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  1. Edit: Never mind, I just saw the response I missed about WF abilities keeping combo scaling. Ash is safe for now thankfully. We're still losing Fatal Teleport / Covert Lethality but those are Ash's weakest builds anyway so I won't mourn them.
  2. Every time I try to link a shawzin song in chat my UI freezes, I can't close the chat window, can't back out of shawzin mode, mouse inputs and esc are ignored, and basically the only thing I can still do is talk in chat. The song link doesn't even need to be entered into chat, merely generating the link causes the soft lock. I've tested it 5 times and all 5 times the only thing I could do is Alt F4 the game. Since I can't open chat while playing shawzin I think the problem is that the link forces the chat window open with no way to close it.
  3. Any gold decorations in dojos are incredibly dull and now look like gold-colored clay. Also, why are the infested decorations listed under Tenno and not in their own tab?
  4. I started a new account about a week ago and I've noticed that at MR 5 I've managed to complete the Mastery I and II challenges for Blades, Bows, Daggers, Heavy Weapons, Pistols, Pole weapons, the list goes on and on. The thing that makes me notice this bug is the popup for these challenges appears multiple times in a single mission. Now there's no way I've gotten enough weapons to legitimately complete all of these challenges, and it's impossible to get the same challenge to progress from 0 to completion in a single mission. Here's an example of the issue: Shuriken Mastery I complete. MK-1 Kunai is the only throwing dagger used, and only to level 12. The Sentinel Mastery challenge is bugged further to award ranks gained by sentinel weapons as well as sentinels (assuming it doesn't count pets since it does specify sentinels in the challenge description. Sentinel Mastery II complete. Only Taxon and Artax have been built and used. Sentinel Mastery III sitting at 2/3. The only explanation I can see is that every level above the required threshold (10 or 20) counts towards the challenge. Getting a single weapon of any type to level 12 will complete the Mastery I challenge (10, 11, and 12), and similarly level 22 will award Mastery II. Mastery III isn't entirely bugged in this way since (almost) no weapon can get above level 30.
  5. This alert desperately needs to be fixed. Never before has a game mode encouraged leeching and afk exploiting more. Pearls should be completely decoupled from being a win reward. It should be based on how many kills you get. Maybe give each payer 3 pearls per kill solo and 5 pearls per kill in a full team. Whatever you have to do, something has to change. Otherwise people are going to continue to exploit it and get rewarded for it. If you aren't playing the game you shouldn't get a reward. Simple as that.
  6. Ember and Frost again? Seriously? You could have done the 2 frames that have been in the vault the longest (Saryn and Ash) but instead Frost is coming back for the fourth time and once again Ember is right beside him. If this is anything to go by then can we expect the next unvault to be Mag and Rhino?
  7. Clan: RescueForce Rank: Mountain Platform: PC My Role: Warlord A small sample of various rooms in the dojo. Now that we're at the end of the entries I'm going to put in a bit more info. I'm the only person in the clan that has been decorating our dojo (aside from a couple of rooms) so essentially everything you see was hand-placed by myself. I've been following 2 basic rules. First: no giant robots or sculptures. I think they're overdone and--while they look nice--always distract from anything else you try to do with a room. Second: no building outside. The skybox is nice, and having the open space is useful, but I've always preferred to work with what I'm given and I want to keep the aesthetic of space preserved as it is. That said, onto the dojo itself. The majority of the rooms are decorated to focus on natural looks and I've worked to make everything--even hallways--have at least a touch of nature. Gardens are exactly that; gardens. Filled with vegetation and life, relaxing, and peaceful. I've tried to take what each room had and enhance it to become something genuinely beautiful to walk through. For those that want a little more, I've converted 2 of the clan halls into full sized 3D mazes (and I've had no shortage of people telling me how lost they are in them), and we have a carefully designed obstacle course to test more than just how fast you can go. I've included a small sample of the dojo in the album above, but if you want to see everything we have to offer you'll have to visit for yourself. Welcome to the Rescue Force.
  8. I felt like CBT players were abandoned when Lato Vandal came back without any mention of giving those that already had one something in return. I asked for something, anything small to be given to keep to the promise that we wouldn't be forgotten. A weapon skin, a sigil, whatever. We would have our gift for being in the closed beta and everyone else could have the MR. After enough time it became clear to me that wasn't going to happen. I gave up and remembered it as a broken promise. So thank you. Even if it took a long time to show it, you didn't forget us.
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