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  1. About the Nyx Rework. I feel like the rework is very dated compared to everything new coming out and how newer Warframes work. It may be you wanted to keep the core Nyx experience for most of the userbase however, being a Nyx main until Khora came out myself, I would say you're guys are being limited too much by it. I won't be offering too much feedback about the rework as most of the posts here reflect that already, but I'd be going for suggestions instead. Mind Control might be better if the target would draw aggro from Chaos'd enemies. If that target expires and the duration of the ability is still active, it'll transfer that control to the enemy that did the finishing blow and this process will repeat itself until the duration is up. Aggro range is based on ability range. Her new passive really feels weak and pointless (If it even really works). Her being one of the softest frames around and she's not even a DPS type of frame really is frustrating to play and even if some of the bullets miss, it doesn't really matter if it only takes 1-10 bullets to take you out which only takes a second to happen on missions with 40-60 enemites. MOA's and even Mirage, Ember and Nova has more armor than her. She does have the Shield and Vitality to compensate for the lack of armor, but that takes up two mod slots and even more to maximize. What can be done instead to increase synergy with Chaos. Maybe it'd be better if she have crazy evasion only to targets affected by Chaos. Perhaps this one might be more complicated to implement.
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