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  1. They have released big updates on a Friday before.. They just dont like to..
  2. Hope your right, altho that's not how i'm interpreting it what's he said
  3. Cohh kinda confirmed'ish no update today https://clips.twitch.tv/AbstemiousBumblingHerringSaltBae https://clips.twitch.tv/SarcasticHappyKathyKappaClaus
  4. Time invested contra reward gained, is to small for me atm. They only thing I can do is farm for "useless" focus skills, farm kuva for upgrading some Rivens. All thies things take time, and the reward for doing it are minimal.
  5. My cent of the 2 most reason, with 2 solutions 1. When people are farming something, and founds out they have to wait 3 days for to use that items they just spend alot of time dealing with RNG to get. 2. Slots, in a game that encourages to master all weapons but can't without using real money (Yes, new player don't always know how to make plat, without using real money.) Solution 1. Give new player, 3 beginner vouches, that can be used to complete 3 there first 3 frames they farm. Do the same with weapons. 2. Remove the plat price, for gaining new slots or give like the starting players more slots, by default. Maybe move "slots" into the CRED rewards.
  6. If this is the case, why are they making them less fun?
  7. EDIT. And it has been stated several times that melee riven won't be adjusted till melee 3.0 comes out. - REMOVED Thanks
  8. First, I suck at English.. And can't be bother with spell checking.. Rough day :) So heres my take.. Most weapons, if not all of them are uses because of there base stats or how the mechanics work in the game, and not there riven potential.. example, they buff Tonkor Rivens Dis. which has no affect what so ever if people are going to roll with it or (It has other mechanics problem). And few people have rivens for the weapons affected by the buff/nerf, so again, only hurting thous that does. I would think that the majority of people only have Riven for the weapons with the best stats and/or mechanics, so it's the majority of players this affect, in a negative way. I think the reason behind thies nerfs/buff to riven disp. is to make more weapons viable, and balance the powers of weapons. Tho I never see this happening with only a Riven Dis. changes. So what DE is doing it basically only nerfing.. And no player enjoys that, especially not if they invested a lot of time (kuva, farming etc.) to get the max out of the riven as possible. At least that how I feel. - Could be i'm just to short sights on this "issue" Feel free so share your own though if any.
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