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  1. The Zarr was my biggest hope, and with that already announced all I have are my less desired (though neumorus) second choices for kuva weapons:

    • First up is the Grinlock just because I like lever actions rifles.  I otherwise tried to avoid weapons with existing varients on my list, but I made an exception for this one.
    • Jat Kittag because I've always liked it and it's fallen behind other hammers.


    For "granum" weapons:

    • I'd really like to see the Battacor, because I like it's look.
    • Cycron, also because of it's look.
    • Flux rifle because it's a classic that has fallen behind
    • Lanka because it's a long-time favorite of mine and is one of the only Corpus weapon I like without a variation.
    • Lenz for the same reason as above.


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  2. 1 hour ago, TheLexiConArtist said:

    I come speaking in the context of Ivara.

    On the one hand, yes, this suggested change is absolutely terrible. I've stuck cloak to enemies and even walls at times. Trying to stick enemies just to get the sleep effect would be abysmal. Selecting and using reliable arrows is a thousand times better, and that's what we already have.

    But, on the other hand, I'd be remiss to not point out that Ivara and Wisp are incomparable when it comes to design quality. Ivara's scraping together functionality in spite of the bad design, and has desperately needed quality of life improvements for a long, long time. Pretty much everything in the kit, augments included, is low-balled or has a needless caveat to actual usage.. if not a multitude of needless caveats, looking at you, Prowl.
    By comparison, Wisp is incredibly broken and amazing at all things she's equipped to do. It says a lot when her still pretty damn good ultimate is considered the worst part of the kit.

    You make a fair point, but Ivara not being the best 'Frame out there doesn't change the fact that the proposed changes would completely ruin her mechanically, and in that one, admittedly very narrow, case, she is to a degree the same as Wisp.  Honestly, I really only latched on to those two because they're the ones I enjoy playing.  While I think the changes would be just as damaging to Grendel and Titania, I don't really care for either one, and don't much care if they're ruined, but seeing this guy trying to take away what makes two of my (despite their wildly different levels of practicality) favorites fun had me in a bit of a mood.

  3. 9 hours ago, BDMblue said:

    Ive played games for a long long time and you always no matter what the game has for mechanics people diehard defend it. I’m sure you diehard defended movement 1.0, old status, ext. At some point you just ignore the people who hate change and know they just come around after and defend the next version just as hard from change.

    Ah, I see, so you've been reduced to juvenile insults.  Guess that really shouldn't shock me.

    I was among the people vehemently calling for reworks to movement back in the day, and I'd honestly live to see more changes happen now, so your entire interpretation of me as someone who "hates change" is meaningless.  What I do hate, with a burning passion, is when people take perfectly good "Frames, like say Wisp or Ivara, Claim that mechanics that work extremely well are somehow some king of objectively bad design, and try to completely ruin their mechanics with some dumb-as-rocks BS change to powers that work infinitely better in their current state than is the completely worthless and meaningless way that one single person (read: you and NO ONE ELSE) wants them to work.

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  4. 2 hours ago, BDMblue said:

    Wisp is not better? K should I just flat out record my gameplay for the next 3 months and highlight every single wisp I see? Do you want to see all 3 buffs stacked on top of each other every single time I see one? Do I have to show you that?

    By all means, show me all the wisp players you play with who, based off of you're description are playing her pretty poorly.  Just because they don't know what they're doing doesn't change how completely wrong you are.

    2 hours ago, BDMblue said:

    Ivara is like easiest to see how it would work what do I even say. Hit enemies sleep, hit frame floor invis, hit wall tether, the other one forget it who cares hold to cast. Why is this so bad and not just easier to use?

    That's... such a unbelievably S#&$ty way for that to work that it's not even worth more of a response.

    2 hours ago, BDMblue said:

    Honestly come up with your own idea to fix it because you know as much as I do the current system does not work.

    I certainly know nothing of the sort.  neither I, nor any of the several people I showed you're thread to and asked the opinions of, have ever had any issue with the way things worked now, and we generally agreed that the ideas you proposed would only be to the detriment of the 'Frames in question.  I don't need to "come up with an idea to fix it" because there's nothing to fix, they're all fine as they are. 

    Maybe you should realize that these supposed "problems" aren't problems at all, and are just personal dislikes of yours  and not indicative of everyone who plays.

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  5. If I understand what you mean, and you're asking for it to be added, they had it for a time but ultimately ended up removing it.  Personally I liked it quite a lot, but I don't see it being likely to come back.

