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  1. I do not mean this as a condemnation as I have recently suggested something similar in fan concepts, but what about a play on words where the "Broken Warframe" can pick whatever abilities you want from other frames, and the parts of those frames are stitched together in corresponding locations on the resulting "Frankenframe"? That being said, I would NOT want to just give the Old War themed warframe proto-powers of existing abilities since the point of the community suggested frame is to introduce some cool new features. Right?

    My alternative idea is that I see three distinct warframes in the art and each one having characteristics show through is what I would want. To still be fighting after the Old War and together I imagine these three frames were a squad all so dedicated that even after their defeat what was left of them carries on their mission to destroy the sentients.

    • Blue was slender, the pointed fingers and the feather-like swoop on the helmet make me think of either a fast and agile melee fighting frame or a supporting frame with a speed or movement based buff
    • The red parts gave me the impression of a high tech armor, my wife suggested cavalry archer, so I imagine that red has a ranged attack that against sentients the damage type changes to avoid adaptation, then charging up the attack could release an AoE that could interrupt the deadly Battalyst spinning laser or Conculyst whirlwind attack
    • The white dense rounded armor and the spring shape being used for a foot seems like they were could have been from a deflection based warframe. Using the defensive ability fills a meter than can be used for bonus damage in the red attacks
    • The void roots and their previous defeat would make me want to have a mechanism for self heal and/or effectiveness against the sentients. Maybe having the void root shoot out of a limb and drain a foe for restoration, increased effectiveness on sentients could be larger restoration or knocking off their limbs (revenge?)
    • Since the frame doesn't quit then a passive that involves movement, following a momentum or resilience theme, maybe inspiration for allies. While moving health regen and aoe to moving allies?

    This does step on the themes of Revenant and Harrow a bit but it was what came to mind with "Broken Warframe"

  2. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, DE!

    For your consideration:

    Please and Thank You,
    Grandmaster Fogg, MR28

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  3. Hello. MR28 Grandmaster Founder here, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

    Any news on Echoes of Umbra?

    Could we please have the option to use the Excal Prime helm on the other models of Excalibur (Umbra)?

    Are there any plans to convert the scan harvest items such as jadeleaf and threshcones into melee harvest like maprico and tepa?

    Related: Once you have the codex entry for plants Helios will also stop scanning them for you. With the Simaris mod that allows you to continue scanning enemies and reveals weak spots, could we also have the ability for it to continue scanning plants?

    I love the game but really don't like Fishing and Mining. The Fishing Cat is real and super cute could we have that as a Kavat fishing pet? Maybe have a mining Kubrow or MOA that can dig up or drill up minerals? It can be loud and require defending against waves of enemies, I just really don't like having to stop being a space ninja and have to go fishing.

    We have Ambulas parts and MOA companions, rideable MOA? Maybe be able to control the laser turret like a Grineer gun emplacement?

    ETA on end of pet stasis?

    Infected chargers running on walls and ceilings, please? High octane nightmare fuel.

    [Edit 03/12/2020] I have maxed Nightwave again, is there a solution for overachievers like myself that surpass the estimated max rank for the event?

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  4. On 2019-10-29 at 9:39 AM, Wiz3rd said:

    Use Khora. The thing becomes a cakewalk, and you can do it solo.

    This worked on low risk and I was able to do it today (300% duration, 100% range and pre-nerf catchmoon with a team that stuck around). 

    On 2019-10-29 at 9:37 AM, Fogg said:

    tl;dr ...the single point margin for error is razor thin...

    Suggestion: Tenno need to outscore the enemy by a percent, ex 25%+, which would encourage an offensive team rather than encouraging a playing to act as a goalie?

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  5. I would like to petition that Day Trader's difficulty be reduced by removing the "enemy cannot score a single point" requirement.

    I play primarily solo (and usually for short bursts of time) and doing PUGs in The Index I find most teams leave after one or two rotations. In order to prevent the enemy from scoring, especially in round 3, I have only found success while playing as a duration Limbo. In this setting I find it equally necessary and boring to play Limbo and camp the objective. For me the price of failure is the time investment and the single point margin for error is razor thin and I find it frustrating that I often have to choose attempting the last wave with bots or having leave a wave early.

    The Goldilocks setup would be to PUG to the third wave with a team that stays and understands the mechanics of stacking investments before turn in (I turn in if the clock is low otherwise wait until +8), and then I rely on my team to score while I shoulder the responsibility/blame for any scenario that results in a single enemy point being scored.

    As it stands I have stopped doing Day Trader and ended up ignoring it for all of Emissary.

  6. Good afternoon, Grandmaster Founder here, I love what you've done with the game especially the fast paced flow of combat.

