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  1. Paywall/pay-to-win same difference. be patient dude. Rome wasn't built in a day. so if you want to wine go buy it with plat. You will get her when the event's done. You couldn't get Baruuk Day 1 either (unless purchased) or did you forget. Read. it all makes sense.
  2. To all the PC's players wining about waiting welcome to console land.... but we now get it x2 (waiting). We always wait for your update (PC) then our cert. Its not pay to win, because you can still suck w/ or w/o Hyldrin. Paying to win is you are buying something that gives you an unfair advantage to others unless they put actual money into the game and buy it as well. Please looks at what the difference is - everyone can get Hildryn w/ or w.o buying her.
  3. can someone please update this..... The switch icons should go with the others (PC/PS4/Xbox) https://pasteboard.co/I5bjW3z.jpg
  4. Tried it 5 times. ethernet/fiber connection. ran the first 3 solo. 2 pub. This is making me so angry. Beginner problems for a senior acitivity, this game has done this for sortie MANY Times without issues. Oh well skipping this stupid glitchy buggy sortie for today.
  5. Love the app but its really outdated, still has an option for notifications for keys' since alerts have been removed ... I think the app needs to be updated.
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