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  1. Got the same bug. Warframe is buggy as hell. Warframe 76
  2. Cannot use console to retreat from a mission in railjack. There is no option to interact. Happened to me for both squad and solo play. I have been in many squads and the host can do those. Even when i am the host i cant interact with console
  3. With this update now i am glitching between archwing and warframe all the time and also lagging to pass between doors inside railjack. Most of the time i am flying in archwing with my normal primary vectis. Or even better running in space with rhino skin Double clicking the omni now fixes warframe in a wide screen mode where my rhino speed was buffes to gauss level and i could not use it to go back to ship
  4. Please allow squadshare of resources inside galleons Remove the refine mechanic These are causing much hostility between players specially in public play (as no solo mode present) These feautures are not at all part of the railjack but just undue complications with no depth
  5. Please remove refine functionality. It is undue confusing. Please allow squad share of resources inside galleon ships. It is causing frustration as some players are rushing it leaving others in fray
  6. The loot from the captains is not being shared with the squad so it is causing a lot of hostility between the players about who get to does it. Many dont know as it is not mentioned anywhere
  7. Infinite loading screen when returning to dock Disable Missile platform quest is bugging out
  8. Please remap bling and increase archwing vaccuum radius and mission failure bug even after skirmish is completed
  9. Getting stuck inside crew ship. Can neither leave nor reach the reactor. Plz fix this
  10. The orbiter revamp did not include the other rooms and specially the puss popping room. Also whips are too weak now with huge nerfs to blood rush and maiming strike making them unusable with high lvl enemies. Blink speed is just terrible and needs better key binding like using 5 in any archwing will do blink instead of the complicated keybinding. Make and option to kill a converted lich for some relics or kuva or the arbitration mods or maybe 4 riders and such
  11. The nerf to essential mods like maiming strike and blood rush has essentially made whips ineffective for any high level content and melee as a whole feels a lot smoother but weaker statwise unable to be effective in high level missions specially against armour
  12. Please fix the whips.... Now they are very hard to use effectively in any high level mission with grineer units. Plz also fix armour scaling. Bloodrush and specially maiming strike has been nerfed to the ground. They should get a better stat instead
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