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  1. Builds are important. Do spend some time on Youtube to see how others recommend building frames and weapons. When I was first starting out, I relied heavily on iFlynn for frame builds and Leyzar for weapon builds. Once you know the mechanics, you’ll be able to make good use of the mods you have or at least know which mods you’re lacking. Other than that, just do quests and unlock nodes on the planets as you go along. If a node is critical and need to clear in order to proceed, yet seems too difficult to clear, just go with a public squad to carry you through for now. Edit: Oh yes,
  2. For the antigen, I would go purely for looks because I can forma to change the polarity but I can’t do anything at all to change the looks. For mutagen, I read that Proto Shields or Robotic is tankiest. I’m inclined to pick Robotic for my Deimos pets.
  3. If one of the frames is modded for loot radar and actively searches for the caches, there’s no reason why the nightmare mission would run out of time and fail.
  4. I agree that Botanist is more like a Helios function, as OP mentioned. Helios scans things, not just combat things. It also scans objects that are not hittable or breakable. However I disagree with OP on Scan Aquatic Lifeforms and Scan Matter. These two mods scan nothing. They are only named as Scan whatever but no scanning function.
  5. Bring all four dragon keys then run the capture mission and get to the vault door in operator mode. That’s how I did my nightwave orokin vault. I would think that an invisible frame or a Limbo can do the job as well. Edit: My bad. Just realised OP was asking where the vaults are. I must be drunk.
  6. Signed integers, where the leftmost bit is also used to indicate the polarity (+ve or -ve) of the value. So in a 32-bit signed integer, the maximum positive number attainable is 2,147,483,647 which is 01111111 11111111 11111111 11111111. If you add 1 more to this value, you get -2,147,483,648 because this is 10000000 00000000 00000000 00000000, and since the leftmost bit is 1, the value becomes a negative number.
  7. Maybe there’s a passive that we’re not aware of right now.
  8. Also, get the extractor blueprints and set them to extract from Saturn and Ceres every 8 hours. You can collect and deploy from Warframe mobile app.
  9. Also to add on to the above post, do take note of punch through and weapons with AoE. The Ignis Wraith has an AoE effect at the end. So if you apply punch through on it, your AoE will happen behind the enemy that you’re shooting at. If you’re aiming for this then its fine, but if you’re not, then you might not want that additional punch through.
  10. Octavia Neuroptics pode obter de Terrorem em Deimos. Rotação C.
  11. There are a lot more videos on the Kronen Prime than on the Sepfahn so I would think the Kronen Prime is more popular. There’s a good chance also that it is popular because it is better. One of my clan mates is using it and bought a riven for it too.
  12. I logged in successfully about an hour ago. Maybe DE fixed it, whatever it was.
  13. The wait can go up to weeks, so 2 days is normal.
  14. Stasis stops enemies who are in the rift. Essentially, all enemies in the rift are sitting ducks, waiting for you to kill if you are also in the rift. This works with Banish (1 enemy at a time) as well as Cataclysm where all enemies inside it are in the rift.
  15. Dark theme is back. All the way at the bottom, under “Themes”.
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