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  1. wow 130k Captura Scene = 10k Fish Trophy thanks for throwing 120k due to the fact that I'm playing at the wrong time
  2. AGS37

    I'm completely stuck

    I clicked on an item link while loading on a mission and was completely stuck - none of the buttons worked please add suicide system with command and bind keys
  3. AGS37

    bug with Gear wheel

    oops. My apologies. This is not a bug - I did not notice that I have an empty space. (but I don't remember that I deleted it. And for some reason the items that should have been further down the list disappeared)
  4. mission: Earth - Mariana video
  5. AGS37

    bug with Gear wheel

    my Gear wheel doesn't work normally - I cannot add something new and like it is cut off my friends don't have this bug
  6. Sorry, i did not understand one thing: i can transfer only 1 ability or 3 to one Warframe ? because if there is 3, it will greatly strengthen Inaros 😄
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