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  1. I mean they go in a order in a sense and once and a while skip frames. If DE only did popular frames first only then a lot of frames would never ever get primed for years cuz they would push really popular new frames forward. Like say Nidus or stuff like him over things like atlas and Titania like its a catch-22 situation.
  2. wonder if atlas will get a few more buffs once his prime nears.
  3. I think just checking back in your friends list every once and a while to see when they last log in is fine atm. Unless you have a crazy long friends list you should be able to remember the more memorable friends on your list.
  4. isnt that in this current Baro trader inventory right now tho?
  5. what do you mean by boss raid reward time are you talking about when a eidolon gets captured they d/c the squad so they dont get the arcane drop?
  6. all these threads should be support desk tickets on why they disagree with DE on a decision. I reported them too for spamming.
  7. Seems like common sense died a fiery death for the translator that got the boot.
  8. eh for me players got the 30-60 second extraction timer to reach the door then I leave squad so I can extract I wont wait for ppl that want to leg it to the extraction cause they too lazy to unlock AW launcher that is free to use now. Im almost always on the highest level bounty too if you got to that level you should have AW launcher if you dont then you for some reason decided to not unlock it after all that time doing bounties.
  9. I Agree I vote its right when they see the craft timers and realize how they have to raise their MR.
  10. eh that is what happens when you can choose the stats of something people gonna do the stats that are meta and do the most damage. The problem with the weapons DE design is sometimes they make them have bad stats and we cannot change that ourselves so those weapons get put in the closet after ppl try them out.
  11. just curious how often does PC get hotfixes? I never really play long on pc warframe so I usually never there for redtexts. Xbox/consoles I think only get hotfixes for the really crazy bugs/things.
  12. the thing about a sustainable PVP in a game is it will keep itself alive the fact it does not shows you how unbalance and not fun for most the mode is. Raising awareness on a mode most ppl hate will just get new players to add to ppl hating it then bring more ppl to raise it back from the dead.
  13. I see buying plat with real money as supporting the game in my eyes. If no1 ever spent money there would not be a market. Also I find it easier to take 1-3 hours of my work pay a week to spend it on plat vs sitting in trade chat dealing with ppl. It is a much better use of my time. Also I dont always spend money its usually only when prime accessories I like come out I decide to spend real money then.
  14. just skip the challenge and do it in another week with catch-up when you have the statues. I know its hard to wait a bit to finish a single challenge but its not the end of the world.
  15. dont think we were playing the same game if you think alerts keep ppl playing. There were threads of content drought even with alerts here. now its both ppl that for some odd reason likes alerts which were really just a excuse to do normal missions everyday for practically no reason and ppl complaining about content drought. Now its do nightwaves missions weekly for practically no reason beyond the first 30 ranks.
  16. god players have butchered the term pay to win nowadays. Used to be people knew p2w was only used to describes item only bought with real money for thousands of dollars. this is pay to progress or pay for convenience not pay to win. Pay to win is when you can get something with only real money that gives you some thing like a stat advantage like let say for example "200 dollars for 200% permanent power strength increase". also this isnt a pvp focus game too so who cares if you can buy all your aura forma instead of farm it. some people do not have time to sit there for hours in arb praying to rng jesus.
  17. imo any content creators focus solely on playing one game is asking to get burned out unless it is pvp. At least with some pvp in some video games the competitiveness can keep you entertain beyond what a Pve story can do. The ones quiting imo they making a decision on "Do I want this to be my life?". What they really should do as a hobby is be a variety streamer with maybe one or two games they go back to.
  18. I think ppl underestimate how his skin being recast-able makes it one of the best skills to stay alive while stunning targets.
  19. I mean he has one of the best defensive ability he just has to recast it and never forget to and he will avoid dying. I guess maybe his other skills fall short on long endurance? he works pretty well up to level 120 so I guess if you go for a long mission beyond those levels it would be "bad" to those players? Kinda find Reave lackluster myself though. semi decent healing is about it for that skill.
  20. Like me and my friends always make a bunch of racist jokes about our own ethnicity but you do not see me going around publicly saying them then right after "Its just a joke so its fine!". If it is a joke you know will more than likely get you banned do not risk it. I am really careful with how I type in online rpg games for this reason. Why risk my account I have spent time and money on for a 2 second joke? or to rage at someone? Play smart not dumb is a rule of thumb to live by.
  21. I hope the new war sentient maps introduces some difficulty to the game I understand the rest of the game being really easy but at least some parts of the game should be hard like remnant from the ashes a game that is hard but not too hard if you can pay attention and dodge or move out of the way at right moments. games dont have to be sekiro dunno why DE is so afraid to add in some measure of hard content. Also I don't see long endurance as hard that is just stand until a bullet or single attack one shots you that is not difficulty that is just people that like pain. Mostly cause the game is not design around at least giving you some time to dodge a single bullet that is hit scan from the enemies.
  22. I dunno how to respond to the OP in this thread. He sounds like he had 3k ping lagged a lot which in turn made him die a lot and somehow its the games fault for that so he rages enough to come here to say he so angry he might quit the game is what Im reading?
  23. just skip this challenge and always make sure to do the nightwave challenges you can do and you will be fine. All this does is make it so you cant do catchup mechanic but if you have been knocking out all the easy nightwave acts. You will still be able to get the 30 ranks of nightwave done.
  24. Pablo actually answered this during one of his unofficial causal gaming streams and said that DE would have to drop a lot of stuff into the back burner to completely overhaul the dojo system for construction atm so its not something they could do in a reasonable timeframe.
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