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  1. IGN: MrOlolosh Mastery Rank: 28 Play-time: 1337h Country: Romania Current clan: The Remnants of the Void Started playing: 2-3 years ago Discord ID: MrOlolosh#1234 Players known in the clan: Wambo, Iterniam, Toron, Kaiman. About me: Hi :). Wambo encouraged me to apply. I'm an Eidolon Hunter with a bit over 1.6k Hydrolyst captures. I currently own the world record for the fastest Teralyst co-op, coming in 2nd place for solo. I'm also a youtuber. Curently sitting at 17.5k subscribers. Most of my content is in romanian tho. Friends are calling me Slowlosh so I need to join Quasars so I can become Fastlosh.
  2. TYPE: In-Game Got 5000 points on the operation. We were supposed to get 10000 points as a reward when the wave was over. Only one of us got 10000 points and the other 3 got 2000. We did all the missions together. (Host got 10000. Clients got 2000) VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Get 5000 points. EXPECTED RESULT: Get 10000 points as a reward when the wave ends OBSERVED RESULT: Not getting 10000 points when the wave eneded. Got 2000 instead. REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/2 times. Happend on both railjack and ground missions. (In 2 separate waves)
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