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  1. ahyeah,wy it bugged was,it was me and 1 other guy but the guy wnated to leave after 5 min so he stayed in the extraxction point thill the last second and then got out to stay in the mission,wich bugged the mission i didnt realise at first but we wherent getting anny rotation rewards either
  2. yes i did,i figured out wy it bugged out thoug so was gucci second time around
  3. a challange ? dont make me laugh,its just boring and tbh who likes having to navigate the kuva fortress,beside the kuva you aint getting anything a player that dus would need.
  4. So first off all,wat is the point fof sending us to do 30 min kuva survival for nightwave? Secondly i just did it althoug theres no reason to ever do 30 min kuva survival,but it bugged out on me and didnt count the 30 min run....,its 1 thing having to do soemthing pointless but then it also bugging out,ty de for the waste off time.
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