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  1. As long as you're having fun 😄 The meta with Limbo is mind-numbingly boring. So I appreciate your suggestion!
  2. There are other rewards too for increasing MR. There's really no good defense of the current system other than it makes DE plat indirectly by increasing time spent in the game -> more time to potentially buy something to get rid of the garbage, totally unfun, repetitive (for the Nth time, for however many weapons and formas you have) grind, and/or Affinity boosters. But they could also just like... make it more fun to actually play the game instead of forcing us to jump through hoops. I mean, it's a game. I don't want to be forced to grind the same thing over and over again. That just makes me burn out faster.
  3. What are the cheesiest/fastest/best/most effective ways to kill high level Sentients in 2020, especially in the context of Operation Scarlet Spear? Solo and team setups both acceptable, though solo preferred. They are status immune, so that's out of the question immediately. Personally, I've been using Banshee with 1 augment and Frost with 4 armour strip. These strip their armour. Banshee can deal even more damage through Sonar. Frost can also defend the objective. Thing is, I don't want to constantly be playing Banshee or Frost. Nor Limbo, nor Chroma, nor Mesa. I know that narrows down the options, but if you've found creative ways to squash these bugs, please do share.
  4. Please remove the following restrictions from Split Flight: 1. Cannot equip to Lenz, Kuva Bramma 2. Cannot equip to crossbows Split Flight has too many restrictions -- they hinder build creativity. There is already a built-in negative for Split Flight. It would be much more fun and exciting to be able to equip them on explosive bows and crossbows. Moreover, it would be even better if Split Flight was simply a universal mod for all primaries.
  5. I like this addition. It's been really helpful. However, sometimes I miss the indicator anyway because it's on the edge of my screen. It would be much more helpful if the indicator was radially centred closer to my reticle like other modern shooters do. This way, I don't miss it or have a hard time scanning my screen for it along the edges of my monitor.
  6. i don't think vegans are sexually attracted to non-animal food products
  7. want some pepper with your salt lol same but not probably not the same way you mean uwu My top 3 most played frames are Nekros, Nidus, and Nezha. The next two are Inaros and Harrow. From a gameplay perspective, typically, the more I can shut my brain down, the better. But aesthetically, Nekros (Irkalla), Nezha, Inaros (Ramses), are amongst my favourites. I'm very into slim and willowy for personal avatars, and these three have incredibly diverse aesthetic and palette options. I also get a very non-binary gender vibe from them and playing around with their animation sets is very fun (I'm running Hildryn Noble very frequently lately). Oh, also I love my Zephyr Prime oml 😍 As for which frames I'd smash, I made a spreadsheet, but tbh, it depends a lot on my mood: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mJ36w_c10ouwjKc9YV6Tn00flO0zK5cu2k-mFCos388/edit?usp=sharing Nezha, Mesa, Nidus, and Volt are at the top. Mag and Garuda are faves. Can't say there are any masc frames I'd want to bully me, but if I had to choose, probably either Chroma Prime or Atlas (Prime). Well, Nekros Irkalla is consistently sexy af too.
  8. @ant99999 why do you keep devaluing everything the Lotus does? You keep going on about "growth" and "development." The growth and development of Lotus literally already happened by the time she wakes up the Tenno. At this point, she already cares deeply and is invested in the well-being of the Tenno (Chains of Harrow). She's been emotionally invested (Natah) and continues to be (TSD). CoH, Natah, and TSD are all establishing shots of Lotus's emotional state and investments. All of it up to Chimera Prologue establish Lotus as someone who watches out for the Tenno. Or, it presents the history of Lotus's character development. So, when you try and conclude that Lotus is a tool without clear personality, what you're really doing is cherry-picking. You ignore that her emotional state is drastically different after Ballas takes her; especially when she flies away at the end of The Sacrifice. You handwave "she cares about the Tenno" when that in itself should be incredibly significant because she used to be and was created for the sole purpose of being a destroyer of the Tenno. "So now she's the new antagonist" -- wrong, that's your cherry-picked interpretation of the text. You now ignore or fail to recognize the fundamental conflict of identity with which Lotus is actively struggling and the power dynamics between Ballas, Erra, and Lotus. Also wrong. Given you've used Dark Souls as a comparison text, let's examine Dark Souls's character speech: In Dark Souls, characters associated with the Age of Fire and royalty (the Gods of Anor Londo and their temporal associates, ex. Dusk of Oolacile, Gwyndolin) all use "old speech" whereas most/all of the Undead and other "common" folk all use more "modern speech." Ergo, their language places them temporally and culturally within the text. Does Warframe do this too? Lotus (Natah) suddenly uses highly metaphorical speech during The Ropalolyst, when (as has been pointed out) in the past, she is very clear-cut and direct. Tenshin uses highly metaphorical speech. So does Ballas. The Queens, to a lesser extent. Hunhow. Lotus's mother (of what little dialogue we have from her). Erra. Moreover, these characters clearly use a different diction from characters such as the Tenno, Corpus (ex. Alad V, Nef Anyo when he lets down his guard), or Grineer (ex. Vayhek, Kela de Thaym). So by their diction, there's a clear, consistent difference. We can also separate the speech pattern Lotus uses before and during Ropalolyst. Why are you so intent on undercutting Lotus's emotional labour? She has been taking care of the System, and the Tenno, for ages.
  9. Whoever Erra is, they are gaslighting Lotus. Probably Lotus's mother, based on the trailers for The New War.
  10. I would love if the buff duration was increased to 4 seconds or longer.
  11. Neither of these are relevant because anyone who does think it adds to the game can leave it enabled. And my point here is....... The Man In The Wall adds nothing so critical as to warrant forcing players to endure it.
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