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  1. Cheers all at DE. These lockdown rules have been tough even for me ,and I manage a local park. Outdoors all day but still rules for us and the public to stick by. massive well done too all of ya, and thanks for what you have still achieved this year!
  2. It seems everytime I spawn/get in my necramech the rank resets to zero. Whats happening?? Do I have to stay in it till its max rank or something??
  3. ahaha ahah ah! cheers. been here 7 years and never realized that. What a donut Thanks :)
  4. for some reason Ive been stuck at 3 points left on my mastery rank . Ive formaed weapons for points/exp, but nothing. Been like this for a few days now. Any suggestions? Am I missing something or is this some kinda bug?? Cheers
  5. yup looks bloody awful. And its not just graxx skin,does it with prime version as well. But like all great bugs it happens about 70% of the time. If someone from DE wants to check this out I can send ya more details ,colour combos(even tho i have tried many) etc if ya need it. Its kinda annoying tho after spending a fiver on a skin only to be greeted with that mess.
  6. Ive been loving mirage's eclipse on my mesa. damage buff and damage reduction feels like a perfect fit, Its not the most exciting ability to use tho.
  7. If you want survivability Ive found mirages 'eclipse' works wonders!! works great with my mesa build. I whacked it on because even with shooting gallery and shatter shield cast she is still extremely vulnerable when using peacemaker. Plus I have the option of being in light and gaining a massive damage boost when I need it. Juts wish DE would make the dark/light feature make sense. Or a way of switching between the two variations, taking away the randomness of it.
  8. yea i read it wrong. cheers mate works like a charm. really nice mod grab it when ya can
  9. just dumped 20k standing into this mod and it either does nothing,or Im doing it wrong(which would be difficult cause its very simple,hold grind as you land) Anyone else tried this mod, and can give any tips or is it just broken?? Cheers!
  10. does the sharpened bullets mod work with mesa's regulators?? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sharpened_Bullets I know your not really aiming, so Im guessing its a no. sorry ignore you cant eve select it...I got a bit excited when i see it
  11. I just hopped back in after a year off, game feels great right now I cant leave it alone. Add deimos too the other stuff Ive missed and man theres a LOT of content here. And now Ive got a whole open world and system full of infected too destroy. yea seems like a positive change, bloody good idea Bianca cheers.
  12. ok might have sussed. You get standing from tokens now,not sorties. Is that correct??
  13. Hope this isnt too silly a question but...... I just run a couple sorties on deimos,travelled back to the hub but I still have zero standing. This a bug?? cant really see what Im doing wrong... cheers for any help!
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