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  1. Heidelgard

    New melee weapon idea

    Yea man!! I've actually took this idea from Monster Hunter, Skyforge and Tera 😄 This is also the second time that I post this idea, cuz I think shields are underrated. I can understand that if you use a medium size shield, you will simply have a damage reduction on block, but if you wanna focus on defense, you can have a great shield that also gives you a % chance to perfectly deflect incoming hits. And as a down side, you can give it slow attack speed and low status chance. I also wonder how a great shield should look like, a tech one made of energy or a classic metal one.
  2. Heidelgard

    Opinions on next peimed weapons

    I totally forgot about the Cernos Prime and now I really doubt it's gonna be the Daikyu 😔
  3. Heidelgard

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    There are a ton of good warframe ideas in the fan concepts section, if you consider them, we have barely moved forward. But I also agree that there are still some old frames that desperately need a rework or a buff. So I would say that a possible way to proceed would be taking a break from introducing new warframes, so they can start reworking the old ones, together with the community feedback. And for doing this, it could be nice to have an online poll, where all the players can vote to choose who is going to be the next frame that needs a rework. Now probably it won't be possible to make everyone happy, cuz many people will wish for a rework based on their own ideas, but I'm positive that we can reach a state where most of us can agree that "this rework at least is making this frame better than how it was before". And finally, when a rework is completed, we remove the reworked frame from the big list (hopefully forever~) and we move to the next one, still voted by the players. This is an intense work, but it will allow to have solid foundations, and that's what is needed to continue building up.
  4. Heidelgard

    Opinions on next peimed weapons

    Maybe a bow since so far there's only one primed bow, so I'm hoping for Daikyu prime!
  5. Heidelgard

    Allow for a option to enter social areas solo

    Now I dunno if this is possible but maybe instead of creating a solo instance when you join Cetus, you could have an option like "hide all players in town areas: on/off", so when it is activated, your client won't have to load all the players around and there should be an increase in your performance.
  6. Heidelgard

    Melee weapon

    That's a cool idea, it would be the first dual wielding katana! Well katana + wakizashi to be more accurate. But I guess we have to wait for the melee 3.0 update, and then maybe they will introduce some new melee weapons.
  7. Heidelgard

    New melee weapon idea

    Here's one more: lance + shield The attack types are like thrusts, hop and thrust, charge forward with a charged melee attack and a shield bash.
  8. Heidelgard

    Give a purpose to dual daggers

    Thanks for supporting this idea! I actually opened a topic about this like a month ago, but now is lost in the archive of the old threads. So I just took the chance to bring up this idea again 😁 To OP: sorry for going out topic in this post, I'm just answering who quoted me
  9. Heidelgard

    Can we have some more silent secondary weapons

    I would really love to have a secondary handgun with a built in silencer!
  10. Heidelgard

    Give a purpose to dual daggers

    I have an idea for dual daggers, but it's not about damage or stats, it's just an additional feature. So, what I can suggest on dual daggers, is the ability to perform a stealth finisher on two targets at the same time, if they are standing next to each other of course. Cuz I often notice couples of grineers standing next to each other when I sneak around, and maybe with two daggers you can finish them both with a stylish move like in Assassin's Creed or Deus Ex. This is the double kill scenario:
  11. Heidelgard

    Warframe 2019

    This is just advertisement, if that guy wants he can discuss his own ideas here.
  12. I like surprises, I love when I open warframe and it starts to download an update, cuz it means there's a chance that we may get something new and then I rush to check the update notes, so I actually don't mind not being aware of the release date of their updates. Also I think it's normal that people can get bored and move to another game, they will eventually come back when there will be something new to do, or some events.
  13. Heidelgard

    Prime weapon skins

    There are many same topics like this if you check the archive, and most of them talk about the Silva&Aegis skin. I have upvoted them all and once again I'll upvote this one as well.
  14. Heidelgard

    Kill 5 Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground

    I usually use the Tigris for this, I stand on ground and I wait for the Dargyn to shoot me, then shoot once at it and keep holding down the fire button to save the second shot in the Tigris for the falling pilot, you'll easily hit him thanks to the bullet spread.
  15. Heidelgard

    Top 6 frames that need attention in 2019

    Vauban could use something different than just throwing balls. Chroma needs an actual passive and maybe an improvement for the first and fourth ability. Nyx needs her rework to be reworked. Revenant is embarrassing, after all he's the frame that wasn't supposed to be. As for Valkyr, Ember and Wukong, I have never played them, so I have no idea and I'll just agree if you guys say they need a rework.