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  1. intermission is next week. I would imagine the next actual season will be next month, but that's just my speculation. As for the OP, DE said the boss will be coming back in some way, just because it's gone for now doesn't mean it will stay gone.
  2. if you want dev help you should be asking on a support ticket, not here.
  3. Just because they said it's "easier" doesn't mean "easy", nor does it mean it'll be any time soon. Given their track record I'd say you'll probably be waiting a long time.
  4. When did you change it? If you haven't relogged since changing it you could try that, but if you already have I don't know what to say.
  5. Then your game is broken. Only advice I have is to maybe try contacting support.
  6. Have you ever compared the speed of two Warframes by actually using them? However small the numerical difference in the stats might be even just a difference of 0.5 is extremely noticeable in practice let alone 0.15. If he's just "worse Rhino" then the only thing he could possibly be is a tank, Skythin assumed nothing, he responded to you exact statement.
  7. Like @0_The_F00l said, any build without elemental damage is a bad idea. As far as a maiming Strike build goes, I'd go with something more like this swapping out the elements for whatever is most suited to the situation. While I personally agree with you, I was under the impression that pointlessly high CC was the entire point of a Maiming Strike build, which is what the OP specifically mentions. Am I wrong?
  8. You're throwing the word "need" around awfully easily. I could easily solo any of these mission types even up to a sortie or arbitration level with almost any 'Frame, and I imagine many players besides me could as well. The only way I could see "needing" certain 'Frames or 2+ players is if you are going for pointlessly long endurance runs in defense or excavation, and that possibility can be ignored in this case, given the way the OP's suggestion works.
  9. I'm pretty sure the Paracisis was supposed to be one, but I'm guessing they didn't have the grip-type ready to implement when it released, so it ended up a heavy sword instead. I can't see them just changing it's grip-type now, but I wish they'd at least make it able to take heavy blade or 2-handed Nikana stances like the dark split sword does with heavy blade and dual sword. As for the other half of War, personally I think it would make a rather awkward-looking weapon, with one of it'd blades missing, the other one would look like it just flares out for no reason and would look rather impractical even by Warframe standards.
  10. I think something like this will work well with Railjack/Empyrean when we get it, given the ability to invade enemy ships.
  11. Pretty sure that's exactly what the OP is complaining about. Personally I think Nekros looks fine as he is, but I could see some metallic details looking good on Ember and Loki.
  12. The three the OP mentioned, among a few others, haven't actually been PBR'd yet, so they'll look dull regardless of settings.
  13. Unfortunately, Plague Keewar can't build a polearm, but it can make a staff, which is functionally the same thing besides having different animation and combos. Also unfortunately, The Plague Kripath (which can make a polearm) would be better for a crit build (if only slightly) due to a slightly higher crit chance. If you really want a crit build on a Keewar, there are two paths you can take: The first, is PLAGUE KEEWAR + SHTUNG + VARGEET II RUHANG. since you mention using maiming strike, I based this one around the possibility that you will only use slide attacks. Basically, it's build for maximum crit chance (32%) and base damage (142), but is horrifically slow at 0.683 attacks per second (for reference, the slowest pre-build staff has an attack speed of 1) which would make it rather awkward to use for anything besides slide attacks. Personally I'd recommend against this one (or any with an attack speed lower than 0.9), but I thought I'd include it anyway. The second would be PLAGUE KEEWAR + SEEKALLA + VARGEET II RUHANG. It has a better balance of attack speed (0.9) and damage (105) and maintains the same crit chance, and it probably what I'd build, but I also don't care enough about maximizing my damage to ascribe to the Maiming strike spin attack meta, so what I like might not suit someone who does. If you have the resources I'd very much recommend building several test zaws with other strikes to see what the lowest attack speed you're comfortable with before deciding on a final combination. This website is also helpful.
  14. Basically during the first phase the heads emerge randomly from the floor, and even when emerged, can only be attacked while they are attacking. I've had several minutes go by before without a head emerging, and even when they do emerge they will often retract without attacking.
  15. Ember is probably never really going to be functional as a damage frame past lever 40ish simply because the Heat damage type isn't very good, and the damage types itself would have to be reworked in order for any 'Frame that uses it to deal good damage consistency. That being said, I do like your idea for a reworked Ember although I do have two suggestions. First, for fireball, make the charge still throw a strengthened fireball, with the "fireblast" expanding from wherever it lands if it hits a floor. This would allow for the ability to keep both the "strengthened fireball" function of the original, while also allowing the normal "fireblast" function as you have it described, while also adding an interesting utility of being able to place the Fireblast ring at a distance. Second, for World On Fire: 2 meters is too small, there's practically no situation in which you are likely to have 5 enemies within 2 meters of you, I'd suggest increasing it to 5 at least. This is the first proposed rework I've seen that I feel has any chance of overcoming the issues with heat damage I mentioned before, although I'm still hesitant to believe even this could manage it. That's pretty much what the OP did.
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