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  1. Gwyndolin-chan

    1000 Forma Chroma Prime !

    Congrats! I'm glad your happy and that you've accomplished your goal~ It's really impressive!
  2. Gwyndolin-chan

    Warframe game for Android!

    ooo, I'd like a bullet hell Warframe-themed game on my phone! Or a turn-based or tactics game involving my frames. That would also be super neat.
  3. Gwyndolin-chan

    Why Do People Need An Opt Out For Stalker Mode?

    I really like the idea of a PvPvE Stalker mode. I don't mind if players are allowed to opt out of PvP Stalkers. I'm sure DE will find a way to hammer out griefing (invulnerable objectives, can only deal 10% of objectives HP, invasion timer is limited to 1 minute, etc.). Even if PvPvE Stalker mode was mandatory, I still have faith that DE would hammer out the kinks and make it tolerable.
  4. Gwyndolin-chan

    Warframe-Specific Keybinds

    Frame-specific bindings don't need to be saved on DE's servers. That can be left to the player to resolve, or Steam. I'm pretty sure they don't even save each player's bindings on their servers as it is.
  5. Gwyndolin-chan

    WF's Player Retention Epidemic

    Easiest solution: New Game+ (NG+) mode unlocked upon clearing the Star Chart. If the player enables New Game+ mode, the Star Chart is reset (all nodes hidden against, all junctions closed). For purposes of Sorties, Arbitrations, etc. the player is still considered to have fulfilled the requirement of completing the Star Chart. The very first node starts at the level of the last node on the previous Star Chart (Mot, for example). So, the New Game+ Star Chart's first node starts at level 40-45 (equivalent to Mot). The scaling of subsequent nodes is similarly scaled up such that upon clearing the New Game+ Star Chart, the last node the player arrives at is Mot again, but this time, the level range is around 80-90. Upon clearing Mot in NG+, New Game++ mode is unlocked (NG++, AKA NG+2). If the player enables NG+2, then the Star Chart resets again and now the first node starts at level 80-90, reaching up to either 120-125 (linear growth) or 160-180 (exponential growth) at Mot. The growth rate would be decided by DE, though I imagine 160-180 is far more exciting than 120-125. And upon clearing NG+2, the player can access NG+3 with even higher level ranges and so on and so forth. The player can access any previous NG(+) level of Star Chart that they've unlocked, public matchmaking only rounds up people on the same NG(+) level of Star Chart, and the rewards are also scaled up in some way per NG(+) level. This is an easy solution that requires very few extra art assets and development time to add virtually infinite repeatable content that the likes of Dark Souls and many other games (Halo, COD, Diablo, PoE, and so on) have in some respect that Warframe simply doesn't have for no good reason. If there can't be a difficulty slider, then at least give us this much!~
  6. Gwyndolin-chan

    We Deserve To Be Blessed With Unicode

    unicode or bust!!!
  7. Gwyndolin-chan

    Suggestion for weapon diversity

    No thanks. I'd like to use my favourite weapons without restriction. If the riven system fails in their designated roles as MR fodder boosters, then that's what should be looked at, not adding another system (let alone an anti-fun one).
  8. Gwyndolin-chan

    Mag Index Build

    This build describes a way to play Mag in high-risk Index missions. Features Wide area crowd control through Polarize and the augment mod Counter Pulse Large and lasting protective killzones through Magnetize Medium execution difficulty Mag Loadout Power Donation alternatives: Growing Power, [Weapon Type] Amp Constitution alternatives: Augur Message Arcane Nullifier is helpful to keep energy up Arcane Acceleration is filler With approx. 170% power duration and 235% power range, standing roughly in the center of the map: the indoors map is completely covered by Polarize with a second to spare and the outdoors map is mostly covered by Polarize Power strength is least important here as damage will rely on your weapon and because of the above combination working out almost perfectly Magnetize bubbles are very large and last a long -- they can protect you and at the same time build up huge damage over time and kill enemies upon expiration Counter Pulse is key. The disarm duration gives long enough to cast and fire into Magnetize bubbles and stops most enemies in their tracks (the melee enemies appear to ignore it) Streamline is very important to keep Polarize constantly up and to keep Magnetizing enemies Way Loadout (Zenurik) Energy Pulse and Energizing Dash are the important points here They will enable constantly keeping up Polarize and Magnetize bubbles Weapon Loadout (Daikyu) Daikyu is merely an example here Magnetize mechanics favour projectile weapons and punch through because pellets are not affected by redirection and punch through permits multiple hits Gas damage burns through organic enemies and low health, high shield enemies Honestly just use whatever. Based on my tests, Daikyu works fine including up to round 3-4, but begins to drop off in kill speed around that point. I have not tested higher rounds Other weapon slots: equip whatever you like Playstyle Stay near the centre of the map Keep your energy up through pickups and Energizing Dash Use Polarize any time it is not active Use Polarize when enemies are dangerously close -- the high power range you have gives your disarming Polarize a high starting radius and will likely catch the enemy on cast Use Magnetize on enemies on sight Fire at Magnetize bubbles Keep Magnetize bubbles between you and the enemy when possible to increase survivability Keep Polarize up to CC and thus increase survivability Don't worry about Crush or Pull as they do little in this build and are largely a waste of energy Why should you use this build? If you need an excuse to bring a frame other than Rhino, Mesa, or Trinity to the Index Mag memes Fun
  9. Gwyndolin-chan

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    Baby wipes, a class of asswipes, destroy the environment. The most efficient way to save the environment in this case is to use our fingers as asswipes. l o l
  10. Gwyndolin-chan

