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  1. It is there. It's just not intensive. It can be seen while using his first ability for example
  2. Yup, in orbiter everything is fine I checked, and secondary color has no impact on this
  3. When the passive triggers, character only shoots with one weapon, not two, the other is simply not used. It appears as a visual only bug, but it's annoying. Sometimes it happens on Twin Gremlins too, and other dual secondary weapons It can be seen on image, video is not needed Image: https://imgur.com/a/aOTmAWt
  4. For example Surator Syandana has two modes. One when you walk normally, and second one when you bullet jump. It would be so great if we were able to switch these modes, so Surator Syandana is closed (or opened) all the time. Image: https://imgur.com/a/u1KtZmy
  5. After you bullet jump secondary thrusters energy color is wrong. It stays default - blue Image - https://imgur.com/a/fw4xTBW
  6. Hi! I had the same problem, so i decided which settings cause this. To my surprise, anisotropic filtering and trilinear filtering were causing these. I disabled them completely and enabled high quality anisotropic filtering via Nvidia panel. Now game runs at 60 fps and looks the same!
  7. SPECS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: I7 7700HQ GPU: GTX 1060 Max - Q RAM: 16 GB Game tuns on Max Settings. I have 60 fps in Orb Vallis and everywhere So i wanted to play some PoE and i experienced HEAVYYY lag. Fps randomly dropping to 40 in Cetus and to 50/30 in Plains, for no reason. Have you experienced the same issue? What is happening? FIX: Disabled anisotropic and trilinear filtering. Now everything is back to normal.
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