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  1. Well, it has been done before too.
  2. We have hoverboards, jetpacks, and maggots bursting from cysts on our necks, but riding on existing boss units is too silly? v0v
  3. With the rare occasion of using a vapor specter in a long defense PUG I do not use specters. At MR27 and with a collection of warframes it's a shame I can only use one at a time. With Echoes of Umbra coming it might be late for this suggestion, but what about expanding the Specter functionality to allow for something more permanent, where you can deploy several of your frames to a mission at once, which you can revive when they are downed, and taking up the slots that would otherwise be occupied by other players. This could vastly extend the reach of solo players into content. Something similar exists already in Arena missions. Currently I find the Specter AI unreliable but if I wasn't using consumables to keep them alive I would be more likely to use it.
  4. We have Ambulas parts and MOA companions, I would like to build a rideable one, hop on it and control the laser turret like a Grineer gun emplacement.
  5. Fishing and mining are very slow paced compared to the rest of the game, I do not enjoy these activities, but some equipment and Nightwave missions require these items. The Exploiter Orb and Thumpers have fishing and mining drops and are a battle alternative that feels more rewarding with the time investment I have put in my equipment. While I feel the Exploiter Orb drops a generous amount of materials (and is not friendly to the unfamiliar), I find farming Doma Thumpers results in very low drop rates of Pyrol and Auron. Oxylus is helpful with locating fishing hot spots and dyeing fish without using a consumable, and Fortuna has the mining laser upgrades. But an old complaint has resurfaced. As I explained to my wife, "I pilot a cybernetic ninja with weapons powerful enough to wage a future space war against immortal monsters from another galaxy, but mostly wait for the right day/night cycle and throw pointy sticks at fish." Here are some alternatives I'd like to suggest: Make my companion do it The Fishing Cat is a thing, and super cute https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishing_cat In the movie Short-Circuit 2 the robot Johnny 5 replaces his laser from the previous film with a toolbox. I would like to equip my companion with an item that would allow them to select the correct spear or laser temperature and obtain the item for me. I find the MOA AI unreliable currently but this could be a suggestion for the next MOA head and precept. Sentinels die very easily, especially at high levels, even with Primed Regen. I had suggested a consumable "pizza" repair kit to a clan mate, Fennel, who countered with either a cooldown repair kit like the archgun deployer or to convert the Spy 1.0/Sabotage Blast Door consoles into hackable 3D printers to get the companion back Summon Extractor/Excavator Extractors have been around for a long time in the game but are very passive and I feel like they are a chore I need to stay on top of. I would like to survey an area with the mining laser to see what is available then summon in the Extractor or an Excavator with a gear item like the archgun deployer and defend it while it gathers.
  6. I have watched many of the live streams and have heard [DE]Steve mention that he misses wall running, and that he views wall-hopping as a step backwards. If I understand the technical challenge correctly the whole game, including all of the lumpy infested walls, would need to programmed to be run on smoothly. Here is an idea I had for the next movement rework to help chase the fluidity we see in the cut scenes, while acknowledging something like this may already be in the works. I propose Warframes sprint as their default movement mode in missions, like the stamina bar being removed and Gauss being introduced, the speed element is part of the game I enjoy. A dynamic movement button replaces the sprint and toggle-sprint options (for those willing to risk the occasional unintended plunge) that would automatically vault over hip high walls, slide under objects set for it, and run across wires. Holding jump near a wall would set that as the ground, assuming the current wall-run duration is obeyed you could slide down the wall like Mega Man X I have always wanted infested charges to run along the ceiling and drop down at us, perhaps also adding runners and crawlers using their arms along the ceiling could lead to a "high octane nightmare fuel" situation. In Dawn of the Dead (2004) there is a legless zombie that attacks them in the parking garage when the power goes out or like this concept image from Game of Thrones, Season 6. Much like the MOA rework that made them much more threatening with their acrobatics, I would like infested to move more erratically, stumbling but not losing speed, or their vestigial parts forcing them to have an odd stride, making them harder to shoot. The behind the scenes mo-cap could also be fun to watch.
  7. Sliding into an enemy at high speed feels like it should knock enemies over, perhaps at a heavy friction penalty to stop you from moving, or maybe treat it similar to the jump kick and provide a knockdown.
  8. Updated first post to reflect that this is a request to use the Excalibur Prime Skin and Helmet on Excalibur Umbra.
  9. You can equip the regular skins and helmets on Prime variants but not the opposite. I suppose a more honest request would be that I would like to be able to use the Excalibur Prime Skin and Helmet on Umbra. Since no stat bonuses are tied to them, unlike the Arcane Helmets, I don't see the harm in allowing it. Their base stats are the same, but the Prime passive grants 200 energy from death orbs, death orbs only appear on the void tile set. Excalibur Umbra <https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Excalibur#Umbra> Excalibur Umbra, compared to Excalibur Prime: Different Polarities ( vs. ) Excalibur Umbra comes with three mod slots polarized with the unique Umbra polarity. He also comes with 3 Umbral Mods:  Umbral Intensify,  Umbral Fiber, and  Umbral Vitality fusioned to rank 5 out of 10. His Skiajati Nikana and Exalted Umbra Blade each have two polarity slots and come with  Sacrificial Pressure and  Sacrificial Steel equipped. In place of Radial Blind, Umbra has Radial Howl, which not only blinds enemies, but also removes any active damage resistances from Sentient units and Shadow Stalker within range. Unlike other Warframes, Excalibur Umbra's sentience allows him to remain active after using Transference, supporting the Operator with abilities and equipped weapons. However, Umbra can be damaged, and will stop moving once all of his health is depleted. I have fully ranked the sacrificial mod set so it makes Umbra a much more attractive option for me than using Excalibur Prime, which is a shame because of the prestige attached to it. And specter mode does not consume ammo, making equipping it with something like the https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Acceltra a lot of fun.
  10. This is a request to be able to use the Excalibur Prime Helmet on other Excalibur variants.
  11. Are there any plans to convert the scan harvest items such as jadeleaf and threshcones into melee harvest like maprico and tepa? The weekly elite event to fight Grove Specters reminds me the open world areas introduced pickups that don't break the flow of the game as much as stopping to scan. Once you have the codex entry for plants Helios will also stop scanning them for you. With the Simaris mod that allows you to continue scanning enemies and reveals weak spots, could we also have the ability for it to continue scanning plants?
  12. Auto-blocking while having the melee weapon out has been nice, but while performing a charge attack I am often interrupted by incoming fire, I find the loss of control frustrating and would rather have my commitment to the attack take priority over avoiding damage.
  13. I've been waiting for my chance at my missing Saryn, Cernos, and Akstilletto Prime parts for a long time. Looks like it'll be a little longer on the sidearm.
  14. Can we have the option to use the Excal Prime helm on the other models of Excalibur? I enjoy using Excal Umbra's passive a lot more than Excal Prime's energy boost in void missions.
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