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  1. I don't play melee usually, but I would think that if I were to use Condition Overload, then I would like to have a shotgun with high Stat Chance and high number of pellets per shot. Then I'd stack on more 60/60 mods to deal more status effects from mid-range, then close in to kill with melee. With the added status effects on the enemies, my melee hits would gain +dmg%. That would be my basic plan.
  2. I think it's not a good idea to use another forma and then choose a blank polarity. I think a better option is to change it to another polarity that will be useful to you.
  3. I use Repair and Lockdown on my operator. One to heal warframes (including my own), the other to lock enemies in place so that I can pick them off.
  4. I would love to hear this answer because I had the same question in my mind. Is my spores the same as the other Saryn's spores?
  5. Statistically, radshare gives a higher chance. But RNG is RNG. Just gotta keep trying.
  6. Yup, it exists. I just logged in to check. https://imgur.com/a/NbF99wL Edit: It's probably RNG not being on your side for awhile. Keep at it.
  7. Doesn't these look a lot like a fully socketed Ayatan sculptures?
  8. The 24-hour wait seems like a monster looming just behind the test, waiting for you to fail it. It is not. I recently just experienced a Mastery Rank Up bug where I clicked on "Begin Test" and nothing happens. When I attempted to click on "Begin Test" again, the user interface said that I needed to wait 24 hours before I can rank up again. That's when I experienced the 24-hour wait. It's not as scary as it sounds.
  9. Also, just a quick add on aside from archgun parts from syndicates, there's also a good reason why you want the remaining 3 syndicates to hate you because every now and then they will send a squad of eximus units to come after you. This is a good thing because every now and then you will get a nightwave act requiring you to kill eximus units. These eximus squads make those nightwave acts much easier to complete.
  10. You don't have to. You can trade the New Loka archgun parts for plats and buy the other parts from other syndicates with plats. Or if you happen to find any others who are looking for the parts you have, you can trade parts for parts. Remember, those who are not in the New Loka syndicate will also not have access to the parts that you have. Just a tip, you typically wanna max out your standing in 3 of the 6 syndicates. To maintain 4 syndicates is quite a stretch and require a little more work, however maintaining 3 syndicates is relatively easy since 2 of them will be allies, and a third one will be neutral.
  11. I need to look for this. I've been randomly jumping in all directions just to hear if the sound gets louder.
  12. My railjack was from before the update, so I was using all the Zekti weaponry. I'm sticking with the Zekti as I like the boost in fire rate. For my components, I am using, Zekti Shields Vidar Engines (can't recall was it Vidar or Lavan Engines though) Vidar Plating Zekti Reactor with auto repair electrical hazard (I hate electrical hazard because it disables the tactical map) For Integrated Plexus, Ironclad Matrix (for survivability) Conic Nozzle + Ion Burn (for speed. Crusing Speed is quite useless since it activates only when there are no enemies around.) Artillery Cheap Shot + Forward Artillery (for ease of taking out Crewships) Revo Reducer (cheaper repairs) Hyperstrike + Predator + Section Density (increased damage, crit chance, crit damage for turrets) For Battle Plexus, Blackout Pulse (stun crewships) Tether (but I'm probably gonna change this to Shatter Burst) Seeker Volley (for more pew pew) For Tactical Plexus, Intruder Stasis (activate when boarding party arrives to quickly wipe them out while they are not moving) Death Blossom (I seldom use this, it's there for other turret players to activate when they need to) Battle Forge (activate during an emergency when all the forge are cooling down) For my NPC crew, Crew one is max Repair and max Combat (last to be replaced so that there's always someone repairing the ship) Crews two and three is max Gunnery and max Combat.
  13. The damage does come out when I wobble my crosshair around the raptor sx. It really feels like it has a very small hitbox. I haven't tried firing my shedu at it. I shall try it later tonight.
  14. Totally with you on this. My necramech rank was screwed up. After forma, mission progress shows rank 0, but the necramech rank under my health bar shows [20]. I did try going to Fortuna then to Orb Vallis, back to Orbiter then to Orb Vallis, as well as back to Orbiter then to Fortuna then to Orb Vallis. The shots on the rapter sx still remains the same. Bug is probably it I guess.
  15. I was using the Mausolon, and no numbers were coming out when I was shooting at it. It was as though my shots missed the raptor. I'm doing this now... wobbling the crosshair whenever I am shooting at a raptor sx. All other enemies, I could make precise shots, one or two bullets to take out the enemy.
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