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  1. Thank You for this. I'm gonna try it the next mission launch with a Squad. I'll text back once I've tried. Cheers! EDIT: I've tried pressing Z in a mission with more than me in it. I must've inadvertently hit Z at some point. Now it's back as it was. Thanks once more @AntarcticMatt!
  2. When playing with others regardless of how many or who, I cannot see their HP bar(s) below mine anymore! This is also a thing aboard my Dojo, where their HP bar(s) also doesn't show up , and sometimes their name above the head doesn't show up too. I have whited out the name above their head in this mission for security/privacy reasons. State described: In mission - HP bar visible: NO Name above head: YES Aboard Dojo - HP bar visible: NO Name above head: NO I do not exactly know when I ran into this issue, but I guess it's somewhere in between The Deadlock Protocol and the Initial Release of Corpus Sisters Of Parvos.
  3. A REQUIREMENT for an Auto Exposure Toggle STILL STANDS. From here on, I no joke think DE are intentionally wanting players to have migraines!
  4. I'm making a Corpus ship docked to my Dojo, and on multiple occasions the rooms inside the ship go comically dark or sometimes flat-out totally black. If the shadows were reduced or somehow changable will not only benefit my builds, but also others' builds so they don't go darker than they intended. In this shot, parts of the room are comically dark, with few concentrations of complete blackness. This room is the Very Definition of DARK. There's an elevator shaft behind the dark af wall to the right, out the door over to the left is a far better light level. Please, make shadows changable in some way, or reduce them in total.
  5. I can't agree any more on that. The lighting is a huge fail in and of itself. Adaptive exposure just makes this lighting dumpster fire even worse.
  6. So I set off on a Plague Star run and the drone decided it was a good time to lodge itself stuck under a fallen tree! There is nothing I can think of to help it out aside from Loki's Switch Teleport, but that's outside the mission range because I main Baruuk and I was in Solo matchmaking.
  7. I'm a huge fan of the old Corpus ship tiles, I was blessed with God's light when I saw this post, as I didn't even know it existed. Warframe's community is larger than I thought. Alright, marveling at this post's existence alone aside and back from the Tangent. I would do whatever to bring back a set of missions on the old Corpus ship tiles (a new cluster of missions like for example we have the Gas City cluster of missions on Jupiter, Orokin Ship tilesets in The Void and Corpus Planetary Installations on Venus) An additional cluster of old Corpus tiles would be Beyond Amazing.
  8. "DE makes Toggles for almost everything as long as it doesn't break the game" Yeah right....... *Remembers still needing a toggle for auto exposure to this day since Updae 28*
  9. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope NOPE. Not having any of it. *Shatters ship windshield and escapes on Archwing, leaving the ship to its fate*
  10. Why is there no option to completely remove "Hey Kiddo" altogether? It's pure nightmare fuel and only time will tell when I get sleep problems from it, and DE, You're Canadian and aren't Canadians the nicest? Why are You scaring the living daylight out of Your playerbase and possibly risking it PTSD? EDIT: This is the 2nd time IN A ROW I get Hey Kiddo'd! (Yes, I have the Donda since YEARS ago)
  11. Why haven't we seen the dynamic exposure toggle since Update 28.0.6? So many players get migraines from it!
  12. When will we get the Auto Exposure toggle back? So many have migraines from it!
  13. Embarking the K-Drive is naturally done on the Interact button, but disembarking it is done on the melee button. This has not been the case before. An educated guess is that Archwing Disembark has carried over to K-Drives too, and it just feels weird as f%&k to disembark a vehicle on Melee. This has ALWAYS been done on every other game including Warframe! When K-Drive was newly released, Disembarking was done on Interact just like Embark. 1 of the updates f%&#ed this up.
  14. What if I misjudge my speed or altitude? WHAM! HeavyLanding I have to sit through as my WFrame is getting MOLTEN DOWN by enemy fire.
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