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  1. 🙄as if that was the only thing mentioned. I'm being crystal clear of the problem it causes.
  2. Posted this in the bugs... got no response. Sent you a ps4 message same.... no response. SO.... when recruiting for fissure missions, once one person selects the mission/relic INSTEAD of how it used to be where you accept the mission (square) then select your relic, and wait for others.... IT NOW automatically comes up with a prompt that you are going to do the mission without equipping a relic. You can hit Circle and then select the relic, but WHY do you have it set this way? ITS NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. It makes people join the mission w/o a relic and the LAG (that shows the check mark) in the game causes people to start the mission because they don't see it (They're hitting X' until they see the check). You're doing an un-vault currently for Rhino & Nyx (thank you) but this is going to make players very frustrated as people are going to recruit to open these relics.... you have a lot of new users in the game and I can bet you a lot of the community will be irritated at the newer players doing the above. I wonder sometimes if you have a PS4 tester in your crew to give feedback (honest feedback / not pleasing others but legit honest feedback). This seems like it was a 'PC' change that was assumed good for consoles. I'm not trying to be angry, mean or negative, its just more of a 'come on.....' it's been broken like this since before Tennocon and still no hot fix or correction on how to do fissures with the ease it once had. I'm not apposed to embracing change but new UI is to make things easier not more difficult. Please test this out. Do not be the host | join someone's fissure mission and let them select the relic | Hit square to accept the mission and you will see the pop up telling you you're going to start the mission w/o a relic. Then once you hit Circle and select your relic, see how long it takes for your check mark to appear that you are ready to go. These issues make the patience wear thin, as if someone starts it without selecting the relic OR auto starting you have to break squad and regroup. Sometimes players in the group do not rejoin as they just give up out of frustration. For the recruiter they are burnt out because this may have been the fourth, fifth or even sixth time this has happened.... >>>I have fiber ethernet wired into the ps4<<< + also the cut scene skip has been broken for a while. If the host skips everyone has to watch it and is not able to skip. Its not fun when you load in and the host is halfway through the map. + also Danielle, I mentioned with others about the Venari glitch when tennogen 16 rolled out, but also mentioned the bug with the DOMUS Syandana not sitting into Khora, but out from her body where you can see its 'Plug' that should be unseen and into her body/back. Its still broken for a long time... Please fix these things.
  3. missing some of the most popular streamers/partners hmmmmmm.
  4. would be awesome if they launched empyrean day of tennocon.... since its been a year now since we first saw it.
  5. can you give players an option versus a flat reward.... Some of the older players don't need any more catalysts/reactors.... When I see these as rewards its just kind of like you are focused on new players ONLY.
  6. The riven disposition changes are minimal when there are other things in the game that need to be fixed before these are changed.
  7. @[DE]Connor These changes make the game no longer fun. I understand it's important to keep a game updated' / current' but you take the weapons in the game most players are using (because they're good) and nerf them. These stat changes may seem minimal, but it seems like an annoying unnecessary change since this is just currently a trend in game play and if it's not then why not take the user data and make better weapons? WHY not increase riven mod slot capacity instead? The transmute function is great but requires 4 of the same to make a new veiled riven. If you're at an 88 riven mod capacity already you will need to junk out some to achieve this. What I am saying is you can't successfully achieve a proper transmute with the current capacity. 88 rivens.... yeah There are way more than 88 weapons in the game and like to keep the ones I have. I currently had to remove 3 today because the annoying message notifying me I am over capacity KEEPS POPPING UP! <- Its annoying because it 'offers' me to increase my capacity but is not possible. Why not correct this flaw in the game? YOU CAN MAKE MONEY by increasing riven mod capacity. (slot cost plat / plat buying = profit for DE)
  8. Its cool DE is going to provide Semlar data as well as others to produce their results for and base pricing off of. Users ... if you're too lazy to figure out the price of something before you buy it... then thats your fault.
  9. if you read his message (above) he stated you can turn it off... we all know this. It just doesn't need to be in the game / it serves no purpose.
  10. @[DE]Rebecca I never understand why racism / gender phobia / sexual preference and all that falls within those come outta any game.... shouldn't we all be playing the game and having fun with it? I appreciate you & team for doing your part to end the horrible trolly words other players maybe called or slurred at.
  11. @@[DE]Steve looks like a lot to get done / hopefully not super stressful. Any chance there will be a Riven mod capacity adjustment.... (90 doesn't seem to be enough for every weapon in game) Syndicate Weapon additions? Any chance to add a module for the ship (missing one to the right of the syndicate - maybe an earth/cetus clock)? Tennogen Noggles? Umbral Forma's? Lunaro Rework/removal? PVP-Conclave - rework (go in with normal builds / no conclave load out)? Dojo room capacity increase (since we're crafting rooms for decorating / contests)
  12. @[DE]Connor Thanks for all the info for some cool changes to come for rivens. Was wondering though.... Can the rivens be changed back to just the basics (melee / rifle / shotgun / pistol)? I'd rather a bigger pool on getting something more useable. Getting a specific kit'gun riven isn't as exciting as getting a pistol riven (with a kit gun riven be an option when unveiled). Same thing with a Zaw Riven... why can't it just be a Melee Riven and the zaw options are pooled in with all other melees? Will there ever be riven mods for the Kavat | Kubrow | Moa's? Since there were* rivens for the sentinel weapons... the pets/moa's are left out. I used to rock the Carrier Prime all the time, but now use the Smeeta way more, but it would be nice to give it some more power / survivability / enhanced buffs...
  13. @[DE]Rebecca Will there be a fix for the original K-drive that has disappeared out of the inventory once you have either purchased or crafted a different K-drive. It currently in profile view says I have a 'K-drive @R10'..... but I can not get that one up as its been removed, and I even tried to do the quest again and doesn't come back. Since this has no MR to it can this be removed from the profiles and put in the 3 types of boards that can gain MR?
  14. The UI changes that allow us to see relic selection, and Aura mods are great, Can you add focus schools to that as well? Would be great for Eidolon hunting, and maybe orbs too
  15. Any way to increase dojo room capacity? Since we can create all these awesome themed rooms, I am out of places for my clanmates to decorate.
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