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  6. Here are builds for Nezha and the Dex Sybaris  based (mostly) on the mods I could see you have.  I tested them and made it through a Exterminate on Pluto pretty easily with just these (no other weapons), although I did have to run from the Ambulas moas that spawned.  First Nezha:


    To tell the truth, Nezha isn't really a 'Frame to use shields on, I only included redirection because I assume you don't have rage, which removes the one major benefit of having less shields, Nezha is more of a Health tank with strong CC.  Two major things to keep in mind when playing him: his 3 is a flat reduction to all damage you take, so you pretty much always want it up, and enemies hit by his 2 will drop health orbs when they die if killed quickly enough.

    and the Dex Sybaris build, again based on the mods I could see you have.


    I'd generally argue against faction damage mods like Bane of Corpus, but if it's all you have you might as well use it.  Elemental damage is always a better alternative, I saw Stormbringer in you mods, if you have Cryo Rounds it'll combine with stormbringer for magnetic damage which will break shields faster.

    Honestly, If these are the best mods you have, rather than trying to push through Pluto, it would really be to your benefit to go back and farm out some others, especially a non-damaged continuity, Multishot mods, and the various elemental damage mods.  Probably the most important though is Rage or Hunter Adrenaline, as they will provide energy on health-tanks like Nezha.  You can get Rage from containers in level 20+ void missions, which shouldn't be too hard.

    For Nezha I'd recommend a build more like this:


    Hunter Adrenaline can be replaced with Rage, and you can use lower-leveld versions of other mods if need be, it won't make much of a difference for now.  This is basically a lesser version of a build I use to run missions with levels going into the hundreds.

    Honestly, I'd recommend just ditching the Dex Sybaris and using something else as your main weapon.  The Dex Sybaris isn't bad, but it requires a lot of investment to get the most out of it.  From the Market, the Hek (a shotgun) has been a reliable fallback for me for years and melee weapons are probably just the strongest weapons right now.  You'll get access to even more excellent options if you join a clan.  If you insist on sticking with the Dex Sybaris, I have a no-forma build below that should work for now at least, but if you want it to lats as a weapon you're going to need to stick a lot of Forma on it. 


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  7. 57 minutes ago, NixtaFIN said:

    DE, for the love of lotus, DO NOT REMOVE if this is a bug. make it a feature

    Absolutely, I was honestly pretty disappointed by the ephemera until I saw this bug happen.  Hopefully it'll be changed so that the "bugged" version is what it normally looks like, because when the bug doesn't happen it might as well not even be there.

    EDIT: I'm actually not sure it's a bug, they seem to multiply and bet bigger when you stand still, but then get smaller when you move, so it might be intentional.  Either way, what I said still stands, when they're small, they're so hard to see they might as well not even be present, so big should be their permanent state, except maybe for when you're aiming.

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  8. As someone already said, this doesn't belong in general discussion.  it should be in weapon feedback and will probably be moved there pretty soon.

    I've organized these into roughly the same categories you had them in.

    First off, totally agree that there should be more stances for and more weapons in certain weapon types.

    "weapon animation improvements and more"



    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:


    ·       Note – The running animation when equipping should be put back the way it was.

    Personally, I quite like the current running animation for swords and would rather not see it changed unless it's for stance-specific idle and movement animations.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

    Duel Swords:

    ·       Note - The finisher animation is great however it doesn’t suit it with duel swords

    It suits dual swords just fine, the problem is with weapons like the dual kama.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

    Sword & Shields:

    ·       Blocking ability - Blocking should be able to block all incoming damage and the damage stored up should be released in any three attacks.

    ·       Unique blocking – Blocking while on the move should ragdoll enemies.

    Three things to respond to here, first, blocking with melee (any melee) already blocks 100% of damage (just tested as I typed this to be sure).  Second, the blocked damage being stored up seems better as a unique trait for a single weapon, rather than something universal to a class.  Third the ragdoll is way too much, a stun might be okay, but being able to mass ragdoll enemies that easily is too much.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:


    ·       Slide Attack - This should ragdol enemies flying across the room.

    The Obex does this, which I'd imagine is where you got the idea.  it makes sense for the Obex, I'm not sure it would for others.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:


    ·       Slide attack – Preforming this attack will hit multiple enemies and ragdoll them.

    Not only does this really not make sense for whips to do, with the kind of range they have it would be way overpowered.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

    Exalted Weapons:


    ·       Finishers – All Wukong`s animations for his staff should look different compared to other staffs.

