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  1. Did it, on phobos 200 pts per drill(lol) lucky i got great team because the noobs did not know about it yet lol. I encounter a bunch bugs and issues that i won't say anything, DE it your job to figure them out...(i found you to lazy of late).
  2. Still will have a lot bugs i bet and still not out...Good job guys!
  3. Don't really care about this change,just hope it not full of bugs and it just visual so it pointless to my...At least we get few more thing in this update,another tileset (don't care,more visual crap no real fix), new weapons yay but that what we get usually and more. This will be the last update i will play (prob...) since DESTINY is coming and it beta was better than this game beta(was less buggy and more balance).
  4. LOL, DE does not know how to balance weapons(and most of this game) that clear as day.Just give me the option to get back my forma's and Cat already! (better not charge plats for it...) Also what going on with PWE your none publication is over, so WTF is going on?
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