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  1. Seeing so many problems of hosting. My PC is a beast but the internet connections in my nation are not the best specially in rainy season. I have faced lag in game from some hosts but no idea if it is due to net speed or potato pc. So can any technical guy comment what causes the lag for others Also DE make a feature where the person with the best specs automatically becomes the host. No more complains from anyone. I know people who are gonna get hit by the dx 10 stuff. But all have win 7 64 bit or higher and 8 gb ram
  2. Instead of debt bonds why not more toroids. When is multistage reward coming
  3. what was the exploit everybody is talking about?
  4. Man who are the people who figure out the cool exploits and try them like the trinity self damage one. When i got to know about it it was time it got fixed. Is it sort of that or something like hacking servers which are a really bad thing
  5. What he meant was in a previous update devs have said warframe is going to drop support for 32 bit systems in total as well as old operating systems like xp and vista which will come in 2019 as they have to make less compatibility changes and concentrate on improving 64 bit going forward
  6. k drive grind is still not fixed.... its so slow to grind nothing changed. It was good before 24.1.3
  7. My k-drive faction standing gain rate has been more than halved following this update. Plz fix this
  8. please make brakk parts tradable or atleast buyable with plat
  9. Please make the grustag three drops tradeable
  10. 1. Chroma Buff 2. Deluxe accessories pack for those who already got the skin
  11. first time hate an update......ruined my violence run........... already angry with 4.04% maiming strike drop chance
  12. new bug in, loki not appearing even after invisibility is over though the enemy can see loki
  13. 1.There is a serious content drought ingame as sacrifice just was a quest so when can we expect something new? 2. Khora bp be available as per others in market so system drop chance gets buffed 3. As khora lore is changed why getting ghoul lore fragments so grindy 4.In sacrifice mimics drop things but the conculyst doesn't drop anything why? 5. Addition of mimic to lua when?
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