. It is just at first its going to be mainly co op. They said it around the 1 hour to 1 hour and 5 minute mark if you want to watch their devstream VOD to hear for yourself. Its when they talk about intrinsics.
  10. I starting to get this with one of my friends that 2 days ago I was able to play with.
  11. Speaking of CFE since that last Post CFE just contacted me to "explain" their side which is in line with the toxic behavior stuff they done in the past. I was told this might happen if I even causally mention that clan and seems that person was right about them. Most clans that are innocent would not jump to explain their side to a random person after all. Im going to stop it here tho since it looks like they are watching the forums. Might get another message though. O wells Live let live. Im over it.
  12. kinda yea. Other than clan research and now drydock which can be done in a ghost solo clan. There is no real point beside social interaction with other ppl to be in a clan or alliance. DE I think doesnt want to lock ppl into having to be in squad sizes more than 4 for content and even then most missions can be done fairly easy solo.
  13. were the players in a clan called CFE cuz that sounds like something they would do back in the day when conclave was bigger.
  14. its mountain clan that is 150 mass fieldron and injectors. but there is 300 player slots if half your clan donates one you good. Stop leaving inviting leechers and you good or just downsize and keep actives.
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