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  1. Making railjack more solo accessible would be nice. Having your own crew with command intrinsics would help, but they need to be able to scale with enemy level. Making their damage, health and armor scale like specters would work. This would be in addition to base stats that we would hopefully be able to improve. The crew would actually need to be able to run the ship and keep it alive while you are outside, so the AI needs to be pretty good, or have a difficulty modifier for when no tenno are on the ship. If the crew can't keep the place running in the highest level railjack mission
  2. Is Lavos going to be exclusive to events or will we be able to earn him in the regular game as well?
  3. As a solo Vault runner I find that Necramechs being invulnerable until both their arms are shot off is very frustrating. Mainly because once you shoot an arm off, most of the time, they pick it back up instantly. Meaning that to kill a Necramech isn't a game of skill or weapon damage. It's a game of luck; IF the Necramech doesn't pick it's arm back up instantly and IF I am in a good position to be able to hit it's back and IF the Necramech doesn't charge off to attack a random infested whatever, then I can kill it. Doing this can take a frustratingly long time to kill a single one if you don't
  4. I think she would fit into Deimos quite well being more grotesque, but I think making it look more along the lines of Nekros or Nidus Grotesque would be more appropriate. I wanted her to look slightly less human than most of our female Warframes. I was thinking something like this from CGPTteam of Deviant Art, just ignore the extra limbs and make it thinner and female. Deviant Art Link But I agree that making it too grotesque in a very looks forward game may be off-putting for many people.
  5. This has gone through a number of iterations on my own and this is what I've gotten to. I really like the Idea of a Hive or Swarm Warframe, particularly one that is more monstrous and non-human to look at. I don't think we have enough of those. I can't draw to save my life so this is more of a theoretical concept that a design. Frame: Ahrbea Swarm Queen Armor: 150 Energy: 0 (Rank 0) / 0 (Rank 30) Health: 100 (Rank 0) / 300 (Rank 30) Shields: 50 (Rank 0) / 150 (Rank 30) Sprint Speed: 1.25 Ahrbea is a rough altered anglicised spelling of
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