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  1. Hah! I even made a "I want to learn this fight solo without spoilers but it seems bugged" post about the ropalolyst, only later to get that warm fuzzy noob feeling when I also realized this. I was even called a slow learner and a noob in that thread for extra credits ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Or make a habit of always taking Carrier (from the market) with you with the Looter mod (from Simaris) + Vacuum on it; you'll empty all containers without having to do any effort, regardless the rest of your setup.
  3. The only primes I haven't completed yet are Ash, Vectis, Carrier, Soma, and Kavasa Collar. I never really traded for any prime parts I missed but I do have a few relics for some of these items, so I think these items must be the ones vaulted longest from when I started playing Warframe about 2 - 2.5 years ago. Heck, let's check the wiki -- Ash, Vectis and Carrier were vaulted on May 30th, 2017 Kavasa Collar was vaulted August 29th, 2017 Soma came with Nova and Vasto and got vaulted on January 29, 2019, so I guess I dropped the ball on that one... So, hopefully next time...
  4. Came here to report just this. Happened twice in a row to me now; first I get some noclip effect showing only untextured lightblue everywhere (also no HUD, player, etc.), except for one inner side of the surrounding cube holding the background texture, and when I /unstuck the surroundings/player/etc. draw correct again but I'm 5 KM from the battlefield.
  5. Thanks for that! I suspect they're all occurring once in the recipe? And if you could list the content of the Neo Z3 and Axi M1 (incl. which are the c/u/r parts) , that would really be sweet... Strike that -- I just got lucky with the Neo Z3 and Axi M1! Costed me some syndicate ranks here and there, but then I now have something else to play for again ๐Ÿ™‚ The only thing I now need to know is the part counts for the recipe...
  6. Hi all, I'm updating my site Warframe Stuff Organizer so it lists the newly added Wukong Prime, Ninkondi Prime and Zhuge Prime. I already spent all my buffered syndicate standing on relic packs (I dislike the relic grind anyway ๐Ÿ™‚), and so far I've gotten all new relics for Wukong and Ninkondi (confirmed by the wiki). Wrt the Zhuge I've only received the Lith L1, Meso A2 and Axi D1 relics containing the main blueprint, the grip and the receiver. However, the wiki doesn't yet list what's needed for the Zhuge, nor the drop locations (relics). The official drop tables are also not refreshed yet. And I want to push this content out now! Or at least a.s.a.p., so my users can properly track their new shiny toys. Seeing that the Zhuge is a bow, I expect it also needs a string and some limbs, so these are clearly missing? Does anyone have any info on which other relics are needed and which parts build up the Zhuge (incl. the # of parts needed, like 2 limbs or such)? Thanks a ton - makes me sleep better tonight ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I'm assuming here that when you sell stuff and receive bad plat, DE is going to take away the plat but also gives you back the item. Right? Haven't had this happen to me, but it's what I think I picked up earlier in this thread. In that case, it's actually a fair thing for DE to do. Fair wrt balancing the rights of and repercussions to both parties (Tenno and DE alike) Consider the following scenarios: Bad actor introduces bad plat, buys items with it from unknowing Tenno, Tenno hasn't spent more than what his plat balance was before DE permabanned the bad actor Plat is removed from Tenno Tenno gets his item back Conclusion: the situation is restored to what it was before the trade, except for causing a disillusioned Tenno DE gets to cought up any card refund fees though Bad actor introduces bad plat, buys items with it from unknowing Tenno, Tenno does spend more than what his plat balance was before DE permabanned the bad actor Plat is removed from Tenno, who is now in the negative and also gets banned Tenno gets his item back though, and he gets to keep the items he bought Conclusion: the situation is somewhat restored, apart from the Tenno being banned until he forks over cash to compensate for his shopping spree DE gets to cought up any card refund fees though Bad actor introduces bad plat, buys items with it from cooperating bad Tenno or an alt account Again the bans, but this time both are justified DE gets to cought up any card refund fees though 1. is just bad luck and a jump scare, so not of any real importance, except for DE losing $ (and reputation). However, when most people complain about 2. they seem to overlook that 3. is also an option. How is DE supposed to recognize 2. from 3.? If DE were more lenient in situation 2 (at least, more lenient in public; who knows how soft they are in practice?), then that would make using stolen plat on alt accounts far less risky, which might result in far more bad plat to enter the market. This in turn would undermine DE's profitability, which in the long run can only be detrimental to both DE and thus us fair-playing Tenno. Maybe. Just thinking out loud here. However, this situation could be improved if in 2. the banned Tenno could just let DE remove the items he bought with the bad plat instead. But then again they might have already been consumed.... And it also opens up the possibility for setting up a bad plat account + alt 'regular' account to try things out risk-free on the regular account. If DE were to treat 2. by not reclaiming the plat, then that would also be that way for 3., which would open the door wide for bad actors to just try it out and see when they'll get caught (if at all if the fraud doesn't surface), with no repercussions at all for their alt account. Hell, it'll even be a nice bad plat laundry machine, opening the door to even more fraud on the platform. So: Tenno and DE get f@#$ed either way; I think this is just a fair compromise, since DE already swallows any card refund fees (which are relatively quite steep if only small plat amounts were purchased).
