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  1. This bothers me on a fundamental level that it's so arbitrary but you still decided to make aiming even less rewarding in a patch where you want to encourage us to be aiming/using guns.
  2. Level 100 non-sp =/= Level 100 SP. SP enemies are much more heavily armored (250%). Not every frame is going to excel in SP, something you just kinda gotta get used to..
  3. If Gunnery 10 was simply +5% CC / +10% CD literally no one would complain because there's no downside. I understand that even that is a buff, but it's better than feeling like you're spending earned experience to be worse. Also I have nothing against people that want to lock onto ships... it could simply be an option.. some people aren't going to want target locking!! (it ended up being just 'ok' after I got it prepatch, but I would personally rather not have locking anyways). Until this is changed I will probably not invest in the final perk for Gunnery. Even the lock alone would have me get it, begrudgingly, for the mastery, but adding the bonus heat makes no sense.. if you want people to stop holding the button making the entire bar have 5% less overall heat bar would have people stop every so often to allow weapons to cool... at least you guys showed that it will cause the extra heat accumulation instead of hiding it as a hidden self-nerf. But seriously what is this...
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