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  1. i can always go for more ephemeras so i welcome such a thing
  2. you mean in this game or in general? in this game i go viral in general i always use electricity if given the option but sadly electricity is a complete joke in warframe
  3. not by default but i would like to have this option as it's what i always do.
  4. i don't really care as i usually bring everything i need and play the mission as if it was a solo run.
  5. i like to have the option of silent narrator, should be easy to implement.
  6. i only do it once or twice every day, 1.5 to 2 forma a day is enough for me.
  7. no, nothing against tablet or mobile gaming tho but it's been clear since forever it's not for me.
  8. yes, more options are always needed and much appreciated every time they get implemented.
  9. the stats and this stance buff does not equal to the hype we had for ghoulsaw and still misses the mark by a long distance, try again.
  10. it doesn't look good imo, this intermission was not good at all, can't wait for it to end already.
  11. i also like to have some expansion about his lore, maybe have him as the first humanoid companion and ways to mod him. i like him but i refuse to use his specters as those are consumable and finite.
  12. trinity and many other early warframes are victims of the time itself, they lost their appeal as many other warframes do what they do better, faster and more efficiently. kind of sad but expected.
  13. if you want to farm them for yourself and are not concerned about making plat i would suggest waiting a few weeks for all the dust to settle and then passively farm it while farming for other things, you'll be surprised how easy it is to farm things when you don't force it or worry about it.
  14. the viral and slash usage is because anything else is painfully slow and in-effective against steel path spong bobs, if you want to nerf them you need to nerf the enemies these are used to kill as well and basically end up at the same point you started and we all go back to use corrosive and heat again.
  15. i would say 80% for ability and stats and only 20% for the looks and appearance.
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