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  1. Hello Tenno, I've been giving some thought recently of all the ephemeras that are currently in the game, both farmable and Prime accessories, and I have farmed all of them minus a couple from Kuva Liches because honestly there's nothing visually appealing. I also had to have all prime ephemeras, because yes, they look much better tbh. But lately I find myself enjoying the Eros Wings Ephemera the most. There's something majestic about beautiful spreading angel wings (I'm not a religious man if you're asking). There's a few wing related syandanas but not as beautiful, and besides, the Eros Wing Ephemera has this well thought design where it fades to a translucent dotted image, but it could be improved. I also like the fact that you know when enemies are nearby without looking at the radar. So with that in mind, I though what would you guys think about a Prime winged ephemera, and how would it look like. What would be cool IMO, is to have a sort of mix between tech and organic design. Maybe have the leading edge synth inspired, and the trailing edge more organic. Of course, golden metal bits are a must without overdoing it in the sense that it must not overburden or make them look too bulky (maybe the main quills of the "feathers"?), something tastefully done. Also, have some well placed lighting/glow for the emission colors to play with. As for the "during action" fade effect, I was thinking instead of having them translucent, maybe it would be cooler if they became totally invisible using like the cloak effect from Loki which is already awesome - especially if you use black as energy color, you get the perfect cloak. Or even better, have a refracting rainbow-ish effect, splitting the light in it's component colors like the cloak from Crysis 3. What do you guys think? Add your ideas to the pile, cheers.
  2. Hello, Since the inclusion of the Unreal Tournament skins in the game I've been annoyed by a couple of visual bugs with the Kuva Drakgoon Unreal Flak Cannon skin, and unfortunately once I've noticed them, I cannot unsee them and breaks the game immersion. I understand that some players may not be bothered but it matters to me. I must say that the Flak Cannon is indeed my favorite weapon skin of the 3. I used to play the Original UT in 1999 while in high school (I'm old). Fun Fact Digital Extremes was a co-developer :) Love the visceral sounds and "in your face" attitude this weapon has. I'm also still playing the UT Pre-Alpha that has been unfortunately abandoned by Epic but has a strong player base. So since this weapon is my main go to in both UT and Warframe, I've noticed the visual bugs that you can find below when using the weapon in Warframe. The left hand that is supposed to support the weight of weapon, is buried inside the body of the weapon, instead of using the actual bottom grip, so the bones were not adjusted to fit. Also another bug is that even though the muzzle flash is correctly attached to the barrel, the actual projectiles are ejected from below the weapon so the shot comes off bore. It's most noticeable when aiming and also visible in Captura from different angles. I've used the default Excalibur in these screens to make it easier to identify what I'm talking about. Thank you.
  3. The funny thing is all nikana skins are bugged including the dax one ofc, but it's been a long time since people reported them and we still have no complete fix. Yet DE's excuse is, "we are to busy right now working on other things", and at the same time newer skins are allowed into the game without being checked for bugs but you're expected to buy them. This mentality has to change. We need a thorough QOL update, and I mean thorough.
  4. You were supposed to claim your drops by eye balling the progress bar (clicking your profile pic). I got Loki and the gun blade. The armor was not sent I think. Maybe we'll get it later.
  5. :D It's a running gag, WF being in Beta for 8 years.... (because it's never finished by definition, a live service game)
  6. I gotta say... I wasn't expecting that. Kinda Epic. Humanizing the enemy is the best thing you could do, give them a face and a name. Long live Kahl. For the queens.
  7. Indeed, why not? From what I can gather, because DE is mad at the players for not playing any more RJ missions, and abandoning RJ soon after everyone built sevagoth and other related RJ mission stuff. "I built this for you, young man. Why aren't you playing it more. I want you to play the game like I want, not like you want". First off, I'm a grown a** man with a day job, and rather not have someone tell me how to eat my dinner, because I'll enjoy it less and less and less, until I'll skip it completely. Now besides all the complete nonsense that it's the drop chances, pardon my French but this sounds like bully!ng to me. DE should practice what they preach and play their own game just to see how ridiculous time consuming and frustrating this game is. It may come as a shock, but people have other games they want to play besides WF. These days, people of all ages have dozens of games in their library. If you remember the times when Steve or the girls (which I like very much, they seem like good folks) played longer times, they would quickly identify some of the flaws and come up with ways to improve the game. Anyway, this game is going down a path that is detrimental to both the dev and it's players, mostly because of lacking better communication and feedback intake. If someone disagrees, please provide educated and complete arguments, and I'd love to talk with you. Stay Safe
  8. What happened to "no Kuva weapon will spawn twice in row" thing. Been wasting my time getting duplicate weapons. I'm at the point where I'm just straight out abandoning missions after killing the sukkjekt that has the same weapon over and over again. Is this what you want us to do? AND FOR THE SISTERS, you expect us to grind the Granum void just to be face with a duplicate weapon? ARE YOU FOR REAL DE????? The grineer grind can be done in 2 minutes max, which cannot be said about the granum void, and not only that, you are not guaranteed to be able to be the guy that uses his parazon to spawn one. WHAT is this game??? You think everyone has one free year to grind for the sisters? Do you even understand how insane this is?? Fine, you don't listen anyway. Gonna get one more Kuva weapon just to make it to Legendary one, and end it, and then I'm quitting this game forever. You ruined it Goodbye
  9. a few bugs: - Yarelli's syandana does not incorporate the effect from the Catena Ephemera - all attachments do not scale to Yarelli's model, they are oversized
  10. "I'm sorry Animo, execute the protocol" 😋
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