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  1. you have to make peace with not having everything there is to have in this game and if you don't, exactly your situation happens. playing games or any other hobby for that matter shouldn't feel like work. play as little or as much of this game as you want, just as long as you are having fun.
  2. the problem with raids was that jordas golem couldn't just stop mis-docking and there was this one guy who would always complain about this in every patch note threads, DE was unable to fix this problem despite them really wanting to. so they had to remove the raids completely.
  3. if this red text guy has a habit of getting under your skin there is a solution for it, don't read what it says. as for devs being out of touch and not familiar with their own game, well this is not news to us ...
  4. despite DE being way more open to the community than many other devs out there, we are not really effecting the development of this game at all. they pretty much make everything they like and maybe tweak it somehow to the community's taste. so it doesn't really matter if we need another open world map or not, because they are doing it regardless.
  5. yes, you should obviously come here and complain about that 1 time someone mildly annoyed you out of 100s of times that everything went fine. and they deserve every insult you want to throw at them because they didn't use the gear you demanded of them.
  6. yes, we need an option to increase fov, and also remove the increased fov effect from volt and mesa and other warframe abilities and give a unique effect to them so we don't have to suffer because of the combination might look fish eye ee to some. or at the very least let us have some option with camera distance like many mentioned here.
  7. maybe after you formad your orbiter 😉
  8. i don't care about the bugs, this boss fight was tedious and unfun, i ran it once and got a headache from it with all the stupid lights and lasers. and now because i have 1 unfinished node in the star chart again arbitrations are also disabled, so thanks for the awful boss fight and taking away a game mode i had access to before.
  9. i've just started doing poe stuff after they made the archwing charges infinite, so not really in a hurry to go to a new open world map.
  10. at this point there is no right answer left for this problem, no matter what they do some portion of the community is going to be displeased. but that's what you get by ignoring a problem for almost 3 years ...
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