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  1. -command intrinsic, hire new crewmates. time to maybe introduce syndicate armor so we can match? -static RJ map, please tell me its now tied to the M map instead of being separate for no reason? -WF energy = RJ energy, whyyyy? some frames have infinite energy and some frames dont even use energy how will that work or will there be multiple rules? -RJ nodes.. why are there so many and why are they tied to a separate screen.. just make each planet have 4 nodes that are tied to the main screen rather than current separate menu. -missions drop arcanes.. but arcanes are kinda useless for an
  2. anyone on PC wanna fix my boring Rp-dojo n make it waaaay cooler? i tought it was fine for a solo RP-clan but damn mine looks so boring compared to some of these other stuff people made. i dont really want random mechs and such but i want a dojo that looks like a working ship/relay kinda thing.
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