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  1. Again........ and BTW, I'm tired of falling through the floor after all these years. Frankly, it's embarrassing....
  2. Again...... for the Nth time............. I will post this until it's fixed. Oh the irony of posting to a thread about new skins, when I've spent my platinum only for said skins Not to work properly...
  3. Nope, the bow skin has it's string as buggy as the first release day. This is getting so tiresome, buying skins for platinum only to look bad once you equip them. Talking about the bow skin and as an added bonus, the Sepfahn nikana shoulder holster bug and any skin applied to it clips while moving (this bug is present since .. forever) I'm getting tired guys....
  4. Please fix this...... It's been a long time:
  5. I bought skins and right shoulder holster....... both bugged.
  6. I mean, Jesus. It's like they don't see this bug. Many people report on it and it never gets fixed. Here's mine:
  7. Come on DE!! REALLY? Are you ignoring us completely? This is from 2019
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