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  1. did you mean "Dethcube Prime access trailer"
  2. ????? i'm not praising them. it was just a passing thought. yes i agree. i've altered my closing remark to reflect this. i was thinking about it in the context of the short story and not beyond.
  3. I just re-read Synthesis "Imprint: Guardsman" and the second half really reminds me of ant hierarchies. Most species of ants have a single queen giving birth to ants non-stop. That is more or less their sole purpose in the ant colony. The moniker of "queen," however, has no practical basis wrt human royalty; any given queen is simply yet another member of the colony performing her job and all the worker and solider ants protect the queen ant solely for the good of the colony. There are some species that can have multiple queens per colony. In some of these multi-queen colonies, the worker castes have been seen literally tearing apart queens of their own colony (possibly to purge unproductive queen ants or perhaps excess ones , as queen ants take a lot of the colony's energy and supplies to care for). Simply put, a "queen" ant isn't in any particular way regal or royal. They are simply another type of cog in the machine of a colony, albeit a proportionally miniscule cog. Judging by the story, I feel like Grineer society is similar. It's established that Bilsa is Sectarus class Orokin and as such, has special privileges through gene-locked security systems, ex. ship Cephalon access. The central conflict goes on to outline how important her security privileges are during the events of the story. With the Orokin Empire collapsed, all social pleasantries have evaporated and now her status as Sectarus is a coveted asset -- Alarez is lower-ranking in the Orokin Empire hierarchy but clearly no longer respects whatever social rules had previously protected Bilsa and now Dax and handling her like a key resource than a person of high social stature. Similarly, although Veytok, his Grineer, and Bilsa have come to an "understanding," Veytok does not oblige Bilsa's request to capture Alarez alive as one might expect a person of lower social rank to heed a person of higher rank. Nonetheless, Veytok ambushed Alarez, protecting Bilsa. --- When Veytok grunts "You are Gineer now, don't need visits" that very much reminds me of ant colonies. The worker and soldier castes work, fight, and protect the queen ant, but ultimately, the queen ant holds no special authority over the other ants -- the colony is a system and each caste (including the queen caste) is a part of the system, working together to continue the reproductive cycle of the species. So I draw a parallel between ant colony organization and the Grineer. The working Grineer and the soldiers protect Bilsa, but not because she is royalty. The Grineer protect Bilsa because she is valuable asset to the burgeoning Grineer faction. The Grineer need Bilsa to access Orokin technology so they can protect themselves, further their interests, and reproduce (i.e. cloning), while Bilsa depends on the Grineer to protect her. She and the Grineer form a higher form of "Grineer," in which this higher form of Grineer is composed of interdependent elements. The Grineer empire in the context of the short story reminds me of an ant colony. The end.
  4. that's very impressive, thank you i've been looking for an excuse to drop CP, and this fits like a charm EDIT: wow, simulacrum testing reflects this well
  5. i feel like and think Saryn is about as good if not better at this (aug-1 and 3 for weapon buffs, 4 for viral status effect) and yet also tankier with and without Saryn's aug-2 (so achieving similar/same/better effect with one less mod slot) without any sacrifice of playstyle (ergo you can play Saryn as a weapon-buffer as well as a map nuker)
  6. wow nice best girl after astolfo
  7. actually i would really like it if my Sentinel had a Tigris Prime
  8. I support your effort. I have faith that DE will be able to balance the weapons without making them overpowered. More unique Sentinels and Robotic Weapons would be grand. There remains niches that they could fit, ex. launcher robotic weapon, minion-creator/master/support Sentinel. An Djinn-like generic revival mod would also be very cool, ex. "Amalgam Regen." Maybe it could require the player to fulfill a certain condition before reviving their Sentinel, ex. retrieving N units of "Sentinel Scrap" or something.
  9. That was cool and I like your video post. I kinda wish it was the default; the norm, so-to-speak.
  10. Here are my suggestions: Primary: Opticor, Opticor Vandal, Arca Plasmor, Supra Vandal, Exergis, Secura Penta, Amprex, Ferrox, Battacor, Lenz, Dera Vandal, Quanta Vandal, Prisma Tetra, Komorex, Acceltra* Secondary: any Kitgun, Synoid Gammacor, Mara Detron, Akarius* Melee: Secura Lecta, Galvacord, Ohma, Broken War, War *: May not be thematically consistent with requirements. User discretion is advised.
  11. Tier 2 Excavation will be your best bet. Look for Valefor, Europa. Rotation B provides the roll. I would run up to the 3rd or 7th extractor and then reset the mission to keep enemy levels low. The more rotation Bs you achieve in a single run without significant friction from enemies, the more time-efficient you will be.
  12. Wrt your mods: [Shotgun Savvy] and [Shredder] are the weakest links. Replace these two and [Chilling Grasp] (+25 points) with [Charged Shell] and [Contagious Spread] (-22 points) to form Corrosive damage. For a long time, Corrosive damage will simply be your overall best damage type. I would consider adding [Blaze] or [Vigilante Armaments] to the remaining mod slot. --- As someone else mentioned, a major problem is the weapon itself. That said, with the changes I've suggested above, even with an MK1-Strun you should be able to hold your own. Are you having a hard time with killing enemies? The suggestions should help. Or are you having a hard time with surviving?
  13. Try focusing on his 4's steroid effects. It can greatly alter how you use and even mod some weapons because of the generous fire rate and reload speed buffs.
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