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  1. i just finished forma-ing my glaive prime last week and now you want to nerf it? can't catch a break these days.
  2. always yes to more control and options, we need it in our lives.
  3. i would also love an official linux build because as of now the user has to do some tweaking to get the game working properly, after 2 months of being on linux it's obvious i won't be using windows ever again.
  4. more options are always welcome, i know there are some people who like to have the character model in the center too, so a slider can solve both of these issues.
  5. not ideal either, we have 40+ warframes and only a few of them have the option to disable this annoying thing.
  6. that is correct but you need to waste multiple mod slots to achieve 100 percent stagger resistance which is not ideal.
  7. yes they removed self harm but added annoying stagger animation, and you only need a rank 10 prime sure footed to fix this "feature", it only takes 400 days of login so not a big problem.
  8. i replaced it with larva because it wasn't getting any use, it's annoying to have control taken away from you in a game with this many options and play styles.
  9. this quest was the perfect length and i really enjoyed it, good job guys.
  10. this just goes to show how much stuff there is to do in this game that after 1400 hours i still have unfinished grinds :D
  11. thanks for your detailed reply, it seems a little overwhelming so i'm going to go at it a little at a time and rank with them passively and don't stress over it.
  12. that makes sense, i'll give it a try, what do i have to lose :) i didn't mean it as them killing me or anything like that but you are right, not a good reason to avoid the content, i'll join them :)
  13. i have yet to join any of these syndicates after 1400 hours of play just because of these kind of annoyances. i don't want the enemy factions bothering me when i'm playing. as for the railjack crew i picked the ones who looked cool and didn't care which faction they belong to.
  14. i would love that, they could reduce the amount of drops and mods from the enemies to compensate for there being more of them. if the game mode is not endless, i want to be able to do it quickly.
  15. this all sounds cool but when you are going to remove all these annoying white flashes that happen in some missions and after each round of so/eso? it's really hard on my eyes as i play at night with a very large tv that i use as monitor.
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