    This I 100% agree with, it's a problem with Exalted Blade too, it may also be the case of Baruuk's desert wind, but since I don't have him I'm not sure.  Besides this though, the only actual problem with exalted weapons right now is that they simply aren't as good as normal melee weapons.  This is mostly thanks to their mod selection being limited, which somewhat made sense when they inherited mods from melee weapons, but now that they're modded separately really doesn't anymore, but a lot of them could also just use a general buff.


    I generally feel that the finisher animations are fine as they are.  the only one I really agree with you on is Scythes, I'd absolutely love the finisher you described if it is how I imagine it (I realize in the video is two scythes, but I feel like the basic idea is the same).

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

    Tbh I prefer the old combo system minus when you had to move the triggers to the back and the side, if it could come back without those two combos I would like it even more.

    Unfortunately, a very subjective topic, personally I much prefer the current state of the combo system, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would agree with either one of us.

    I'm going to be honest, I don't really understand a lot of you're stance feedback.  I can tell which ones you like, but when it comes to which ones need work you only say which combo is an issue, and not what the actual issue is, the only part I really understand is that you don't like Tranquil cleave and while I don't particularly like it either, that neutral combo is pure misery, I don't feel that that's enough reason to call for a change to it.  More than anything, I mostly want any stance that doesn't have a combo of all 4 types to get some added.  besides that, I honestly think most of them are fine as they are and very few of the changes you suggested would improve them.

    "QOL improvements to melee"



    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

    ·       One button press should represent one weapon swing. (currently there multiple hits in one button press)

    Absolutely not, many weapons rely on having several hits per button press and removing that would make several weapon-types less effective.  this would basically be a direct reduction to QOL

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

    ·       Have the ability to lock-on to a single enemy in a 10m radius when blocking and aiming at the enemy. This will help with every stance attack animation to target the enemy.

    This is all well and good as long as it can be disabled.  I can think of some situations where it would be helpful, but I fill like the times it would just slow thing down would outweigh that.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

    ·       Each button press should equal one swing.

    This is the same thing you said before, still no.


    As far as QOL goes, two things you didn't mention, which I feel are absolutely essential, are that 1: autoblocking when melee is in it's half-equipped state should either be removed, or at least made so that it doesn't cause you to glide, and 2: when melee is fully equipped it should be possible to use your primary fire button as your melee attack.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Urlan said:

    I don't understand, why would changing up the boss be a blip for anyone without it having new offerings? If it doesn't add to game play or progression what is the point of congratulation outside of seeing that new players that have experienced both, but not got their complete Rhino prefer the new versus the old?

    Because a new and interesting bossfight is new gameplay, even it's a fairly small addition to it.  New gameplay that I, at least, am very much looking forward to.

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  10. The upcoming rework isn't a rework of Venus, but of the Corpus ship tileset in general, with includes all the non-archwing mission on Phobos besides the two Dark Sectors.  As for the Sargent, his rework has been in the works for a while now, He was previously referred to as "Sergent Nef Anyo" and the current Nef Anyo is (eventually) meant to replace him as a boss.  Or at least, that was the idea at one point, pretty sure it's been around 4 years since any actual discussion of the rework, so who knows what'll happen at this point.

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  11. 52 minutes ago, STUVash said:

    Math wise Reaper prime is slightly better, it's because of the higher status taking into account the possibility for a new proc, but Hate is actually consistently better for slash damage.

    (cut the quote for the sake of convenience) You're post is actually much more interesting than what I have to say, but also lacks the reasons I planned to put forward.


    Both weapons rely on consistently hitting orange crits to fuel the damage of their slash procs but have slight differences:

    • Reaper prime has a higher potential damage thanks to it's slightly higher base crit chance which allows for the occasional red crit. 
    • Hate with the same build has a slightly higher general damage (thanks to a higher base) but lacks the potential for red crits and actually has a slight chance (5%) to downgrade to yellow due to only having 195% heavy CC as opposed to 200+ like Reaper.

    The result is that on the majority of hits, Hate will have the slight edge thanks to it's higher base damage, but on some % of hits (a % which I am in no way qualified to calculate as it would have to incorporate both the chance of Hate missing an orange crit and Reaper hitting a red) Reaper Prime will outperform Hate by a significant margin. 

    Despite my lack of qualification I roughly estimate the % of hits on which Reaper will outperform Hate to be around 30%, but again, I lack any significant knowledge of statistics and shouldn't necessarily be trusted.  Even if my estimation is right, it's then left up to the individual to whether the damage gained that 30% of the time is worth it or not.

    Either way, we come back around to my previous conclusion of "even if they aren't technically equal, they're close enough".

