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  1. Absolutely, I was honestly pretty disappointed by the ephemera until I saw this bug happen. Hopefully it'll be changed so that the "bugged" version is what it normally looks like, because when the bug doesn't happen it might as well not even be there. EDIT: I'm actually not sure it's a bug, they seem to multiply and bet bigger when you stand still, but then get smaller when you move, so it might be intentional. Either way, what I said still stands, when they're small, they're so hard to see they might as well not even be present, so big should be their permanent state, except maybe for
  2. This goes in the Xbox One trading post, not weapon feedback.
  3. As someone already said, this doesn't belong in general discussion. it should be in weapon feedback and will probably be moved there pretty soon. I've organized these into roughly the same categories you had them in. First off, totally agree that there should be more stances for and more weapons in certain weapon types. "weapon animation improvements and more" I generally feel that the finisher animations are fine as they are. the only one I really agree with you on is Scythes, I'd absolutely love the finisher you described if it is how I imagine it (I realize in the vi
  4. Certain abilities inherit the effects of whatever mods you have on you're melee weapon, a stat stick is a weapon with a build specifically designed for being inherited by an ability rather than for being used as a weapon.
  5. From little duck in the back room of fortuna, but If you don't already know that it's probably more work than it's worth for you to get it and you'd be better off with the Lohrin.
  6. I was lucky enough to be in a squad with a guy that killed the stalker early in my time playing and got a Hate blueprint. This being the long-ago "just a few months out of closed-beta" days, hate was (unless I'm misremembering) the highest damage melee weapon in the game. regardless of whether or not I'm remembering that right, it was definitely a significant upgrade from the Cronus I had been using up until then, and I got a lot of use out of it until it was eventually replaced by the Duel Ether, which at the time ignored armor. In terms of primaries, the Snipetron Vandal served me wel
  7. Shraksun scaffold and either Lohrin or Certus brace. Prism doesn't matter because you'll be using the secondary fire for eidolons.
  8. I don't know if this is still the case, but for a long time the go-to eidolon solo 'Frame was Oberon with Smite infusion, which gives you a damage buff (smite infusion), status purging/immunity (hallowed ground), and healing (renewal). As for other equipment, you also need a good amp and the strongest sniper you have, ideally the Rubico Prime. A Sarpa with shattering impact can make things a little easier, but isn't essential.
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