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  1. 49 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Fixed Headshots dealing double damage if it bleeds over from Shields to Health.

    This bothers me on a fundamental level that it's so arbitrary but you still decided to make aiming even less rewarding in a patch where you want to encourage us to be aiming/using guns.

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  2. If Gunnery 10 was simply +5% CC / +10% CD literally no one would complain because there's no downside. I understand that even that is a buff, but it's better than feeling like you're spending earned experience to be worse. Also I have nothing against people that want to lock onto ships... it could simply be an option.. some people aren't going to want target locking!! (it ended up being just 'ok' after I got it prepatch, but I would personally rather not have locking anyways). Until this is changed I will probably not invest in the final perk for Gunnery. Even the lock alone would have me get it, begrudgingly, for the mastery, but adding the bonus heat makes no sense.. if you want people to stop holding the button making the entire bar have 5% less overall heat bar would have people stop every so often to allow weapons to cool... at least you guys showed that it will cause the extra heat accumulation instead of hiding it as a hidden self-nerf.

    But seriously what is this...

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  3. On 2020-12-19 at 5:34 AM, Leqesai said:

    Punchthrough is somehow related to the weapon's killing potential? 

    If you shoot and (...if punchthrough worked...) it hits 4 enemies, this is an obviously more effective use of 1 shot than it bouncing back, hitting 1. It is absolutely related to a weapons killing potential in maps/strategies that have clustered enemies. Adding punchthrough to Panthera currently only works in about 1/20 shots (I would consider this a bug).

    1 < 4

    Apologies (for my sarcasm) if you weren't aware that punchthrough on Panthera is literally broken and does not work currently.

    Edit: There was also a short time you could hit an enemy, have the blade bounce off a back wall and come back and hit the same enemy. It just felt good to see it happen.. and then suddenly it stopped working.

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  4. I had just been speedrunning this tile for fun with my friend before some of the recent patches and going back to it I noticed the prelate seems to take twice as long as normal.

    I think the tile itself is actually giving mirage her darkness buff over her light buff in more areas, which makes sense, but it's weird that it's suddenly behaving that way and might be something to look into. I guess this is intended, but it's lame that it was giving the brightness buff more often not many patches ago.

    It's really not that large of a problem, just something I happened to notice.

  5. Panthera with punchthrough mods doesn't quite work like other rifles for some reason. Only about 1/10 or 1/20 blades or so actually punch through (if at all). It was working flawlessly for a week (blades punched through everything AND even bounced off walls after punch!!) before catchmoon was "retouched" the first time, and it was amazing. Not sure what broke it, but every so often I'll try to get my loadout to test this out to see if it has been patched because when it works it is a lot of fun, and it's sad to see this thing just never get any use because you can't shoot through lines of enemies well without proper punch, which you need to mod it for.

  6. I noticed this on a bunch of missions and thought I was losing it and made up manual detonation in my head or that it was tied to a mod, but I actually figured it out;

    If you actually swap to your pistol, you lose the ability to manually detonate, but you can get it back by swapping to primary.

    Unsure if intended or bug.

    Edit: Oh, this is intended, apparently... and you have to hit alt fire instead of heavy attack. This makes it kinda awkward to play, but ok.

  7. 9 hours ago, Marcus.Argonius said:

    Acolytes do not spawn in archwing missions. 

    Many (if not all) Kuva Fortress nodes, half of Uranus and some Earth nodes are marked as AW missions even if you do not actually fly/swim in AW form. 

    I think it's an oversight and wasn't intended. 

    Came looking for a reason why none spawned in Ophelia, this is likely also responsible...

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  8.   Subsume should show numerical effect of frame mods (-+) on the hovered-over ability. Perhaps we can input loadout or frame + config? -> "Choose Config" "Use Current Config" "Reset" (reset sets baseline). Not having the numbers show hows mods are affecting them isn't that big of a deal, but just for QoL at-a-glance information this would be useful.

      The UI for collected resources can be a pain sometimes. Sorted by importance, what I am looking for when I press TAB isn't there for example on a poly/plastid collection run, nor by alphabetical.. I think a favorites system would be interesting where you can star (🌟) a resource and that shows at the top above all, in importance/alphabetical, just so we can have a few show at a glance. Sometimes for clan gathering this can be a useful tool, and having to scroll wheel repetitively if we just want a glance can get old. This probably isn't important to most people, but just provides a small satisfaction of 

    'Advanced' simulacrum settings:
      A 'steel path' mode toggle for simulacrum. or perhaps worded better "Spawn as Steel Path Counterpart". Whether or not the enemy actually appears in steel path is kind of irrelevant, this is mostly for people who just want to fight certain enemies in steel path without having to run around looking for them, or fight under certain scenarios for fun.

      A toggle for automatically spawning a new wave of enemies in the simulacrum. This is also just for fun, but avoids us having to go back to the panel to spawn more enemies. This could have multiple settings.. nice ones would be: Always Spawn (when an enemy dies, a new one from the list of chosen enemies spawns anew) Wave Spawn (Spawns an entirely new wave once the wave is destroyed. When a single enemy is left in wave mode, a red marker should appear on the final enemy indicating that killing it would spawn a new wave (as a precaution that you could also get to the panel if you wanted in this period).

    Perhaps on death have a list of options, if in advanced mode?:
    "Respawn at panel and kill all enemies" (Stops automated spawning until 'go'is pressed again)
    "Respawn at panel"
    "Respawn" (default - sometimes death is an important lesson :clem: ofc.)

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  9. Not sure if this has to do with how my configs are named or something, but I had a frame with names: A, B, C, Custom(D), Custom(E), Custom(F). I was working on F and realized I could aura forma. Luckily I screenshotted my builds before proceeding (due to knowing sometimes it drops a single mod for those that will lose the small capacity from the reset), but after using aura forma it also completely removed all mods from config D and E (oddly it kept F, perhaps because it was the config on which I used the aura forma). Had I not screenshotted, those configs would've been completely nuked.

    Should be easy to test, just stick mods on configs up to F and then aura forma the F config.

  10. 3 minutes ago, DeMonkey said:

    Thank you for typing what I couldn't be bothered to type.

    Yeah we do. Pablo is on record saying Wukong was too fast.

    Ok, so..


    This build has become complete garbage

    Good day, I guess.

  11. My reason is more simply:


     there were people that liked this playstyle 

    What was actually wrong with it? Who was it hurting? What does it matter than I'm doing this with Titania, Nova, or Wukong? Not to mention, we actually have no idea if DE thought it was even too powerful or if it was just accidentally fixed because afaik there's no statement on it.

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