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  1. I have experienced this bug twice: when the Railjack mission objectives are successfully completed and the timer to extract appears, if I'm still inside a Grineer space ship when the timer reaches zero, the game will get stuck like this And when this happens there's nothing I can do, pressing escape or other buttons have absolutely no effect, so I'm forced to close the game with ALT+F4. Other information: railjack skirmish mission, the very first level 1 mission on earth, solo mode.
  2. The bug is still here, funny enough today there was the Gift from the Lotus alert, bow only mode. RIP Daikyu users.
  3. This bug is quite annoying because it makes the sheath of the katana completely pointless, as it disappears immediately after your first melee attack. But the thing is this bug has been reported for almost a year by now, so it may become like one of those bugs that will never get fixed.
  4. I would gladly do that, if I had that mod equipped in the first place
  5. Two minor problems that are still here:
  6. I guess the Daikyu's sparkles bug is still not fixed yet?
  7. Awesome job on Bullet Dance stance! Now even gunblades can feel the pleasure of melee 3.0! I wonder if next you can adjust Nikanas stances as well.
  8. I have used the Zenistar alot too and that's why I kinda agree with the nerf, I mean yea it was cool to have a constant area damage and status for 45 seconds every time you throw the disk ... but it's also true that it was a little bit too much cheap power in our hands.
  9. Maybe we can give a fresh new purpose to the heavy attacks, like maybe if you attack an enemy that has few hp and your attack is going to overkill him, after charging the heavy attack your character will execute a spectacular and brutal melee finisher to completely annihilate your opponent, and there could be an animation or two for each weapon type. Also killing an enemy this way will increase your combo counter by many points, so it can have a function and not just look cool. Or we could also have a separate mod configuration just for heavy attacks, instead of using the same slots for the melee weapon, maybe we can see them like an augment slot that will affect the charged attacks only, and then we may have a few new mods that can give more special features to our heavy attacks, like triggering an elemental effect in a small area (could be with a cooldown). And please, whatever you do, let us use heavy attacks by holding down E again
  10. As a sword and shield melee player, I can say that this update finally brings glory this weapon category! Final Harbinger is no longer uncontrollable, you can choose when to execute slashes or a leap forward to close the gap, love it, outstanding! The 100% damage blocked with a successful block is very useful for the survivability of squishy frames, as you can keep blocking and retreat from the enemy while letting the shield recharge, another brilliant change! But one thing that I don't like is the need to have another keybind for executing heavy attacks, it's a bit uncomfortable, can't we just use them by holding down the E attack (default melee attack button)? Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that holding E button does nothing now, it's a bit of a waste. Anyway I feel like this new melee system, where the combos will change depending if you are stationary or moving forward, could be further expanded in future, adding new attacks with new animations if the player is moving backwards or sideways, so for example if I'm moving backward my idea would be to execute a quick slash to the enemy in front of me while at the same time rolling or jumping back, it can be defensive or offensive, because I may want to retreat or to get myself ready for a leaping forward attack that can do area damage. Same thing for moving sideways, we could have some spinning slashes or jumping attacks depending on the stances, to reach and attack the enemies on our sides, as part of a combo!
  11. Can't wait to play melee properly again!
  12. It took months, I can't believe this is true now!! I've lost the count of the feedback posts I had made right about that problem, and now I can fully enjoy this game again! I'm impressed, I actually had lost hope but now it's real ... I dunno what to say, thank you developers!
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