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  1. I dont't know what els I need, hence the post. For me personally, I think there needs to be more of an carrot for me to do the extra grind. To each his own!
  2. To complete most content in warframe, you dont need (lets be nice) 95% of the tools you are given. Therefore should there be something els beside of MR as a reward for collection all the tools? I still thing reward 4 time spend is one of warframes biggest issue atm, as most rewards are just more tools (warframe, arcanes, weapons ect.), that fix the same problems (content) that you can properly fix with better tools. Thoughts?
  3. Here are my 2 cents/wishes for our operators! First, it need to have a ultimate ability again like it had before. It give that feeling that the operator is something powerfull. The schools needs rework, like alot of rework. Some nodes are even bad to have in the current meta. Which is just hilarious bad game design The animation and stance is still pretty bad. The amp feels pretty boring, as they are just a flat damage. It need mods support. To make the operators feel more integrated to the warframe playstyle, they need to have melee weapons of some sort. Phase blade o
  4. I like all your ideas! Would add accouple! Make operators synergies with your warframe abilities, and visa versa. Rework the operator skill tree from scratch, seriously 50% (Or even more) is total useless and doesn't add anything interesting or special to the game. Modular necramechs! Lets us create our own necramechs! Add the spawning rate from the current event/steel path to the regular game mode. It's SO much more fun, when there are more enemies to kill.. I'm not asking for endgame, but the "time spend = Reward" is way of imo. (The last event was decent tho, keep
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