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  1. I can see how that is frustrating. What if the time limit was much more forgiving? Like 24 hours for Vauban and weapons and 12 hours for helmets? I am not trying to come off in a bad way. Sorry there. I just wish to get stuff directly from missions than doing a chore system that honestly makes me want to play less than I already do. I rather just wait till the last day of a season and do all my catch ups in a row than bother doing these daily/weekly. Nightwave isn't very fun and makes the game feel like a second job. I wouldn't want a replacement that also feels like a job. There has to be som
  2. Bait for what? I don't like Battle Passes. I would like to get stuff directly like the gift of lotus missions or event rewards.
  3. Nightwave feels alright, but I want there to be a way to get rewards directly from completing my tasks. It would be cooler if instead of chores and a shop, we could have scheduled missions automated by the server that rewarded players directly with an item, Nitain Extract, or cosmetic when completing the mission. Like the Devstream gifts of the lotus missions. I think it would be much better for players to just do X and earn Y directly. Nightwave levels, rotating shops, and waiting months for lore isn't good for players. Scheduled missions with direct loot that could run on a timer for a few h
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