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  1. That's not what the OP said. What the OP said was switching back to auto on reload, which is not a bug, but the intended function of the Zenith.
  2. That is intentional, not a bug. The semi-auto fire is only active as long as the radar disk is deployed, and said disk resets whenever the gun is reloaded.
  3. While I do agree that that's what it looked like, it also played the Javelin sound.
  4. Oh? Please, enlighten me. EDIT: realized right after I hit submit this probably comes across as really passive aggressive, I don't mean it that way, I'm genuinely interested to see where I went wrong.
  5. None of them are particularly amazing weapons, but if you're set on one of them, between the Venka Prime and Dual Keres I'd probably go with the Venka Prime. It has a slightly higher base damage and status chance although that's offset by having a slightly lower crit chance/damage and being slightly slower. technically the Keres are better, but in practice you probably won't see much of a difference in damage output. Unlike the others, which you should build for crit, build Mios for status or hybrid, and it will be slightly better than either one, theoretically. Simple version: None of the weapons you mentioned are top-tier, use what you find fun. You shouldn't be losing out on too much damage by switching from Dual Keres to Venka Prime, but don't necessarily trust my math (or any for that matter, function in practice tends to defy theoretical expectations). EDIT: If you saw the old version of my post sorry for the conflicting info, I read the numbers wrong.
  6. More fun, looks better, sounds better, novelty, the list goes on. I have an unpotatoed Nikana Zaw that I build for no purpose other than a joke that I pretty regularly use simply because of said joke. I have meta weapons that I''ll pull out if I'm short on time or (heaven forbid) running PUGs or recruiting channel, but they don't see anywhere near as much use as my fun garbage-tier joke builds. Also keep in mind that some niche things are still useful, Ivara is a very niche 'Frame, but since her niche is trivializing several mission types and conservation she sees a lot of use.
  7. Not likely, and while I can't say for sure, I'd say you're probably in the minority for wanting this. I, for one, as an avid player of both games much prefer to see their stories remain separate, although I wouldn't mind seeing some cosmetics in each game referencing one another as warframe and a few other F2P games have done.
  8. It's also has to be built up, and is eaten away by using his ultimate, so it really can't be compared to a flat, permanent resistance.
  9. Inaros already has more than enough healing, Life Strike would just be a wasted slot.
  10. Pretty sure DE said back when they were adding passives that they would never add damage resistance/immunity passives.
  11. What this guy said. The one thing we currently have besides the name (a piece of concept art) certainly doesn't look infested, so you're probably out of luck. That being said I do very much like you're idea. EDIT: I just remembered they said Planes of Duviri would be a new faction.
  12. They separated emissive and energy color. What is considered emissive and what is considered energy isn't 100% consistent, but as a general rule the emissive colors affects the energy that is part of the Warframe or weapon's appearance such as the lights some 'Frames have on them and Ivara's "eye" and feather/skirt thing, while energy affects the colors of powers (or on weapons, projectile trail color, melee trail color, etc.). As I mentioned before it isn't 100% consistant, for example the crossed arms on the chest of Nidus' deluxe skin are effected by "energy" color instead of "emissive" as would be expected, and the same is true of Wukong's head ribbons. Things like that (parts of a 'frame made entirely of "energy" as opposed to simply overlayed with energy) seem to be the most common exceptions.
  13. There's no reason why it wouldn't already be in the rotation. Where fissures appear is decided by RNG so there's nothing being done to specifically stop them from appearing there, it just hasn't happened by chance.
  14. You really shouldn't be throwing around words like "unfun" when you speak only for yourself. I quite enjoy all three of the new rooms, and find them to be extremely easy. I had literally run the mission five times (with Inaros, before you accuse me of cheesing them with a stealth 'Frame) before I set an alarm off, and when I finally did I was entirely to blame (jumped right in from of an obvious camera). The new vaults are far form "unfun", they're some of the best yet. You've just decided not to like them because you oh-so-special spy build didn't trivialize them. Well, have fun being the only person petty enough to boycott this one mission, because I don't see DE changing it over one rather weak complaint. EDIT: The heck does "cheater guys" even mean anyway? I've not seen any enemies in these rooms that are any different from the usual.
  15. Saying trap in chat gets you banned, been that way for a long time. Think twice before doing something you're dared to do, the person daring you doesn't usually have your best interests in mind.
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