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  1. Let's short that time to 0,5 - 1 sec 😂 Could reproduce what you said, but only when aiming forward. When looking up or down that trick didnt help or I was too slow for that small time window. Also here for DE a fresh video from today with various angles, while aiming and not on Orb Vallis. https://youtu.be/LUD7-msN8_M
  2. Nice event and the fact that the beach ball one brought being interactiveable (also funny that the kavat plays with them) are nice, BUT why can we interact with the beach balls in the event map and not in the photora scene map? No tackle, roll or flying kick will work there against them, only weapons. No volleyball fun without grineers shooting at us possible 😭
  3. Ah sh#t, here we go again. Time for some more 300+ Formas! For those with drone problems, novas wormhole or loki (dont know if loki still works) can get the job done.
  4. He still runs in circles after landing or destroying one of his limbs.
  5. In nearly all my solo runs against the Ropalolyst he would at some point start to run in circles at high speed and ignore me. I couldnt reproduce it and it happen when I had to shoot a limb or his whole body for the finishing move. He just ran on the middle platform or midair near the platform (not even flying). Pic of him ignoring me while staying at the "lamp". Link
  6. Thanks but I'll miss my christmas / festive decoration too. I went so far to put something in the hands of the snowman and now the beer floats alone :c
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