  12. Reaper prime can reach over 200% heavy CC with both sacrificial mods, so it has a slight edge.  But, with slash procs, either one should one-hit nearly anything you're likely to encounter in a normal mission.  Of course anything that has immunity or any level of resistance to slash procs won't die in one hit, but even they'll fall to a few repeated ones. 

    So, no, they're not quite equally matched, but they're close enough not to matter too much.

    EDIT: I actually looked into it a bit more and there is a bit more depth to it if you're interested.  It doesn't really change my conclusions, but it does create a small bit of objectivity as to which one is "better".  Either way, they're still on nearly equal footing.

  13. 1 hour ago, Scruffel said:

    They aren't selected through vote by players, they are added into the game by DE when they find it acceptable through their TennoGen guidelines and standards.

    You're not necessarily wrong however the way the items reach DE's review process is by receiving votes on the workshop from players, making those votes the greater deciding factor in what gets added.  So even if it isn't technically true, functionally what gets added is decided by vote,  and I didn't feel that the minutiae of the process really needed explaining in this situation.

    1 hour ago, Scruffel said:

    Actually, the reason why we see no dual-sword skins through TennoGen, is because the files for them haven't been released yet.

    Again, you're not wrong, but there's no reason why the sword designs on the workshop specifically stated by their creators to be intended for use as dual-sword skins can't be implemented as such just because DE didn't include any dual swords in ther list of released files, which are specifically referred to only as examples and not some end-all-be-all of what can or can't be made. 

  14. The deal with the polearm skins vs the dual-sward skins is that most of the skins for polearms are tennogen, I can only think of one that isn't.  Tennogen skins are made by, and selected (by vote) by players, so really just a matter of those being the skins a majority of players wanted to make/have, and hypothetical dual-sword skins aren't.  scrolling through tennogen, the melee skins I see are overwhelmingly polearm, heavy-blade, and Nikana, I literally had to search to find items indended for dual-sword.

    29 minutes ago, (XB1)TehChubbyDugan said:

    but why is there not even any tennogen for guns?

    There are a couple of weapon-specific tennogen gun skins, but no universal ones.  Like above with dual swords it's just a matter of no one making or voting for them.  Looking through the current most popular tennogen items, I don't find a gun skin until the 79th item, and even that is a specific one, not universal, the next gun skin at item number 89 is also not universal.  I guess, in the end most players care more about their melee weapon looking cool than their gun, or they're just satisfies with how their gun already looks.

    EDIT: the comment below made me realize that probably the reason we don't gen universal gun skins from tennogen it that DE doesn't allow it, due to the extra work it could entail.  They have five guns that players can download the existing models for in the tennogen guidelines and they specifically say "Texture changes only" on each one, whereas for melee skins the only limitation they give is a polygon count.

  15. I'd suggest trying out different equipment.  Warframe is very much a game about trying out as many different 'Frames and weapons as possible.  If you're looking for a tank, I'd suggest Inaros, but you should also find a clan to join, as that will give you access to Wukong, which will functionally be "easy-mode" for just about everything in the game. 

    I'd also like a look at you're rhino build, He isn't the best 'frame for solo play, but he should at least be able to handle level 40 if you build and play him right.

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  16. Checking out their respective wiki entries would've saved you the trouble of posting.  Both have a chance to drom from containers in void missions, so you could try to get them there.  Otherwise, the highest drop chance for intensify would be the third stage of Tier 1 Cetus bounties, although you'd need to check to make sure it's actually on the current rotation, and the best option for continuity would be low-level defenses at wave 20.

  17. 1 minute ago, Drachnyn said:

    For me the aura is the far better part of the ephemera and I wish I could turn off the infested thing on the ground. Maybe it should just be split into 2 ephemeras.

    I have to agree with this on all counts.  It really would've made sense for it to be two separate ephemera from the beginning, I have some (most) situations where I like the aura more and others where I like the infested path more, but there are't many situations where I want both.

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  18. 38 minutes ago, Mikhael222 said:

    DE seemingly got distracted and decided to devote some of their resources toward experimenting with the Kuva Lich system.

    I'm pretty sure the Liches were meant to be a part of Railjack that they pulled off of it to release early, but I could be wrong.

    2: The gore is honestly a lot less than when I joined.  Anyone else remember blasting chucks out of enemies leaving their ribcage visible, or seeing them rolling around clutching at a stump that was a leg moments before?  I'm pretty sure they even said in one devstream that they were "bringing back" the gore. The thematic structure you're talking about is a fairly recent thing, and I don't really see how gore detracts from it anyway.

    No response from me about 3 and 4, I wholeheartedly agree with them.

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