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  1. You make a fair point, but Ivara not being the best 'Frame out there doesn't change the fact that the proposed changes would completely ruin her mechanically, and in that one, admittedly very narrow, case, she is to a degree the same as Wisp. Honestly, I really only latched on to those two because they're the ones I enjoy playing. While I think the changes would be just as damaging to Grendel and Titania, I don't really care for either one, and don't much care if they're ruined, but seeing this guy trying to take away what makes two of my (despite their wildly different levels of practicalit
  2. Ah, I see, so you've been reduced to juvenile insults. Guess that really shouldn't shock me. I was among the people vehemently calling for reworks to movement back in the day, and I'd honestly live to see more changes happen now, so your entire interpretation of me as someone who "hates change" is meaningless. What I do hate, with a burning passion, is when people take perfectly good "Frames, like say Wisp or Ivara, Claim that mechanics that work extremely well are somehow some king of objectively bad design, and try to completely ruin their mechanics with some dumb-as-rocks BS change t
  3. By all means, show me all the wisp players you play with who, based off of you're description are playing her pretty poorly. Just because they don't know what they're doing doesn't change how completely wrong you are. That's... such a unbelievably S#&$ty way for that to work that it's not even worth more of a response. I certainly know nothing of the sort. neither I, nor any of the several people I showed you're thread to and asked the opinions of, have ever had any issue with the way things worked now, and we generally agreed that the ideas you proposed woul
  4. Okay but how about this alternative: no. Out of the abilities you mentioned the only one that might even slightly work for is Wisp's, and even that one would only be made worse by this change.
  5. Apparently this week, as of 5 minutes ago.
  6. If I understand what you mean, and you're asking for it to be added, they had it for a time but ultimately ended up removing it. Personally I liked it quite a lot, but I don't see it being likely to come back.
  7. Here are builds for Nezha and the Dex Sybaris based (mostly) on the mods I could see you have. I tested them and made it through a Exterminate on Pluto pretty easily with just these (no other weapons), although I did have to run from the Ambulas moas that spawned. First Nezha: To tell the truth, Nezha isn't really a 'Frame to use shields on, I only included redirection because I assume you don't have rage, which removes the one major benefit of having less shields, Nezha is more of a Health tank with strong CC. Two major things to keep in mind when playing him: his 3 is a flat re
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