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  1. Plz dun touch Inaros, he's my favorite frame together with Trinity and he's simply perfect to me. But I do agree that people often rant right at the beginning of a mission when they see me using Inaros, that's getting annoying.
  2. I agree with everything you said, and I also was reporting the same issues more than a month ago. It was a joy to use melee back then, and now for me it's a pain and I can't get used to it. I can only hope that we are forced to use this new clunky system to beta test it, and that the developers are collecting information and feedback to improve it in a next update ... or at least to give us more customization and choices. I would be happy enough with a simple toggle "Use Melee 2.0 / Melee 3.0" .
  3. When I read the post title I immediately thought about DMC bike:
  4. Well when playing in public with a random team, the game is not really a co op, more like 4 players playing solo in the same map, so I usually don't expect much. A way to create co op experience can be opening a little clan with your friends or other players that share your playing style. That's what I did and it lets me enjoy this game much more.
  5. How about a Duo system? A player can choose to create a duo team with another player, then the two of them will become mission partners. As long as they remain a team, they can level up their partnership level by playing together, and they can unlock some rewards at every rank. And in addition there can be Duo missions, missions for a 2 players team that can only be played together with your mission partner and they are supposed to be pretty challenging.
  6. This is supposed to be the month of Plague Star, maybe it will start right after the end of the current Nightwave?
  7. Just as the title says, I join a public match and I have equipped the Paracesis sword with Cleaving Whirlwind stance, and then after a host migration, the stance always changes like there's no stance mod equipped at all.
  8. There are ALOT of negative feedback about the actual Nightwave ... hopefully we will see some changes in the next episode ?
  9. And sadly it's not just about exalted weapons, with this melee system I can't even perform melee block combos, because most of the times it automatically switches to my gun instead. I had to abandon a couple of stances because of this!! The melee system doesn't have too try to guess what I want to do, most of the times it fails, and I don't wanna fail in game because of a bad unwanted game mechanic. I remain open for changes in the next melee phase, but at the current state, it stinks.
  10. Update: This Zaw katana also gets bugged in the Arsenal, sometimes it gets doubled
  11. I would pay plats to have back manual block and the block toggle. Like this there are too many unwanted interruptions, even when you simply want to jump to a destination, if they shoot you, the auto block changes the speed of your jump and slows you down. Why can't we simply have a choice?
  12. I especially don't like that 2 combos have to begin with a hop and sometimes you just want to hit the target that is right in front of you, there's no need of a hop, but I have to perform it as part of the combos. So when I need to hit something right in front of me, I end up spamming just the first strike of the combo, which means click once, a little pause, click again and repeat. Also interrupting the charge attack can be good, charged attack and then a single click of the combo, will let you throw the shield and execute a quick attack while remaining in place. And also in this current melee phase, for me it's very difficult to execute block combos, so for me final harbinger and other stances suffered a downgrade.
  13. Woah Volt Prime! 😮 Around 400 days ago he was my starting frame, and then I sold him because back then I didn't have enough frame slots. It's gonna be a pleasure to try him again as prime frame!
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