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  1. I love my Moas! They're adorable. Their Stasis Bubble are better protection for themselves than your frame. Anti-Grav grenade is amazing CC. The hacking precept is lackluster, but not bad. AI is bad, but so are most AIs. (AI in Warframe in general needs more work.)
  2. Macros are pieces of code designed to automate some task. (E.g. typing out "Thank you to everyone in the squad, GG!" at the press of a button; performing a slide attack in Warframe; pressing the shoot key at an inhuman rate, often used to achieve maximum fire rate of semi-auto weapons; close as many processes as possible besides Warframe to provide Warframe as much of the computer's resources as possible and restarting those processes as necessary upon exiting Warframe.) Autohotkey is a common program and language used to run and write macros. It used to also be/still is a thing on some third party controllers that when enabled, automates something (e.g. mashing a button). Macaronis are a type of dry pasta shaped like a short hollow tube. @OP: You should be safe. Others have provided more details. Autohotkey itself won't trigger anything on Warframe's end.
  3. yeah she's cool i like her. I am Stardust indeed, thank you space mom 2.0. I'm glad she's in the game. Fortuna is that much more real and scifi with her there.
  4. Primed Streamline or riot! I don't care about power creep! MORE EFFICIENCY
  5. Ah, fair enough. With that in mind: I personally can't take full advantage of the Latron Wraith's higher fire rate because of its obscene recoil whereas the Veldt is so smooth that I generally find myself wishing I had higher fire rate if anything. I'd also like to note that I haaate how the Latron Wraith sounds. The Veldt feels much more satisfying to use. I do like the Veldt's look too -- feels more unique than the Latron Wraith. Of course, these are completely subjective points.
  6. Your opinion is wrong. Limbo is a guaranteed success for Defense, Mobile Defense, Excavation, and Kuva Survival. No other frame can 100% guarantee the safety of an objective like Limbo does because stopping time in a sphere anytime you want is overpowered. Limbo has infinite energy thanks to the Rift. Limbo's allies have infinite energy thanks to the Rift. If Ember and Limbo are on the same team, then congratulations, that Ember is now 100% immune to the game of Warframe while being a mobile room eraser like Gara or Saryn, except with zero energy issues. Limbo can farm Hive Sabotage with the least amount of effort out of all Warframes. Limbo auto-guarantees success in Arbitration because of room-wide time-stopping creating a 100% safety zone. Arbitration drones are not affected but that is irrelevant when anyone can jump into Operator mode and obliterate them on command since they're as fragile as wet tissues. TL;DR Your opinions are wrong. Good day.
  7. Veldt has 50% higher base damage, ~57% higher status chance, ~18% less crit chance, ~27% less crit multiplier, and much better recoil than the Latron Wraith. I think "totally pales" is a pretty big stretch.
  8. -Vectis has higher burst sustained DPS but still only maintains ~1-2 kills per second, compared to Veldt's ~3-4 kills per second even against sortie level enemies. -Fire rate describes the frequency of shots, not period between shots, i.e. fire rate is shots per second. -Even with Deadly Sequence, Grinlok evenly with the Veldt. Despite Deadly Sequence's huge buff as a single mod, it only compensates for the Grinlok's lower crit chance. On top of this, Grinlok has a much lower fire rate on top of having not even half the magazine capacity of the Veldt. That said, Grinlok has a slightly better status chance and the syndicate effect. This does push Grinlok into a better place thanks to the utility these effects provide. However, the Veldt has a better damage distribution offering more slash and puncture and less impact. Offensively, slash and puncture are much more useful than impact. The Veldt's high fire rate increases its status applications per second, further lowering the weight of Grinlok's higher status chance -The Veldt is actually a very potent and simple weapon and does not rely on any gimmicks like sniper combo, conditional effect mods, or syndicate effects. Very normal Veldt build: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Veldt/t_30_22202000_128-7-3-132-1-5-134-2-5-137-0-10-140-4-5-159-5-5-265-6-3-847-3-5_137-7-132-8-134-6-847-9-140-5-159-9-265-7-128-7/en/2-0-120/206981/0 Compare with a very normal Grinlok build: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Grinlok/t_30_22200000_128-6-3-132-1-5-134-2-5-137-0-10-159-4-5-265-5-3-374-3-3-847-7-5_137-7-132-8-134-6-374-7-159-9-265-7-128-7-847-9/en/2-0-43/206984/0 As you can see, the Veldt and Grinlok are literally neck-to-neck in terms of sustained DPS. Feel free to compare my builds with any other builds -- I'm pretty confident my builds will either perform evenly or better. Comparing the Vectis to Veldt is honestly an apples to oranges comparison. Even so, I still believe the Veldt is a more reasonable weapon thanks to its fire rate and ability to casually kill without ADS. While I wouldn't mind a Veldt buff, having played around with it for a long time with and without a riven, I can confidently say that the Veldt very much holds its own against weapons of similar class and is in fact really well balanced.
  9. "THE SACRIFICE" QUEST SPOILERS AHEAD. --- I would like to offer a small clue that Ballas provides: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sacrifice/Transcript So overall, I believe the Orokin people (or rather, subjects of the "true" Orokin, the highest class members) as a whole eventually came to form the Corpus society.
  10. Off switch, please!! I'm begging for it. Mining can be impossible with it on and so many areas don't need it. It's also often completely immersion breaking.
  11. It's not so much worse. However, as others have mentioned, it is very easy to get an Ignis Wraith blueprint and a lot of people will give them out for free. If you are on PC and are MR 9+, feel free to add me as a friend and I will trade you one free. Make sure to provide a note that you are looking for an Ignis Wraith when you add me -- I generally ignore random adds with no note.
  12. Nezha! Ever since I learned there was such an androgynous frame, I aimed to get them. They have such an awesome and versatile kit that I find really easy to use. When I tried out the augment Warding Halo, I doubly fell in love with them. Putting halos on all of my teammates makes me so happy. They can also be put on surprising targets like Nidus's maggots, Titania's Razorflies, Sentinels (less surprising I suppose!), Mirage's illusions (for some odd reason!), and a lot of objectives. I use them for any story-related quests and whenever I feel the urge. I don't always use them, but I always go back to them. And their playful nature jives with and fits me, even if I am so often so serious in contrast uwu
  13. Frost is a very solid, tanky, and very useful frame that you can farm from Exta, Ceres. What planets do you have unlocked? Are you in a clan? If you are in a clan, I also recommend picking up Nezha. They have a safety bubble they can put around themself or others with a specific augment mod (called "Warding Halo"), similar to Rhino, and an ability that functions a lot like Stomp. They give a lot of room to grow as a player, as their first and second abilities are much different from Rhino's. They also move faster.
  14. Raknoids, Jackals, and Hyenas are my personal biggest worries in the Orb Vallis. Jackals and Hyenas have Alloy armour. I like Radiation for that, as it gets a bonus to Robotic health and Alloy armour. I would use Cold with Radiation then, for additional anti-Alloy and for anti-shield to offset Radiation's weakness to regular shielding. Proto shields does not modify the damage dealt by Cold nor Radiation -- with that, I'm happy as I generally don't notice Proto shields (or regular shields) to be an issue, except when I run Corrosive (even then, I have the fire power to punch through it all so it doesn't matter to me). As for the crewmen, I never have issues with them so generally I don't even mod for that. That said, Rad and Cold both have no further modifiers in interacting with Flesh, so having enough DPS should suffice. (... But honestly? I just use whatever the first slot mod setup is on just about any weapon. I don't really ever notice an issue or have frustration in dealing with Corpus so I kinda just... do whatever is normally effective against Grineer, meaning Corrosive.)
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