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  1. yes im sensitive or egotistical as a matter of neurological configuration I can see how someone who isn't saying things that are connected to reality would happily claim that everything is an illusion, but really I'm not qualified to help you with that particular issue. I understand that in Canada that takes a minimum of a Masters in the related field. when i hadn't fallen for the traps it was consequent of my neurological configuration, breadth-first depth-prioritized relation finding algorithm. I didn't "choose" any more than I chose the circumstances of my birth.
  2. you still dont get it. >college "social sciences" courses 1. you dont need such things to arrive at similar conclusions. it's weird you bring it up. irrelevant, much? 2. sounds like you never took a college social sciences course. why are you proud of being ignorant? (but from (1) it can be concluded that, sadly, you could have taken a college social science course and learned nothing and be proud of that.) if i had the opportunity id take every course out there. when did i insist of exercising "personal agency"? we're all subject to our environments and (con
  3. literally none of what you or defenders of the current systems actually address the fact that DE gives S#&$ty #*!%ing deals all you have is "well that's the WAY IT IS!!!" imagine if businesses were actually held accountable, especially big ones that are game changers for the environment and society as a whole, instead of being constantly enabled by this same dumpster fire attitude pretty sure none of the people talking about the sustainability of DE could see past their #*!%ing noses for foresight. (if you DONT have an issue with how most businesses
  4. no lol k cuz that's not how that works and the experience of consciousness is whatever the #*!% our brains come up with to cope with what is mostly unknowable to us rather, freedom of will is disproven by the experiences of people with mental illnesses. we're subject only to our own individual nightmares as perceived by our own bodies and brains. consequently, any experience of rationality or lack thereof is logically consistent with the limitations imposed on our own corpsemeats. rather, there is no evidence to freedom of will that isn't explained more simply by determini
  5. but no one forces them to buy insulin (no one forces them to buy cheaper insulin that they might be allergic to) /s but no one forces anyone to buy food /s but no one forces anyone to be (born with) or (develop over the course of their life) a psychological weakness to the rush of dopamine associated with gambling making them vulnerable to exploitative monetization practices (and it's no secret either that entertainment businesses engage in these all the time) /s you think i'm playing the victim card? lol, no. I haven't fallen for the S#&$tiest of DE's practices
  6. if you don't see what's wrong with this, i don't think any amount of explanation can help anyway i'm gonna go and set the price for insulin to be 400$+/mo and since no one is forcing diabetics to do anything this is fair and okay /s my thoughts and prayers to you that you develop whatever it is you need to understand 🙏🏼🙏🏼 cuz i sure as S#&$ dont care anymore LMAO
  7. you don't get it. that is totally irrelevant. f2p monetization schemes (and frankly, many retail tricks as well) are often explicitly designed to exploit psychological weaknesses of people, and especially people with psychological profiles that suggest vulnerability to schemes that encourage gambling (i.e. some people are more vulnerable to gambling addiction than others). And frankly, those situations people exploit for quick cash SHOULD stop because it's bullS#&$ and doesn't actually add any real, concrete value to anything. At the very least you could argue someth
  8. consider the concept of "negligence." it is systemic negligence to leave Nano Spores (something you can rack millions up just playing the game) up for sale on the market for 3000/30p, when it would cost no effort to remove and, presumably, doesn't make money anyway for DE because all (presumably) players know it's a worthless purchase. So then why would DE leave it up for sale? If not to abuse ignorance? Or malice? but i mean yeah i don't like child abuse or abuse in general so yeah "i don't like it" and "i call it abuse" and "abuse is malicious, even if accidental" an
  9. i'm asking you, not "people" the problem comes down to f2p monetization schemes (and progressively, p2p) being extremely exploitative and actively psychologically malicious and engineered to be as addictive as possible and the bankruptcy of ethics concerning that. as you say, gambling can lead to horrific, life-altering consequences, and the unscrupulous will have no qualms with exploiting and abusing people for their personal profit. where DE has shown to be exploitative and abusive, why should we not pressure DE to change their ways? or even to pressure federal and/or provinci
  10. what i don't understand is why you recognize this but at the same time still defend DE
  11. hzd is a fair enough comparison. what i'll note here is that it was a PS4 exclusive and the devs worked very closely with Sony on both the hardware and software sides. I'm pretty sure it doesn't hit 60 fps at 4k (max 30 fps), and it is essentially a "cinematic" mode. I want to mention a difference in scale of moving objects/actors but I haven't played HZD to know if it's horde based (I'm pretty sure it's not). I mean, I'd love if Warframe was more stable and graphically impressive. I just think that Warframe has done a good job of keeping up, ex. updating to DX11. For comparison, PSO2 is
  12. fact is, DE could probably make the sub cost 5$/mo and still make a profit off of its 50 mil registered losers xD There's no valid justification for mod packs, credits, and #*!%ing NANO SPORES (3000/30 plat) being available for purchase. The presence of even worse products on the market does not justify letting Warframe slide. Otherwise you're justifying a race-to-the-bottom if all you're ever comparing are worse examples. Defending the indefensible. Garbage mentality.
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