  8. Thanks to everyone for your confirmations. I already closely monitor each Baro visit to see what he brings, so if some item were to resurface there (which I already saw happening once I think). And new content is also hard to spot ๐Ÿ™‚ The best thing for now then I think is to keep most of them listed as "Unobtainable" (since they'll take an undefined time to come back), and have the PoE and Fortuna ones listed as "Event" (since these operations/events are sure to resurface from time to time). Only uncertainty here is the Snipetron then; it once was an operation-only item (and market as well once IIRC?) but it resurfaced as a Nakak offering during Plague Star. So not a direct reward like the Opticor Vandal, which is thus more certain to return with the event...
  9. Yeah, I think the PoE and Fortuna ones are about the only ones that will come back for certain.
  10. It's just that I list each item's source on my site so my users know where to go to get it. And in the case of these items there's really no way to get them at the moment, so that's why I decided to list them as "Unobtainable". Once they resurface I plan to update that status to whichever place they can be acquired from. And the Wiki also uses that term, so I thought I'd be consistent. But it might be a good thing to add some *-footnote to them.
  11. Oh, it's not for my own sake that I'm asking -- I have everything (apart from the founders exclusives). But it's nice to know they'll get recycled one day for others to obtain as well.
  12. I've managed to snag both of them before operation Hostile Mergers ended. But now that the operation is over, I assume they will thus stay unobtainable for quite a while from now? The Wiki is not too outspoken on it (unlike the page for e.g. Zylok which states it is currently unobtainable), though it might be it just wasn't updated yet. I want to know because I want to properly categorize them on Warframe Stuff Organizer. I don't think there's a chance they'll be back Soon(tm), so I've changed their listing to "Unobtainable". The same goes for older content btw. Just as a heads-up sanity check, am I correct with the following listing? The Wiki only seems to mark things as unobtainable if it's also not tradable, though I'd like to not make that distinction (I have a separate tradability classification). Spectra Vandal, Glaxion Vandal: Unobtainable; operation Hostile Mergers is over now, and it was a one-time operation with no sight of a rerun one day. They're also not tradeable. Zylok: Unobtainable; the Pyrus Project Event is over, and that was the only source to get it since it's not tradeable either. Opticor Vandal: Event, since Exploiter Orb will come back from time to time IIRC? It's the only remaining "Event" item in the whole database now... Wolf Sledge: Unobtainable, though tradable. Series 1 is over, and following series will have other themes and drops. But I heard rumors the Wolf would come back one day, right? Maybe not in Nightwave though, so "Nightwave" is then also probably not the right term here. How else to categorize it though... Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime, Skana Prime: Unobtainable, since they are founders exclusives and untradeable. The wiki does state "This weapon can be sold for โ€5,000" -- my condolences to the ones who did it by mistake ๐Ÿ˜ž Ignis Wraith: both Chem Lab and Unobtainable + tradable; Chem Lab if your clan did the research during the operation, and unobtainable otherwise, apart from trading of course. Maybe I should add a separate category for unobtainable-but-tradable to make it less dramatic... Snipetron: Unobtainable (for now) and not tradable. It already resurfaced a few times over the years though (last time you could buy it from Nakak during operation Plague Star). But there's no sight of it becoming a recurring presence. Dex Dakra, Dex Sybaris and Dex Furis: Gift of the Lotus (or Alert?), since they'll be coming back each year in March as alerts (but presented then as "Gift of the Lotus", right?). Untradable though, so just long windows of unobtainability. Machete: only available as a login reward nowadays (you just have to be lucky when logging in, so practically unobtainable ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Are there any other items I've overlooked? I'm only concerned about items giving mastery rank; I guess there's also lots of cosmetics being locked away forever by now, but that's not what my site tracks.
  13. Difference here might be I was running as a solo squishy frame 1st time, with no squad members to draw the fire away from me ๐Ÿ™‚ So I played very defensively. And I first did the cables with my frame, but as operator you can simply go void mode when the arc comes up; far easier that way. Ropa doesn't shoot at you in that stage anyway. And the way back is also trivialized as operator too; just go void mode when he starts shooting but continue walking on. But it does take extra time.
  14. Oh, in hindsight it is indeed simple enough; it's really the same mechanic as the Exploiter orb which I could figure out by myself quickly enough (solo Ivara there as well). And it's also a fun fight (also solo, even as Ivara) so I definitely want nothing changed there. But what tripped me up here I think was that I was trying to void-dash the beast, which transferred me into my warframe again (which I thought was a bug at that time, but reading the Wikia now it's the boss' Spectral Scream reaction). And with all that void dashing straight up and ending up in my warframe, the gameplay was too chaotic for the "x" hint to grab the beast to remain on screen long enough. In hindsight just grabbing it as warframe is far easier ๐Ÿ™‚ That, plus the "x" hint to grab the lines is also missing far too often (that is a bug I think). I've had countless times that I tried to step on it as operator anyway (knowing it was the way to go), spamming "x" to grab it, but falling through anyway...
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