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  1. I've been waiting for my chance at my missing Saryn, Cernos, and Akstilletto Prime parts for a long time. Looks like it'll be a little longer on the sidearm.
  2. Can we have the option to use the Excal Prime helm on the other models of Excalibur? I enjoy using Excal Umbra's passive a lot more than Excal Prime's energy boost in void missions.
  3. Good afternoon, Grandmaster Founder here, I love what you've done with the game especially the fast paced flow of combat. Auto-blocking interrupts charge attacks. Are there plans to change the priority of the charge input to be higher than auto-blocking, an option to? Auto-blocking while having the melee weapon out has been nice, but while performing a charge attack I am often interrupted by incoming fire, I find the loss of control frustrating and would rather have my commitment to the attack take priority over avoiding damage. Scan harvest vs melee harvest Are there any plans to convert the scan harvest items such as jadeleaf and threshcones into melee harvest like maprico and tepa? The weekly elite event to fight Grove Specters reminded me the open world areas introduced pickups that don't break the flow of the game as much as stopping to scan. Once you have the codex entry for plants Helios will also stop scanning them for you. With the Simaris mod that allows you to continue scanning enemies and reveals weak spots, could we also have the ability for it to continue scanning plants? Fighting instead of fishing and mining Are there any other plans to give players more ways to fight for resources? I have very much enjoyed the option to fight for resources instead of the slower paced fishing or mining. I feel that Exploiter Orb drops a generous amount of materials, but farming Doma Thumpers have resulted in very low drop rates of Pyrol and Auron and forced me back to mining. After achieving rank 26 I have invested a lot in my warframes and weapons to make them powerful enough to fight a future space war against monsters from another galaxy, but find myself waiting around for the right day/night cycle to throw a specific kind of pointy stick at a fish. Could we have the option to equip a companion like oxlyus or a moa with the spear or laser? Johnny 5 had a really cool toolbox in Short-Circuit 2. The Fishing Cat is a thing, and super cute https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishing_cat I would be also like something similar to the thermia fissure system where players could use a collectible item to deploy something we need to defend. Maybe a consumable like air-support that summons one of our resource drones to gather while we defend it? Rideable MOA? We have Ambulas parts and MOA companions, what about building a rideable one? What about being able to hop on and control the laser turret like a Grineer gun emplacement? Thanks!
  4. Ideas requesting feedback: Ability to keep multiple pets out of stasis at a time. Ambulas parts for MOA companion, rideable like the PoE Tusk, aim to control main gun like a turret while it runs around. Doing the apothic missions after open world was added makes gathering items via scanner very flow breaking and slow. Requesting gatherable items converted to open world style breakable and vacuum items. What about allowing helios to continue scanning after codex full for consumables? My hope for PoE Thumper is that it will be a daytime boss with an Exploiter Orb style drop table. Fishing and mining are very slow paced compared to the rest of the game and having a battle be an alternative would feel more rewarding. Another option could be to allow Oxlyus or a moa (Johnny 5 toolbox) to equip fishing spears and/or the mining laser and gather resources while you defend it.
  5. Frustrated. After most recent hotfix I played a syndicate spy mission solo with the hacking moa, after successful hacks I attempted to reach exfil but a GREEN door blocked my path out of the mission. Enemies were attempting to enter room but it would not open for them or me. I could see their guns sticking through the door and was able to shoot them, but we were all unable to walk/roll/bulljump/voidjump past. I also attempted jumping into pit for a reset, I also allowed an enemy to kill me so I could try a respawn, which failed a riven. I could not attempt a 2 stage lockdown and release as my MOA kept unlocking then panel. Looking for medallions in that mission took a long a time and to lose all my progress like that...
  6. I've changed my colors a bit, but this was a shot I took a couple weeks ago.
  7. What Archwing changes are coming in railjack? Can we get the ability to ride on the MOA pets? I would be willing to replace my sentinel's weapon with a tool box like Johnny 5 so that it could fish and mine for me. I would even be happy defending it while enemies were attracted to the noise. Extractors have been around a long time, we have to remember to pick up and deploy them. What do you think of making them into a customizeable deployable item? It could take the place of drills in excavation or defense objectives in missions then have to get picked up by your orbiter so we get to see that more too. Will the Kubrow and Kavats get a less resource intensive upkeep? Fetch makes me happy, but Sentinels don't have upkeep.
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