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  1. To all saying either Kavasa, Trinity or Dual Kamas: it's all of them 🙂 See the official vaulting post from August 2017. Since I started playing somewhere spring 2017, I have all (non-founding) primes by now, except for the kubrow collar... please please unvault it Soon!
  2. I don't think Nightwave would be the best option here, since that is always time limited, non-replayable content. So as soon as the NW season is over, the next generation of Tenno will start wondering where those Acolytes come from. Better pick a more lasting option for this like a (mini) quest or such, I think.
  3. The glitter-stealth is OK with me; much better than the jellyfish hat and the jellyfish-tentacle skirt. The hat I could replace with another helmet (the hunter one; also goofy af though), but the skirt is there still. Oh well, she's perma-invis after the first energy pad is up anyways, and all detail is lost in sparkle mode, so the skirt is gone in no time.
  4. One of OP's points that gets lost in all the back and forth: the timing. I can live with "Read the Wiki" comments (I consult the Wiki too), if not for the timing. If the "Convert or Vanquish?" screen wasn't timed, the problem would be moot, since you could then go alt-tab over to the Wiki on the spot to see what each option means (something I also do regularly). And why is that timer even there? A timer for e.g. relic rewards is useful to not interrupt the flow for everyone else in endless missions (or the ability for one to hijack the progress), but here? The Lich option is a personal thing at the end of a mission anyway, much like new riven aquisitions when your riven capacity is at zero ("buy slots or dissolve?")... right? The flow of the Lich end screen is also new. With the above riven option you can select a button with the mouse; with relic rewards you click the reward you want. But here we select the option via press-and-hold move-left or move-right, which is something that also threw me off for a second the first time I encountered it (worrying not to mess it up). Railjack also has a new system (for the forge, right? or the skill points?): keep the mouse pressed to have a meter fill up to 100% and then it's confirmed. IMO DE would be best to keep one unified experience everywhere and not introduce new GUI interaction flows with each new content coming out.
  5. Did the same as well 🙂 After destructing it again, the 2nd time I pressed "Rotate", only to find out it was still not oriented OK; the 3rd time I pressed rotate twice and now the entrance is in the middle of the dry dock. The massive length of the thing is probably intentional, as in: you need a lot of entry space to let big space ships fly in. Maybe it'll get a function once we can fly the railjacks? Maybe we get to see the dojo from the outside when landing? In that case a small size of the drydock would mean ship entry would fly through other rooms placed behind it.
  6. I also now spotted there's a spurious entry for a requiem relic rewards listing? There's listings for "Requiem I Relic (Intact)" + it's 3 upgrades, also the same for the II, III and IV relic, but the list is finalized by a lone "Requiem Relic (Intact)" -- was this intentional? I found out because it broke my parsing script (because there's no type between the tier "Requiem" and the word "Relic"). Never mind; reading back some replies in this topic I already saw Commaster mentioning it. Problem still persists, though.
  7. Ah - just found out there's a hyperlink on that page which I just now spotted, linking here. Didn't see it when stepping through the scraping script in the debugger when updating my database. So I already made a support ticket and a "Heads-up" post at: My last comment in that post still stands though; is there a contact list for 3rd party creators like myself that might come in handy when finding out things like this, to spread the word quickly? Or is this forum post visited frequently enough? (I assume not since I didn't even know about it? could be me though 🙂 )
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