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  1. Hey, just wanted to point out that since the fix, the flak fragments on the Flak Cannon are no longer visible which is a shame. I used to play the original UT back in high school. Loved the spread of those fragments and the animation. Now it looks like it just shoots out rays. For the Shock Rifle skin, the second fire detonation no longer shows the bubble shockwave. Can you guys please fix this? It kinda looses the charm if the animations and effects are lacking. Thanks
  2. Same here, and they removed the flak fragments model from the Unreal Flak Cannon Skin. Now it look like you're shooting 100 rays of sunshine. Looks like a hitscan geometry rather than projectiles/pellets. The FPS drops drastically especially if you don't use the Fomorian accellerant mod. Come On DE, fix this. For real this time
  3. No wonder my flak cannon felt like garbage. However, now you have removed the flak fragments classic animation that came with this skin, PLEASE FIX.
  4. You both missed the point of the discussion. Feel free to read it again.
  5. And I just made a new one. Please post some pictures here
  6. Please feel free to post some pictures here as well. Maybe we'll get them to fix this once and for all.
  7. Please post some pictures into my topic as well. We gotta get them to fix this. Here:
  8. I made a new Post as well. Please post your pictures here too:
  9. Well, here we are again. New update, new broken animations for the Sepfahn. You have fixed the right shoulder holster - and I thank you for that, but now the Sepfahn animation is broken beyond belief. Now every time I use the weapon (note the screenshots with different skins) the scabbard teleports in a different location on my frame, be it in Idle or while swinging. Can we PLEASE for the love of Clem have this fixed for the Nikana zaws once and for all?
  10. Won't argue with your points there bud. But having thrown away all these resources to have just a diminishing return is bad practice. Imagine the disappointment of sub 20 MR folks who barely got the time to gather and build RJ and grind more, and more for resources jut to get an infused ability that has sub par behavior because the system itself is poorly thought of from the beginning. Of course you're not gonna have the same synergy with other abilities. But let me give you an example. I had to grind for hours and hours for a new Nidus because I'm not gonna throw away a 6
  11. and all abilities have a reduced effect, be it range or other. This sucks badly. Just wasted a ton of resources for nothing. Thanks for nothing DE. At least DE should have given Mastery XP for every helminth level. Disappointment is an understatement.
  12. OMG, now it's even worse, they fixed the shoulder holster, but every time I use the Sepfahn, the sheath bugs in a random position on my body... Really DE? Is it possible that you can't fix these animations after all this time????
  13. Still falling through the floor both in Deimos and Cetus. Still having issues with Sepfahn clipping.
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