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  1. So the kill requirement for the new galvanized mods means that we can only use the guns that could already kill in the Steel Path. It does not diversify gameplay as anything that couldn't compete before still has no way to benefit from the new mods. So baisically, we still only use melee with a Kuva Nukor or Cedo as a CO primer.
  2. I don't like the ideas of invigorations. They are asking for groups to require certain ones to play with them. If you removed the offensive side of them it would help somewhat, especially as we are already very powerful. I think it would help that if once you put it on a frame it stays there. It just sounds too RNG ish at the moment. Maybe be able to choose which buffs go on? You would only be able to have maybe 3 frames invigorated at once though, but maybe need to pay an amount to reapply it each week? Maybe make the buffs conditional as well, so that you actually need to do stuff for them to activate. This also just feels like a band-aid for frames that need a rework. I get that you want us to explore different frames than the ones we main, if you based the selection of frames based off of the bottom 50% of frames we play that would also help. The invigoration system just doesn't feel right and using it to slap random buffs on warframes is just asking for trouble. I feel like the system could be made cooler and more interesting if it felt more "helmith"y instead of just a stat boost. I feel like the system should add something to the way we play a warframe or chage how we play them. Maybe it could let us swap between 2 warframes in mission and you link them through the helminth. I don't know how to fix it but the system should not be what it is. It should be adding some new helminth mechanic to missions, not just a stat boost.
  3. Feedback regarding Gloom. When you have a Sentinel active at the same time as Gloom the effects on the Sentinel can make it hard to see what is happening on the screen. I have had to remove my Sentinels for any Gloom build so I'm not navigating by minimap. If you could give us the option to turn off this effect or just lower its intensity by a lot that would be great. Thank you for the amazing new quest and Warframe!
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