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  1. the pre-release nerfs of good helminth abilities killed the whole system for me, they were supposed to buff bad abilities and not nerf good ones but the opposite happened. they only buffed 2 abilities and they weren't even in anyone's top 5 lists.
  2. update fails every time, it downloads 200-300 mb and then crashes and re-launches again and nothing seems to be downloaded and starts at 6.9 gb again (i'm on middle east btw). with a very restrictive data plan i can't afford to lose all this data for nothing, waiting for the next hotfix for the time being.
  3. i only did 1 lich for an ephemera and it was one too many, i feel your pain.
  4. nidus for sure, all of his 4 abilities are useful and even his passive is one of the bests in the game, the only flaw he has is that he's not made for short missions.
  5. i'm still waiting (not really) for the stance token system they talked about after how insane vengeful revenant farm was, by the time i had it drop i was already done with all of single sword melees and didn't have a use for it, shrug.
  6. the pre-mature nerfs made me lose interest in this whole system, and i have 3 built warframes waiting to be claimed at foundry and i don't have a plan to claim them because they were extra's ...
  7. don't waste plat on gameplay related items, it's only meant for cosmetics and weapon/warframe slots.
  8. it's not, because it's underwhelming and not worth pursuing, not because it didn't have to potential to be.
  9. for all major updates, wait a few days for the bugs to get fixed, the content will be more enjoyable that way.
  10. every time this happens doesn't it? they didn't have to put roar, defy and other powerful abilities in this and nobody would've complained about not having them. i'm sorry but you deserve all of this criticism, maybe next time think about what you are putting out there for a change? i'm not holding my breath.
  11. i only use her for the first ability and the amazing movement animations and idle stances she has, that's good enough for me.
  12. yes, but not enough to go thru 3 levels of the syndicate and feed god knows how much resources to that system.
  13. i don't really care about other powers tho, nerfing this means i probably don't bother with the whole system now ...
  14. roar was the perfect pick for my wisp and her buffing flowers, maybe i put defy on her but she's already surviving everything, shrug.
  15. rip roar, the only thing i was looking forward to from the list, way to kill excitement before the update even hits ...
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