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  1. I think that's what OP meant, that the focus orb effect was supposed to be given at the start of each round, except that the OP didn't get one.
  2. Yes just ended a SO run. You need to have a focus lens equipped somewhere for the focus orb to proc at the start of each wave.
  3. It’s a nice balanced weapon, 25% crit, 23% status, so the basic mods should be applied, i.e., damage, multishot, crit chance, crit damage. The remaining four slots I normally use them for elements and stuff. Depending on what you are up against, you may have to mod the elements accordingly. 60/60 mods would be good since it’s status chance is not bad. You should have 1 or 2 empty slots left. Your RoF mod could go there. If you have an extra slot after that, may I suggest Hammer Shot if you don’t have a riven for it. It’s quite useful on the Shedu.
  4. I think that’s the normal behavior..? I ran 4 or 5 SO yesterday, none of them started with the focus orb. Probably only ESO does that.
  5. Ah, but mine came with examples. =D
  6. Normally this would be true. Except that the OP has all four elements. There are two scenarios to consider. Scenario 1, weapon's innate element is a primary element, i.e., heat, cold, toxin, or electricity. Suppose the innate element is heat, it will no longer be in the last mod slot because it would take the spot where Volcanic Edge is. So in the order that the OP stated, the innate heat element would be mixed with Vicious Frost to give Blast instead of being mixed with Voltaic Strike. This is one way to actually "move" the innate element away from the last mod slot. Scenario 2, weapon's innate element is a secondary element, i.e., blast, gas, corrosive, radiation, magnetic or viral. These element would almost always be in the last mod slot as it no longer mixes with other elements. Even if you put one of its primary elements, it would not increase its potency. However, if the mod combination results in the same innate element, then it gets moved away from the last mod slot. As an example, if the innate element is blast, then its potency is increased and is no longer in the last slot and is, instead, lumped together with the Vicious Frost and Volcanic Edge.
  7. Lot’s of things to collect... Kuria is one which you are already on it. Kansugi suggested collecting all the cephalon fragments, which is also a good time sink plus you get more lore stories. You can also try to complete all the factions and items codex scans.
  8. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I just received my Hydroid Prime an hour ago when I logged in.
  9. Have fun arguing against facts then.
  10. But if you also instantly kill it, then the enemy didn't have any status effects on it when you were hitting it.
  11. It doesn't say that... Perhaps that's why it doesn't heal for one-hit kills. It does say "... per Status Type affecting the target." Typically "affecting" means that the enemy you hit is already being affected by status effects. Which makes this a correct and accurate statement.
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