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  1. It's really boring to have a 20 minute time with like 5-6 minutes waiting for dialoges-fractures etc. even with phase skip it was boring to WAIT. The thing is you should make it more of a fight ah like eidolons they take time too but you fight/play that time do not wait too much and is not boring as this exploiter orb or the plague star event boss. Only reason people play events is they are rewarding I mean if you dont even get an ephemera still the rewards are good that will save us time in future fishing/mining. But its too boring to do and soloing is hard because there are too many coolants spawns, speaking of my self, cant catch up all and it takes far more time. The reason I wanna play solo is, host problems, high ping and my potato pc. I dont wanna bother others waiting for me to load.
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