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    It's not. It signifies that one has a modicum of respect and understanding for the history of the word and how it was used to oppress people and how it can continue to affect people today. It's a very easy way to tell apart outright racists from people who have any social tact whatsoever because racists don't care to recognize the humanity of certain peoples and by extension whether or not those peoples are affected or hurt by the language they use. Because it takes virtually no effort to use a euphemism over a slur, that someone who can't even be bothered to do that when informed of the negativity of their behaviour at least is very likely an asswipe. EDIT: That makes complete sense because all of these opinions inform the foundation of the thoughts of each person and by extension their actions. I would also consider it a valid option when the future of a whole generation of people is jeopardized. People are concerned about economic stability, quality of life, access to healthcare, ability to work and live in other countries, and so forth and rightly so. The opinion that the UK should leave the EU or not affects people's behaviour -- like whether or not they are going to vote yes or no. As for your hypothetical quotation: yes, I agree, people can be petty, but from their perspective, their trust is being breached or they are disappointed or so forth. There is always an explanation. Whether that explanation is known and to what extent are different questions. Someone who doesn't voice an opinion ever nor acts in any particular way to stand out, then, will be quietly looked over and no one will have any particular reason to trouble them nor befriend them. But whatever. It's just my opinion that I am voicing that no one ever breaks a relationship solely on an opinion. It would always be some spiral of fear or distrust or other such emotions and expectations of enemy action that might cause a relational breakdown. IMO.
  11. Gwyndolin-chan

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    I'm glad because it's a completely ludicrous phrase that has no application to the logical conclusion that a tolerant society cannot exist without taking a stand against intolerance and is a phrase often used in this context that misrepresents what an effort to fight intolerance looks like. Like, calling out bad behaviour and attitudes and teaching people better ways of understanding or behaviour is completely different from mobs jumping random people that are doing a thing the mob doesn't like, like holding hands, and beating them up until an inch from death; or stoning people to actual death. It's completely different, it's not fighting fire with fire at all as you suggest. With that said, auto-banning words without context is a bad idea when, as has been pointed out, words like "trap" are commonly used in a different context. It would be more effective to promote the use of the "Report Player" function that is already ingame (and to punish abusers of that system).
  12. Gwyndolin-chan

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about. People's actions and patterns of behaviour are informed by their opinions, beliefs, knowledge, and truths. No one ever cuts family off for having a different opinion. Ever. I would go so far as to claim it has never happened nor will happen ever. When biological nuclear family members cut ties, I've only ever seen it because of patterns of behaviours. A family member's opinion that all ___ should be executed or gassed or are diseased or disappeared or hidden away under the rug figuratively speaking informs their pattern of behaviour. I hope this illustrates either why your statement is an extreme simplification or why you are outrigt wrong. Very few of us humans want to spend time around other humans who we know utterly despises us or believes us to be someone we're not, because these opinions transform people's attitudes and actions and little social cues that expose their hatred. Also: a tolerant society need not tolerate intolerance.
  13. Gwyndolin-chan

    Add Raid levels again

    I don't know what you're talking about wrt WoW raiding. You can still bring 40 people into raids. 20 player raids only happen in Mythic level raiding, which really REALLY only appeals to a tiny portion of players. Trials were 4-8 players which is significantly easier to put together a group for, even a consistent one at that. It means promoting people to stick around playing with friends, inviting new players to get in on the Trial exclusive rewards, and something to do regularly that was rewarding and challenging. That said, better matchmaking tools and systems would benefit *all* players. Easier to grind things in a focused manner, easier for people to connect and make friends, and a faster loop that takes out the slog of recruitment chat, letting people save energy to actually enjoy the game and want to continue engaging with it and supporting the devs monetarily. Better tools also means that elitist players can find each other, meaning more players can avoid elitism or competitiveness that they don't want to partake in.
  14. Gwyndolin-chan

    Why does the community not like the mod hammer shot..?

    I've been doing a few tests in the simulacrum against 100+ lvl enemies and the trend that I've been noticing is that true to what others are saying, HS usually falls short compared to other mods given the limitation of 8 slots. Corrosive is a very well-rounded status for most content, and in general, I find dual-stat mods to be indispensable. So, on hybrid stat-crit primary weapons where one would expect HS to perform well, what I end up with extremely often is Serration, Split Chamber, Point Strike, Vital Sense, 60/60 mod A, and 60/60 mod B. Now, that's 6/8 mods. However, on a lot of weapons, I really like punch through. Rather, given the way enemy crowds mass up, I find punch through necessary. So, given a punch through mod (Shred, Metal Augur, Vigilante Offense), I'm now at 7/8 mods. This last slot is the only chance for HS to show up. Competing with it are acolyte mods, Vigilante Armaments, Hunter Munitions, and other quality of life mods like reload speed, projectile speed, fire rate, mag size, etc. If I go with VA, then I'll almost always also go with VO instead of Shred or MA, as I get more penetration than Shred and +5% chance to enhance crits. That's a huge pro to VA. I could also go with a 90 elemental mod which on top of giving me more damage, also skews the status chances toward the status I want (usually Corrosive). Ultimately, it comes down to testing, and generally, HS just isn't the top performer or the quality of life increase from a different mod is too damn good to pass on. That's been my experience.
  15. Gwyndolin-chan

    The faction standing slog

    I don't think frustrating players to the point of burnout is a good business model. I'm having the same issue as OP - the currency to gain standing is the same currency to buy useable goods ingame and that same currency is locked behind a timegate. I'm largely a F2P player but I love spending what money I have when I get it on skins and such. However, between the time-gating grinds and the lack of end game content, I end up burning out because of "nothing to do" syndrome repeatedly... so my attention goes elsewhere and the money I spend goes elsewhere too. Although I would love to be able to grind standing nonstop, I find OP's feelings and reasoning similar to mine and I hope some solution can be reached. I am definitely for the idea of a separate currency to buy syndicate rewards.