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  1. When Plains of Eidolons animal codex entries will be fixed. What happend with the Vapos Condor (Elite) Dropship spawns. Fixes would be appreciates. Also will we see all quests being repayable at some point? Will more old enemies return to be scannable for newer players like Nightwatch enemies a while ago?
  2. Thanks for Nightwave intermission, but please have a look at the following things: - Make all quest replayable (would be nice to replay all of them and not just a handful that is currently allowed to be replayed) - Fix the codex entries for Plains of Eidolons enemies, it's annoying that we scan then but they still not appear in the codex. A quick fix would be nice. - Fix the spawn of Vapos Condor Dropship, they do not spawn when enemies trigger the alert, as is specified in the codex that the Dropship then come flying in for support of the Corpus enemies. Before it did work, currently not, please fix. Why are they removed from the Defense during IO as well after the reimagined map. - Will we ever see old enemies again e.g. Artificer, Datalyst etc.? - When raids were removed it was mentioned they would be added again sometime in the future. Any estimation on when, raids was fun many love to get them back.
  3. Hey Ryan Yeah I've ran into the same issue but I got a possible explanation. When you look into the codex Vapos Elite Ranger Eximus is the only "Ranger" type of Vapos enemy appearing in the codex. However when you look at the names of the enemies that appear as Rangers, you have a variation of 5: Vapos Elite Ranger (Eximus) Vapos Detron Ranger (Eximus) Vapos Sniper Ranger (Eximus) Vapos Tech Ranger (Eximus) Vapos Nullifier Ranger (Eximus) I've also a few times gotten scans on a Ranger Eximus enemy, but it didn't count progression to the Vapos Elite Ranger Eximus, so my guess is that it was one of the 4 other variants of Ranger enemies that spawn but which do not appear in the codex (as of yet). So keep it up cause you'll finish them likely you was unlucky with the type of enemy I finished them recently so I can confirm it's not completely bugged.
  4. Normal stalker can be scanned run with noobs. Or give a newbie ducats to buy Stalker beacons. special Hives can be scanned by rerunning the Quest, on that note all quests should be made available for replay now it is just some and some nor annoying indeed
  5. Oke, thanks hopefully someone someday finds them 🙂 and its annoying as hell last week cant even get those normal dropships to spawn anymore.
  6. Thx mate, managed to get 2 Jackal Eximus in 1 fracture finishing it up, was even the first fracture of the day!! You happen to know something regarding the Vapos Elite Condor Dropship though?
  7. Where did you spawn them? How did you spawn them? How long did it took you to finish? This unit alongside the Vapos Elite Condor Dropship are my missing entries to complete the codex, maybe you have some advice for that codex entry as well? Thanks in advance.
  8. I would love to know on which mission those Vapos Elite Condor Dropship spawn as well, I can't seem to find them anywhere on the Jupiter mission nodes. Long defense / interception runs won't work either since after the gas city rework dropship no longer appear to spawn during the defence / interception mission those respective maps!!! Maybe someone already found it once somewhere and could potentially share on which mission or how. Last week even I've not even encountered any regular Vapos Condor Dropship since the absurd slow mechanic in which the Vapos enemies trigger the alarm... And then when they do running to open areas no dropship to be found... So any help is appreciated.
  9. Condroc and Mergoo versions you scanned do not show up in the codex, could you please fix
  10. Yup, as always, sucks so bad. Missing out on all those free Twitch drop rewards.
  11. What does waiting 15 hours matter, on everything you do you have to wait, weapons, warframes, you name it. Beside the event is for 2 weeks so just 15 hours don't hurt do they
  12. Where will be the problem then? The event isn’t for like 2 weeks
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