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  1. OK, PLEASE STOP with the void fissures/anomalies spawning near me every 15 seconds. This is BLINDING! You understand? If you don't have a flashing lights disclaimer, you should think about putting one up. It's not even about the taking damage, it's because I can't see anything! Between those things spawning and the hard coded Hub sprite it's giving me head aches after half an hour of game play. It was interesting for the first 10 runs, but for the love of Clem, I don't wanna end up losing my mind and my time shooting at the anomalies instead of concentrating on the enemies. I can tolerate
  2. Seeing is how we have 3 slots for weapon/frames/companions appearance, Why not have 3 slots for RJ. I got some sick combos in mind but would rather not waste my current setup. Edit: I would also second the request of having the Tempestarii void halo as an ephemera for other RJ Skins. Thank you
  3. PLEASE fix. This is embarrassing. Plus on the Railjack, the Nikana skins defer to the default. Come on...
  4. PLEASE for Clem's sake, how many time do I have to keep posting this?
  5. During the Orphix segments, the Regulators/condensers or whatever spawn INSIDE WALLS!!!!! so the mission is failed because you cannot get to them. PLEASE FIX Also, after so long we STILL have "MISSION FAILED" on host transfer and infinite loading screen. Are you kidding me? And why can't I choose to use my ship when launching a mission from my own ship, what's the point then? Why have me be on my RJ and then get me on somebody else's RJ. Revert this change, doesn't make any sense.
  6. Hey, just wanted to point out that since the fix, the flak fragments on the Flak Cannon are no longer visible which is a shame. I used to play the original UT back in high school. Loved the spread of those fragments and the animation. Now it looks like it just shoots out rays. For the Shock Rifle skin, the second fire detonation no longer shows the bubble shockwave. Can you guys please fix this? It kinda looses the charm if the animations and effects are lacking. Thanks
  7. Same here, and they removed the flak fragments model from the Unreal Flak Cannon Skin. Now it look like you're shooting 100 rays of sunshine. Looks like a hitscan geometry rather than projectiles/pellets. The FPS drops drastically especially if you don't use the Fomorian accellerant mod. Come On DE, fix this. For real this time
  8. No wonder my flak cannon felt like garbage. However, now you have removed the flak fragments classic animation that came with this skin, PLEASE FIX.
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