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  1. Same here, Arbitration defense Infested Venus/Romulus first mission fail at wave 3, second attempt we were at wave 34 operative was at full health and all of a sudden mission failed. Oneshotting 40k hp and ignoring shield gating? Hp didn't get down so no Toxic Ancient was involved. 

  2. Same here, we had to leave the Flotilla @84/100, since space teams didn't receive any codes (or with waiting times "waiting for kill code" in between) while a lot of ground teams were constantly transmitting codes. Also it seems as if there were less sentients spawning compared to yesterday.

  3. 3 hours ago, Dippy_Daredevil said:

    So it seems like Killcodes are not coming in consistently. Still very buggy which is the most important thing because we won't be able to drive the Murex away due to this.. But look at what I found out below



    Even those in space are actually "Sending Kill Codes" not receiving them. No wonder it doesn't come in! 

    Yes, and if you check the kill code receiver list, it's empty and the sender list is full. Hope DE is gonna have a look at this even though it's weekend.

  4. When I logged in, I did a lith fissure and was in flotilla chat with others who were in different mission types. My arsenal button was gone and my friend was not able to join my party. (he got a message like "you can only join players that are in the same flotilla, but I sent the invitation while being in my orbiter). I "fixed" the "flotilla bug" by joining a flotilla and after having returned to my orbiter my arsenal was back and I could invite.

    Then a new murex wave started and although ground teams were sending kill codes, space teams did not receive ( or like 1 in 15 mins) any kill codes. The orange chat seemed to be very laggy, but players could communicate in real time. This happened to all players in two flotillas where I was playing during this wave.


    edit: the flotilla we joined now is working correctly!

  5. With Revenant's 4 active, if you dash into a spot where you would automatically climb up due to auto-mantling, you get stuck in the ability and have to wait for your energy to run out. You can't turn the skill off, use any others, or switch to operator mode. Pressing ESC once teleports you to the spot where you would have climbed up, pressing it again does nothing. If you let your energy run out, he also teleports to the spot and auto-climbs up.

    I could only reproduce this when I activated his 4 in the air. My assumption is that activating his 4 in the air causes you to still be in a "falling state", even after you hit the ground. Then, when you use his 3 to dash to spot that triggers auto-mantling, the game thinks you're falling and you try to climb, conflicting with the active ability.


    Here's a video of it happening

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