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  1. It took months, I can't believe this is true now!! I've lost the count of the feedback posts I had made right about that problem, and now I can fully enjoy this game again! I'm impressed, I actually had lost hope but now it's real ... I dunno what to say, thank you developers!
  2. I think the colors and the lightning are still fked up. Also I cannot preview correctly the Harrow deluxe skin, if I try to preview it, the basic skin and deluxe will mix together
  3. My eyes are thankful for this update.
  4. Woah Volt Prime! 😮 Around 400 days ago he was my starting frame, and then I sold him because back then I didn't have enough frame slots. It's gonna be a pleasure to try him again as prime frame!
  5. I would dare to say that your post should be marked as important, because it's well written and it's a summary of most of the feedback provided in this section, heck some of your points sound so obvious that it almost looks like the developers are lacking a bit of common sense. I really hope they will acknowledge their mistake and turn this melee update into something that can be positive for everyone, without having to sacrifice or deform good mechanics and aspects of the game.
  6. I rarely use channeling mods, but today I wanted to give it a try. Sadly I forgot about the amazing auto block that we are forced to use now, so as soon I activate channeling mode, my energy is completely drained very shortly after, because of the energy consumption during blocking while channeling. The more I explore the current melee system, the less I like it. Personally, the only thing that I like is the new directional slam attack ... even if the ragdoll effect on the enemies is too exaggerated ... hilarious yes, but exaggerated.
  7. Another disturbing point to add, is the fact that we are all forced to change the way we play with melee, that we like it or not. Unfortunately, It's not like an option that we can choose, a feature to turn on or off. And this is disconcerting, because we are not all alike, every player wants the freedom to choose the way to play, that's why options and customization exist. But instead this update is more like "no I don't care of your preferences, now you will adapt to play like this and shut up". I guess we have to wait and see what happens in the second phase, while having zero information. I'm seriously worried.
  8. Dear developers, I wish that one day you can take a moment to talk about the current status of the melee system and share your thoughts about all the feedback we have provided. For the rest, thank you for the update.
  9. I guess that if the developers care about us and our feedback, they will tell us something in the next live stream. There's so much negative feedback so sooner or later they will have to face this problem! Otherwise I think we have to wait for the second phase of the melee update and hope for the best. But still I don't get why not let us simply choose which melee configuration to use in game, because a simple in game option would do the trick and restore the happiness of the players who don't enjoy this new melee system. I can understand that they want to force us to use this new melee system to make us beta test it and collect data and feedback, but I think now it's enough, there are pages of feedback and some players are sick of this messy melee combat.
  10. The new customization of the energy color is beautiful, truly beautiful! A great update overall! Man you got me almost excited there for a moment, because I thought you were about to say "we have found that many players prefer the classic old melee system, so we are giving players the option to switch back to it."
  11. Please developers, tell us something about the melee system, what are you planning to adjust and the possibility about a legacy melee mode.
  12. Now this is a comment worthy of awards! I admit that I wasn't being critical enough, but I guess that was your moment to shine, very brilliant indeed!!
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