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  1. yeah that would be a cool option
  2. I would likely be indifferent, silent, or minimally participate (silent character). It would be an interesting treat to see in the wilderness of PUGs. I've no memory of this ever happening during my hours of playing.
  3. uh... no. i can describe things that are tangentially relevant and it's on you if you decide that something that even you can identify as tangentially relevant as to be my main point instead of something... tangentially relevant. i.e. i was describing a lemma that shows errors in your thinking. i brought up the concept of cruelty to demonstrate the entirety of the scope of the lemma and the constraints of the lemma and what pitfall to watch out for, which instead you have ended up in and continue to dig for yourself. if it's simpler for you, perhaps I'll rephrase my original point: a
  4. if someone is a racist, or a sexist, or a bigot, or is simply rude, or is behaving accordingly, and they are accused of such, what cruelty is there to be found? Is it wrong to call out cruel, abusive, or even simply negative, rude, or poor behaviour where it exists? i'm simply a messenger and calling things as i see them. if your reaction is to get defensive, then maybe you're the one with the issue? more amusingly (and cruel of me, surely), is that you think i am making you or others out to be cruel, when i have explicitly made it clear that the easy out is simple ignorance, and even fur
  5. compassion, respect, and empathy doesn't mean having no teeth with which to bite. moreover, it's a matter of justice but also disbelief that someone would act or say the things they do without further information. concordantly, having those traits or even simply a sufficiently developed theory of mind provides the basis by which one can safely assume one knows nothing about each person they interact with, and as such, each person is only what they are as they act. having said that, it's absolutely not the safe option to assume certain behaviours as expected or normal and to compare o
  6. Unless the riven specifies, you do not need to use any particular weapon or weapon class.
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