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  1. Hello. MR28 Grandmaster Founder here, thank you for your hard work and dedication! Any news on Echoes of Umbra? Could we please have the option to use the Excal Prime helm on the other models of Excalibur (Umbra)? Are there any plans to convert the scan harvest items such as jadeleaf and threshcones into melee harvest like maprico and tepa? Related: Once you have the codex entry for plants Helios will also stop scanning them for you. With the Simaris mod that allows you to continue scanning enemies and reveals weak spots, could we also have the ability for it to continue scanning plants? I love the game but really don't like Fishing and Mining. The Fishing Cat is real and super cute could we have that as a Kavat fishing pet? Maybe have a mining Kubrow or MOA that can dig up or drill up minerals? It can be loud and require defending against waves of enemies, I just really don't like having to stop being a space ninja and have to go fishing. We have Ambulas parts and MOA companions, rideable MOA? Maybe be able to control the laser turret like a Grineer gun emplacement? ETA on end of pet stasis? Infected chargers running on walls and ceilings, please? High octane nightmare fuel. [Edit 03/12/2020] I have maxed Nightwave again, is there a solution for overachievers like myself that surpass the estimated max rank for the event?
  2. A point of consideration for Chroma no longer being able to self damage, allow player to hold the vex armor button down to do health damage and charge the buff similar to Inaros' Scarab Swarm. Looking forward to seeing the changes and how they play out.
  3. I would like to be able to build all the modular parts and them combine them as desired, having them act more like the mod system than the current weapon system
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