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  1. Seriously DE, add back the auto exposure toggle switch. Players are getting migraines from it!!!!!!!
  2. DE is far too strict regarding deco capacity. Not every1 has a toaster PC, and low deco cap negatively affects PPL with pro PCs. It just wows me how DE thought it was a good idea to cap Open Space at an earth-shatteringly low 800! Whatever DE was smoking, it can't've been any good. I'm happy they doubled 800 to 1600, but it's Open Space at the end of the day, so it should have at the bare least 5000 as it is an Open Space. Also a larger Open Space would be nice that is the size of a RJ hangar. I'm into making spaceships, and I literally need to squish them in inside the confines of an Ope
  3. This mod would solve most, if not all of my Quality Of Life problems in warframe traversal. 100% chance to resist knockdowns - No grapple hooks can reel my WFrame in. 100% chance to resist Heavy Landings - A thing that has annoyed me since I 1st ran into, or more precisely fell into it. I can circumvent Heavy Landings by holding [CTRL] or [RMB) or a combination of the 2 but this doesn't always work. Sometimes I still get a Heavy Landing despite any of the mentioned keys are held. This mod would take care of that. @DE do What You think is best Cost-, Polarity- and Raritywise as l
  4. It would be cool to have faction-specific rooms addable to Dojos, for example Orokin, Corpus, grineer, ETC ship tileset rooms. For example Old Corpus ship tileset rooms for nostalgia, Orokin for that Rolls-Royce luxury feel, or grineer if You run low on green color and slightly clangy machinery. The recent New Corpus ship decorations are a REALLY nice addiction, but You can only do so much in a Tenno-shaped room re-colored with River Blue pigment. Also Garden-type rooms with an actual floor instead of water or sand would be another welcome addition.
  5. Making it a Spawn Room would limit the Spawn Area to the tiny sliver of floor by the door. This could possibly be remedied like HALO Forge does it: Placaple spawn points.
  6. I died aboard the ship with the Main Objective whilst still remaining in SOLO gameplay, this time the Self Revive prompt showed up. The Self Revie Prompt is glitched.
  7. If I die in SOLO gameplay in Corpus Proxima (Falling Glory in Venus orbit) aboard any Corpus ship or Derelict, no matter how many Self-Revives I have, I'll die, my WFrame will flop to the floor as intended but no "HOLD X TO REVIVE" prompt shows up! [ESC]->Abort Mission is the only way out!!!!!!! It is also worth noting this bug might apply to other Corpus Proxima missions outside of Falling Glory. Finally, I've completed the Main Objective and died only aboard a nearby cargo ship and aboard a Derelict.
  8. This is a small list over things that Warframe should have along with some problems that need ironing out. OROKIN ENTRATI PORTAL GATE - HITBOX PROBLEM This Dojo Decoration is a ring, much like an O, there's nothing in it which means You should be able to pass through but You can't because that's covered up by an incorrectly placed hitbox on the Decoration itself. I have tried & re-tried to come through an Orokin Entrati Portal Gate but the invisible wall across its whole inner dimension stops that and it cannot be used as a doorway or passthrough. Here's a video displaying
  9. When all Clan members leave a Dojo, any Visitors will get kicked independently of good or evil intenion. There is NO NEED WHATSOEVER to kick them because as a Visitor, You can't add, remove or edit rooms & decorations, or make changes in their Research which makes this auto-kick mechanism COMPLETELY USELESS.
  10. I've had the same problem in reverse. I recently was invited aboard some1's Dojo, we had a good time chatting away and then we went to a good ending point of the conversation on which he said "Alright, P E A C E", then presumably he must've [ALT]+[F4]'d right after that because I couldn't send him a message to why he did that. DE should remove this auto-kick mechanism, because as a Visitor, You can't add, remove or edit Rooms & Decorations, also You can't make changes in their Research. God damn it.
  11. Why won't You give us back the auto exposure toggle switch in Display Options? It gives some players migraines. M I G R A I N E S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! If You want a big playerbase, give them what they want, don't cause medical problems which You are currently doing!
  12. Pretty sure You mean *Crystal, also it's not even that, it's Glass. Sorry to be a spell police BTW.
  13. Greetings Tenno! If You are experiencing a FullScreen problem with the Launch Window's settings checkbox defaulting to Unchecked, Here's how to iron out Your problem: Open the Launch Window's settings and check the FullScreen checkbox. Now launch the game. When You're through the password and in Your ship cockpit, and only then, press [ALT]+[ENTER]. This will put You in Windowed mode. Now press [ALT]+[ENTER] Once more. This will put You back in FullScreen. When You are in FullScreen again, You are good to go for miles and miles of Tennoing around. I hope this has ironed out Your Full
  14. ESC->Options->Display->Scroll down to Adaptive Exposure. (It obviously is non-existent at this time) but it did exist earlier.
  15. This dates back to Update 28.0.6, where Graphical Options lost the Adaptive Exposure switch and it was forced to the ON position. It made the game very annoying to look at, and it gives some players migraines. MIGRAINES!!! DE, do You want a big playerbase, lots of registered users? Because this is how You LOSE players! LESS people who want to play the game, in fact, many leave because of this. Less people who could buy Platinum for money, less funds, You're slowly bankrupting Yourself if You continue, DE! Add us back the Adaptive Exposure switch and let players know it! It's a win-win. You ma
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