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  1. So, for a while i have seen you guys nerfing the popular stuff... even though most of them wasnt even op... This just shows how disconnected you are with the player base. Now im just intrested how long will it take to start nerfing cats, just because everyone will start using them... I could say i was intersted in this new update even though the new lich hunting grind.. But seeing how you guys just dont actually adress problems in the game (like why would you use secondaries when those are just weak primarys, and the fact that 80% of primarys are boring and useless) the melee nerf was needed for a long time now, but not in the sense of just deleting a few mods, an unmodded melle can lvl50+ enemies, back 5 years or something i remember i was stuck on lvl 20ies as a newbie. Thanks for the update, but i will take my break from the game for about a year, i will be intersted if you guys can actually make good changes- See ya
  2. So, while i do agree with the the nerf, who thought that having more arcanes is going to be a good idea? Come on, everyone hates farming them, especially because you just dillute loot tables. If you can manage that the farm wont be a pain in the a.. then we'll see.. if not then im putting down warframe for the time being Good luck
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