    1. Auto-blocking interrupts charge attacks.
      • Are there plans to change the priority of the charge input to be higher than auto-blocking, an option to?
        • Auto-blocking while having the melee weapon out has been nice, but while performing a charge attack I am often interrupted by incoming fire, I find the loss of control frustrating and would rather have my commitment to the attack take priority over avoiding damage.
    2. Scan harvest vs melee harvest
      • Are there any plans to convert the scan harvest items such as jadeleaf and threshcones into melee harvest like maprico and tepa?
        • The weekly elite event to fight Grove Specters reminded me the open world areas introduced pickups that don't break the flow of the game as much as stopping to scan.
          • Once you have the codex entry for plants Helios will also stop scanning them for you. With the Simaris mod that allows you to continue scanning enemies and reveals weak spots, could we also have the ability for it to continue scanning plants?
    3. Fighting instead of fishing and mining
      • Are there any other plans to give players more ways to fight for resources?
        • I have very much enjoyed the option to fight for resources instead of the slower paced fishing or mining.
          • I feel that Exploiter Orb drops a generous amount of materials, but farming Doma Thumpers have resulted in very low drop rates of Pyrol and Auron and forced me back to mining.
            • After achieving rank 26 I have invested a lot in my warframes and weapons to make them powerful enough to fight a future space war against monsters from another galaxy, but find myself waiting around for the right day/night cycle to throw a specific kind of pointy stick at a fish.
              • Could we have the option to equip a companion like oxlyus or a moa with the spear or laser? Johnny 5 had a really cool toolbox in Short-Circuit 2.
              • I would be also like something similar to the thermia fissure system where players could use a collectible item to deploy something we need to defend.
                • Maybe a consumable like air-support that summons one of our resource drones to gather while we defend it?
    4. Rideable MOA?
      • We have Ambulas parts and MOA companions, what about building a rideable one? What about being able to hop on and control the laser turret like a Grineer gun emplacement?


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  7. Ideas requesting feedback:

    Ability to keep multiple pets out of stasis at a time.

    Ambulas parts for MOA companion, rideable like the PoE Tusk, aim to control main gun like a turret while it runs around.

    Doing the apothic missions after open world was added makes gathering items via scanner very flow breaking and slow. Requesting gatherable items converted to open world style breakable and vacuum items. What about allowing helios to continue scanning after codex full for consumables?

    My hope for PoE Thumper is that it will be a daytime boss with an Exploiter Orb style drop table. Fishing and mining are very slow paced compared to the rest of the game and having a battle be an alternative would feel more rewarding. Another option could be to allow Oxlyus or a moa (Johnny 5 toolbox) to equip fishing spears and/or the mining laser and gather resources while you defend it.

  8. What Archwing changes are coming in railjack?

    Can we get the ability to ride on the MOA pets?

    I would be willing to replace my sentinel's weapon with a tool box like Johnny 5 so that it could fish and mine for me. I would even be happy defending it while enemies were attracted to the noise.

    Extractors have been around a long time, we have to remember to pick up and deploy them. What do you think of making them into a customizeable deployable item? It could take the place of drills in excavation or defense objectives in missions then have to get picked up by your orbiter so we get to see that more too.

    Will the Kubrow and Kavats get a less resource intensive upkeep? Fetch makes me happy, but Sentinels don't have upkeep.

  9. I was able to complete both tasks after my second solo run brought me from 37 to 104 kills. Since I normally solo as Rhino I had no idea how dangerous the scorpions were until half way through my second run I was two-shotted. I was very careful after that. and with some health restore items, was able to finish it without being downed again.

  10. As I stated on the original topic: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/341404-add-hardcore-warframe-mode/page-13#entry3962664

    After seeing this on the Community Hot Topics, and reading the aggregated first post, here are some of my ideas.


    2.3 Total HC, separate arsenal, no shared items – I think that there is a playerbase that could be catered to that would love a Super-Hardcore/Hardest-core option, people are still playing Diablo 2 after all. It could also resolve some criticism of the “lack of end-game content” as for some games it IS the end-game. Which reminds me of OxyCore (http://bit.ly/1tF0Q0k) and many of the same elements could easily be adapted to fit Warframe. Special leaderboards, achievements, badges (to wear on your normal frames too, such as getting each frame to max rank in Hardcore). During gameplay having increased rare drop rates during the playthrough, unique equipment, consumables, and cosmetic items would be reasons to attempt it.


    I also agree with the suggestion that the option to play hardcore should be opened via Mastery Rank, and that segregating squads and clans to like-minded individuals would limit "trolling" and raise the expectation of a players proficiency in a team.




    The major deviation from the general consensus that I would offer is that this mode should give you a separate set of loadouts for Hardcore, and single slot to start, with the option of choosing any non-prime frame that you have previously built to use for free in this segregated game mode. After reaching maximum rank another slot would unlock.

    Also, at least for frames that have the option, after reaching rank 30 with a hardcore frame you could use a forma to "upgrade" it to it's prime variant the same way you change the polarity on a slot. Afterwards you could continue to forma the frame as normal if you so desired.


    An alternative to the standard hardcore perma-death could be a Hardcore-lite option where if you have to construct a frame and you die, you instead are essentially “demoted” back to Normal mode. No longer being able to compete on the Hardcore leaderboard and earn the hardcore awards, but not losing the investment in the frame.

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