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  1. I think at this point DE is dropping sentinels entirely and going with the Kubrow. I mean, just look at that one species that is designed to dig up loot. That's makes me more mad that one species can dig but another can't? I mean, Carrier has the looks to be a Vacuum, but come on, all Kubrows have claws that can be used for digging!
  2. I want to have everything available to me, Warframes and Weapons. I don't care for the Codex, it's worthless really. If I have fun leveling up a weapon or frame, I Forma them like crazy till I get them how I want them.
  3. +1 Definitely would help when I want to have different configurations for Warframes, one config to utilize 1 or 2 of the abilities while a second config can be used for an all around build. Now it's gonna suck that I'll have to reForma the Warframes that I spent Forma on to get their ability polarity back...unless DE can just add those back in with this system? Please?...
  4. Well to be perfectly honest, the whole sentinel system is pretty lazily designed. Helios doesn't do anything other than take pictures, Deathcube just stuns tougher opponents, Djinn flirts with enemies, Shade cloaks you, and Wyrm farts at enemies that makes them fall over. It seems as if they ran out of ideas on all the sentinels. The fact that I can take pretty much any sentinel on any mission and it practically does the same exact thing as the next, doesn't help me in any way, shape or form. However, having Carrier following me around picking up stuff while I'm trying to run through a hor
  5. Because Vacuum trumps pretty much every other ability the other sentinels have to offer, therefore makes the other sentinels key abilities seem, non-lucrative, in comparison. Vacuum is one of Carrier's key abilities just like; Djinn's Attraction, Shade's Ghost, Deathcube's Vaporize, Helios' Scan, and Wyrm's Crowd Despersion? If the other sentinels get Vacuum as well then we'd all just use Shade or Wyrm still. You have to make the other sentinel's abilities worthwhile and not just do a blanket "fix" that doesn't fix anything other than make Carrier absolutely worthless just like the other s
  6. I'd much rather have the other sentinels have different key abilities than them all having the same ability as Carrier. Shade can be pretty useful if you want to go Stealth, but it isn't as fully fledged out. Then there's the other three which feels as if they don't do much anyway...
  7. Look, you can go around scavenging lockers and harvesting flowers, but most of the people here rush. Why? Because this game has broken RNG. So, let me fix your question. "Why does DE not fix the obvious problems with the RNG system?" I would love to walk room to room, looking at the scenery and detail of the level, but the amount of keys I've wasted farming for Nyx Prime alone is enough to make me want to equip Loki with a maxed Rush card and Zoren copter everywhere I go.
  8. Still doesn't explain his post. I specifically asked him "Verify, not defrag?" and instead of looking at the launcher himself he just dismisses what I asked and assumed I was looking in the wrong place? Give me a break. Other than that, yeah I'm reading about some other users on different forums and on here as well having issues. Guess I'll just wait for 14.9.2 or next week's update if the team can't push out a fix before the weekend or early next week.
  9. I'm fine with Primes being behind the Quest wall since Void RNG is a whole different beast than regular Warframe boss RNG. I've helped multiple people farm for their Ember parts and it's always taken under 10 runs to do, which is maybe 30 minutes to a hour of my time if we are truly farming for it. Farming for Nyx Prime? Yeah that's a whole different issue.
  10. I didn't really like it. I mean, it's a different way to obtain a Warframe, but the riddles weren't hard to figure out for me(I know a bit about Greek Mythology outside of Warframe) and the fact that I had to wait until the part is built to go onto the next riddle is just an artificial limitation that makes no sense whatsoever. I'd rather go farm a boss and for hours on end always getting systems instead of chassis or the helmet I need, at least then I have a chance at a rare mod, get the mission credits and then sell the extra Warframe parts I don't need for more credits. Good for
  11. I think I've done around 10-20 T3E keys, pretty much sicarus barrels and a few boltor parts. It feels as if the drop tables are filled with the new things at the beginning of the update, but once people start farming, they become rare and low stock and stay that way until DE feels like restocking the "rare" parts.
  12. Hopefully, they either do this or add more planets for more bosses. Having a Warframe like Mirage being stuck behind a "Quest" system is beyond idiotic. And then there's Oberon as well.
  13. Do you even look at something before telling someone how to do it? The only options are "Verify" and "Optimize". I've done both, still a no go. Here's a picture;
  14. You mean verify, not defrag? Cause I'm not defraging my SSD. I've done everything else, tested and I'm still experiencing slowdowns. Oh well, back to Shadow of Mordor I guess. Thanks anyway.
  15. TL;DR, I have tested the game in DX11, DX10, and DX9. I have tried with different settings, also at max and at lowest possible. I am having major slowdowns from 60FPS constant to 30FPS on the login screen, player spaceship and ingame on all the nodes I've played so far. I didn't have any issues last night when playing. Hey all, I started up Warframe today and got the latest 14.9.1 patch and I have been experiencing really random slowdowns that are constantly happening at the login screen, while in the player's ship and in all tilesets so far. I have tried with DX11, DX10 and DX9 as well as
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