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  1. im not meant nerf. but only more strength for guns and more balance for physicals. also, god that's huge letters
  2. im not good at english so used translator Melee Weapons: Regardless of the range stat, you cannot attack the back of the hit enemy. Cannot attack through the guard of enemies that can guard. Melee Weapon Physicals: Impact: Same as current, but ignores shield and shield gating and deals damage. Deals additional damage in proportion to the armor stat. Puncture: Deletes the current effect. Instead, when activated, it hits all enemies within range on the line of attack. No damage reduction. A portion of the damage ignores defense. Slash: Bleed damage is affected by defense, greatly boosts Bleed damage damage multiplier. Significantly increases damage to all enemies except machines and robots. In addition to the above effects, the following effects are added to the gun physical Impact: When an enemy is hit, it is slightly pushed back without a staggering motion (Easier to hit weak points.) Decreased accuracy and movement speed of enemies in status. (Explosive status effects require rework) Puncture: Temporarily greatly increases thickness penetration when a status effect is activated Creates weakness points at the site of damage (similar to Banshee's, but has a lower damage multiplier, can be stacked), additional damages are ignores defense. Slash: Reduces damage dealt by the target (current puncture status effect), confuses non-mechanical enemies for 0.5 seconds. Inflicts additional damage to the limbs and head of the target affected by the status effect.
  3. open test server please. there's too many risk for this
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