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  1. So many duplicates .... im just dead inside... so many kuva liches i killed... i have more duplicates in the foundry then weapons... i still need the other weapons like Kohm Ogris Drakgoon Kraken Brakk and i have now 9 duplicate weapons... means i killed now 17 liches Murmur Farming is anoy and takes often longer then trying relics by urself out ( Murmur should be faster ) 3-4 hours of farming for 1 lich with no brain... also one suggested that the Larva should carry the weapon with what the Kuve Lich can Spawn this would fix the whole Duplicate issue Then the Ephemera drop chance is to low... i know it can be spawned with the element but the % that the lich has is just not normal i killed 14 liches with Toxin not even 1 Toxin Ephemera that means i spend somethink like 68 Hour's of brain dead grind for murmur for nothing ( I need to Work and i have a Family ) I mean the System is okay but it Takes tooooo looooong for just one lich with low chance of ephemera and random weapons... just anoy and im allready burnet out of the whole kuva lich thing...
  2. here some feedback from what so have happened and it's true. My same weapon what i got has now heat because it was born with wisp... my first was with atlas and is now trash because it's not the max Toxin what i could have got... feel free to explain this bull S h i t -__-
  3. i got my second Kuva lich and i'am realy disappointed My old Lich https://imgur.com/HWG4h15 My new Lich https://imgur.com/DVDnnSm 2 TIMES THE SAME WEAPON ? if there are 13 diffrent weapons ? WTF ist this ?
  4. for real ? u only see the waypoints to the datas.... whats wrong with u ?
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