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  1. that's ps4 timeline, pc gets it all at the same time
  2. We need the prime vault to induce demand on prime parts and sets. Otherwise the ingame economy would be unbalanced and there would be no way for players to earn platinum in prime sets if they were constantly available. Look at a mirage prime set, then look at a nekros prime set. Mirage is currently around 3-40p, nekros who was recently vaulted is around 200p. Nekros has value since he is unable to be farmed. Mirage has little to none since she isnt able to, but once she is vaulted she will rise in value. It's unfortunate but we need the prime vault because it induces demand. High supply = no demand, No supply = high demand.
  3. No it wont be like gara, it'll be how literally every other damage reduction "shield"/covering works like mesa, gara, nova, ice chroma's 2, nezha, rhino etc. It'll be a useful shield of her own if its a 360 shield of blood on her, not this re-skinned volt transistor shield.
  4. the last message is a code, it's very obvious, the dude's name is Thursby for crying out loud.
  5. It's getting released Thursday, solaris discord.
  6. From solaris discord "I’ll send you the code to your cache once the first Outworlders arrive in Fortuna later this week." **later this week** meaning I wouldnt get your hopes up for a release today.
  7. I'm sure a much better birthday present for all of us would be to have it released as soon as possible.
  8. He's saying there will be less or no demand since you can get it for free with twitch prime.
  9. That's not what he meant at all. He has no use for endo, therefore its a useless reward. It isnt worth his time.
  10. Enemies getting tougher isn't a reason to stay longer. You dont get a larger haul of kuva if you stay longer. 5 mins at 2 hours and 5 mins just starting out will get you the same amount of kuva, longer runs just increase the risk of the siphon being destroyed, and your time being wasted. There's no reason to stay longer.
  11. Assuming you're max health, which you rarely ever are give slash, toxin eximus, any run past 5 mins in general. And you arent really planning to shoot yourself, it happens mid combat.
  12. Gah I've been waiting for my clan emblem to be updated for like 2 weeks now
  13. Yes comrades, have you ever heard of.... Conclave?
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